It really is a treasure mountain Back emptyhanded this was the location of the Zhang family’s treasure house before so what are the last two

Humane, Martial Arts, Shouting, Two afterimages collided in vain, the sound of the explosion went straight up into the sky, the wind soared into the sky, the air waves turbulent, the huge stones burst, flying, and the smoke and dust everywhere made the field of vision of the spectators a bit blurred.
In the morning of autumn, Huashan Mountain The two people on Jue Ding Lun Jian Cliff are still fighting non-stop. The sound of bang bang bang bang bang is constantly heard in the air. According to normal experience to explain all this, it means that the two people are colliding intensively in high-speed motion. It is a great honor to see the two great masters of Tang Fu jointly prove the supremacy of martial arts. Today, no matter whether they enter the gate of life or not, it will be passed down to future generations.
It is a good story. Everyone present is dazzled I don’t blink my eyes, I’m afraid I’ll miss half of the excitement, and I’m sorry for my life. The air is constantly being torn apart, making a huge explosion sound layer by layer, layer by layer, layer by layer, layer by layer, layer by layer, higher than one sound, and stone powder flying like a yellow dragon dancing, roaring crazily, under the cliff The people couldn’t see their fierce fights clearly, they only heard the ghosts crying and gods howling, and there was a loud bang. The huge stone tablet weighing at least a thousand catties and engraved with the four characters of Huashan Lunjian broke into two pieces.
Intercepting the ferocious inner strength of the two fighting, flew directly over the top of the cliff at a very fast speed and fell towards the outside of the cliff.
It seemed that one of them broke it, and then was kicked by the other to blow away the rocks and dust.
The afterimages of the wind slowly dissipated in the void. A handsome middle-aged man’s side face flashed out, and then kicked his feet, his figure jumped out like a dragon. That was Grand Master Tang Ze, and the other person also flashed out of the battle area Quietly waiting for Tang Ze to speak, this is Fu Lingtai, the grand master of the same level as Tang Ze Skills, qi, blood, and strength are meaningless to us.
If we want to open up a new path, we must have the ultimate collision of mind and spirit.
Just now, the battle between the two was fierce and burst, but for the goal they want to achieve, entering the gate of life is not enough. It seems too gentle, so you and I will really start. Fu Lingtai spoke very slowly, word by word.
Every time he uttered a word, there was a toad sound coming from inside his body, and his whole body was shaking. In this short period of time, it became red, steaming, and surging heat. Obviously, he was trying his best to transfer the blood and internal energy in his body.
At the same time, a dragon roar erupted from Tang Ze’s body, his arms stretched, and his whole body swelled for several minutes, like a statue.
Huge demon gods hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha The two of them looked up to the sky and laughed, and then the laughter stopped for a moment Underneath it gives people a feeling of ignoring distance and space. Boom, boom, boom, first the violently oscillating transparent ripples burst out, and then five explosions sounded in succession.
It is definitely not an illusion, nor is it flying smoke and dust. Everyone knows it for real. See Those few ripples stacked together seemed like the surrounding air had turned into water. What a power, what a power.
This is definitely not an attack that humans can send out.
Everyone present felt as if they were in a stormy sea. His breath stopped for a moment, Tang Ze let out a wild roar, his voice was full of joy, this is what he wanted, this is what he wanted to pursue, it turned out that he had worked hard all his life for this wonderful moment, and in this roar, he One hand presses one palm to print Fu Lingtai, and the same palm welcomes, no dodge, no evasion, bang, bang, bang, two people hit three palms, the upper body does not shake, the footsteps change, move, gather momentum, and the palms are only half a step away, but these three The power contained in the palm is becoming more and more majestic, the momentum is also getting faster and more ferocious, one ripple has just surged out, and the next ripple is successively thick, massive, solid, high-spirited and high-spirited, abandoning any skill or fancy five fists and three palms Pure strength and will collide, you punch, I catch your fist, you throw your palm, and I take over your palm.
There is already a big pit with a diameter of three meters on the ground. The two feet are deeply buried in the rock.
The last punch is like a boom.
The two men’s half arms seemed to be wearing a glove made of white mist. The shock wave surface, the wind screamed, the air tore, and they collided together in an instant.
The fist surface was like iron.
After the collision, the two suddenly In between, the shadow of the fist closed and there was a louder explosion sound, and the figures of the two flew upside down and fell towards Lunjian Cliff at the same time. An obvious crack spread from the top of the cliff to the bottom of the cliff. After falling off the cliff, several figures flew up and pulled him back, but Tang Ze fell towards the crowd. A graceful figure jumped up first, and then several people jumped up one after another, rushing towards Tang Ze and Fu Lingtai, shaking away everyone’s support.
His face became pure gold, like a Buddha, his eyes were full of joy, and he was about to laugh, but when he looked up at Tang Ze, the joy in his eyes turned into astonishment. Tang Ze felt a sudden extra in his body while flying backwards.
With golden energy, he knew that he had succeeded.
The door of life was opened by him. His heart was turbulent and he was about to scream up to the sky. A figure was flying towards him, and he didn’t need to look at it to know that it was his wife. He was too familiar with him. His body moved slightly. The movement finally stopped, the next moment he felt his heart was cold, it was really cold, followed by the pain of tearing, and then he saw a sword point appearing on his chest, it was his own sword, at this moment Tang Ze The excitement, joy, and tenderness in the eyes all turned into unbelievable daze, but soon became calm. The golden energy in Tang Ze’s body instantly spread throughout the body, and he was slightly shocked.