It really makes people feel a little worried saying that he still doesn’t show any worry so let’s just leave him alone Feeling angry at

When Zhang Jing woke up, he couldn’t understand the current situation for a long time, or he didn’t explore those things. He was just blocked by one thing. Why did he come here? The plastic roofs of houses and abandoned containers, the piles of waste wood, tires, and garbage bags can be seen at a glance.
The paper and some rusty metal objects floating on the poor ground clearly indicate that this place is not technologically backward, but pure poverty and hardship. The small alley where the ground mirror is located seems to be in a low-lying place.
When you look up, you can see other houses scattered from high to low and tall dilapidated spiers in the distance. If you can look down from a higher place, you can find that these buildings are actually Built around a huge crater, the shape of the crater is almost as if something powerful has exploded in the center, but these are not the focus of the mirror, even though he huddled in the dark alley and heard the struggle outside. Swearing, screaming and roaring, I saw a lot of people wearing white and worn clothes walking by carrying wine bottles or garbage bags, and he didn’t even have the idea of ​​doing anything to be curious. He still stayed where he was, because of the current situation. It’s really weird, isn’t it? I’m actually here. He can hear voices, feel the slight wind passing by, smell the stale air with the smell of blood, and even the rumbling stomach reminds him of his hunger. It’s so strange.
Mirror ignores the discomfort of his body and clutches his little mirror blankly.
It’s as if he has become a human being, but this is impossible. He is not a human being. He should be a magical creature created to be the embodiment of the image of the mirror.
Then he had many masters, and the last one was named Sakura Kinomoto, who created him? Looking in the mirror, he recovered from his only memories, but fell into even greater confusion. He is obviously a very important person.
How could he? I forgot, why can’t I remember, and I closed my eyes and felt the magic power in the air and the magic circle that might exist. I reconfirmed one thing here.
There are too many things to understand, but there is not much information to know, which makes the originally inhuman mirror confused for a while, whether to ignore everything as before or to get some possible answers in the long time as a magical creation He never had to think about it so much.
After all, he was just a tool to complete the task of the master at that time. But speaking of it, why is the world black and white? When he saw a passing cat, the mirror tilted his head slightly and his heart flashed for a moment.
Puzzled but didn’t get to the bottom of it, I immediately fell into the philosophical question of who am I, why what happened here, but the cat seemed to be interested in the mirror with a calm face and a black cloak, and his lively eyes stared at him for a while. After confirming that he was not a dangerous person, he walked slowly and approached, lightly and silently jumped onto the trash can beside him, and sat down quietly, as if someone was watching him. Looking at the mirror he was looking at, there was no reaction, and it seemed that he didn’t notice it at all. The small mirror in his arms is more secure. This is not an ordinary mirror, but a mirror as important as his half body. Even if he doesn’t understand the situation now, he needs to protect the cat. Seeing that he is going to ignore the situation to the end Angry, just stared at him again, then slowly turned away, jumped off the trash can as quickly as he jumped up, didn’t care about the cat’s mirror, continued to think about this corner, he has been in this corner for a day or two, and almost no one will come That cat was the first creature that approached here actively.
Perhaps it has something to do with the constant fights here While he was waiting, he heard gradually clear footsteps and the young boy’s voice that followed, the voice was a little soft, but it was pleasant to hear, complaining unhappily why he came to such a place, Mr. Sen is really troublesome The tone is the opposite, but his footsteps are not very rhythmic, sometimes weaker, then stronger, as if he is walking around.
There seems to be another person behind the person who is following steadily.
The leader who did not make a sound seems not to care I don’t know if someone will answer or just walk intermittently. I don’t know what the person is thinking. In a place where others rarely set foot, he doesn’t care.
He quickly walks into the alley where the mirror is, showing carelessly. The mirror did not raise his head, quietly stared at the corner of his robe, and was about to ignore him to the end. The guy who came in seemed not interested in him, glanced casually, made sure there was no clue he wanted, and left, completely ignoring that ghost What is the situation of the sneaky man covered in a black robe? He walked away from the mirror and returned to his own world, keeping his head down in a pensive posture.
A few strands of light green hair leaking from the cloak slipped down and were hidden in the shadow of the same color.
His eyes were empty and lifeless, with an inhuman sense of delicacy. The silence didn’t last long. When he recovered from his thoughts, he saw a huge purple light cluster appearing in the central area and bursting towards the surroundings.
A little farther on the border, the strong wind also swept away the broken stones and other wastes. Unfortunately, the place where the mirror is located is close to the center of the explosion. Some terrible forces violently toppled the fragile walls and set off. The loud sound of the flimsy roof seemed to explode in his ears, and the sound of some glass shattering almost made him instinctively