It rang suddenly she looked at the time it was past eleven oclock in the evening although it was unexpected but she was afraid that

Chapter Chapter Purple Cellophane Candies That day Utao came home with five colored cellophane candies in his hand, one red, one green, one blue and two purple She has eaten cellophane candy, the purple one is the best, she said it’s a pity, Utao, you didn’t come to my house yesterday, otherwise I would have given you one, which makes Utao believe it’s true, she always thinks that if she goes to play with Lamei that day, she can eat it Arriving at the purple cellophane candies, which annoyed her and made her think more about the taste of purple cellophane candies.
Since then, Utao always feels that all the cellophane candies are not as sweet as purple.
She just wants to eat purple cellophane candies. Now she has two. Purple cellophane candy She couldn’t help but wanted to laugh, but she tried her best to hold back the five candies and carefully put them in the pocket of her cotton-padded jacket before walking into the courtyard gate. It was the evening when every family in the courtyard was cooking and several children were playing. They called Utao to play together Utao shook his head Utao didn’t tell her little secret to her friends, she just wanted to leave her candy to her mother and brother Utao went to the water pipe and struggled to unscrew the water in the pipe Some stuck, but after a while, the water broke through the barrier and rushed out.
In winter, the clear and cold water washed away the coal stains on Utao’s hands. The small hands were slightly red and swollen. Utao wiped his hands and went home Utao. Mom Ning Miaoxiang is cooking.
The food at home is very simple. Dinner is shredded pickles and stick noodles. There are three mothers, brothers, and one of Utao.
Why did I come back so late to pick up how much Ning Miaoxiang saw that her daughter was not in a good mood and exchanged forty cents? Utao said that she took out forty cents from the left pocket. There was a ten-cent note that was crumpled, and the rest were all steel coins. Ning Miaoxiang Put it on the cupboard.
Utao clutched the money and put it on the bedside chest of drawers. Utao is already seven years old. She is not old enough to go out to learn crafts at this age, so she carried a small basket on her back and took a small iron rake to go out to collect coal cores.
The so-called coal collection The coal nuclei are the cinders left in the ashes. The coal cinders left over from the boilers in large units are filled with carloads of small carts by the masters. Once dumped there, a group of children rushed over to pick up the coal nuclei in the ashes. Picking up with a small rake with one hand and picking up good ones into his own small basket with the other hand Wutao bit her lip and looked at her mother’s back and whispered that there were fewer people picking up at Di’anmen Hospital today, that’s why I picked up more After the coal core is usually taken home for use, the family can save the money to buy coal, but recently Ning Miaoxiang said that the family has enough, so she sold it, so she went to the waste market to sell it.
Usually it can be sold for 30 cents, but today I picked up a lot and sold it.
But Ning Miaoxiang just hummed, she was busy and didn’t mean to look back at Utao, so Utao put her hand into the right pocket. In the pocket are those five cellophane candies that she got by accident today. She wanted to After all, this is a big event, but now I can’t wait. She looked at her mother’s back. Mom, when I passed by Di’anmen today, I met a person.
She had just finished talking about Ning Miaoxiang, and she had already begun to pick up the ashes and slag, put them into the dustpan, and dumped the walnuts.
She nodded in a daze and quickly picked it up. Ning Miaoxiang is such a big kid. If you are sensible, you will know that Utao is standing stupidly and hurriedly took the dustpan to empty the dirt.
When I went out, I met Xunzi Xunzi lived in the wall between them.
He is one year older than Utao.
I always look after Utao when there is something. I found that Shao Minger, who picked up coal nubs in a place, took you to Xunzi, and deliberately lowered his voice. Utao thanked Xunzi, looked around, and gave Xunzi a piece of candy. Waiting for Xunzi to say something, I hurried to dump the dirt. I dumped the dirt and came back. Brother Utao has already returned. Brother Utao is called Qingtong, who is three years older than Utao. He is too young to be an apprentice, but Ning Miaoxiang begged his grandpa to tell his grandma, and the local product company is really short of manpower, so he was actually stuffed in. They gave him ten yuan a month and still managed a lunch for such a young man. The child is pretty good, Qingtong is skinny, but he is very clever. Usually, he likes to chat with the big guys in the compound, but now he is dirty, and the people are listless. The native product company is not easy. Pots, pans, brooms, etc.
The bundling of the supplies is all done by Qingtong.
Although the weight is not big, it is very complicated. Ning Miaoxiang, who was tired enough after the day, saw Qingtong came back and asked him to wash it, so he started eating.
She guessed it was sorghum noodles. I heard that sorghum noodles are not delicious, but they are cheaper than corn noodles.
If you can’t eat enough, you can drink soup and soup.
When you’re almost full, you’ve packed up the house. It’s very cold, and the children at home are still wearing single shoes.
Ning Miaoxiang wants to make two pairs of padded shoes for the children.
During the Chinese New Year, I can wear Qingtong for the children.
Sit in front of the coal stove and bake his hands. His hands are cracked by the cold and baked by the red fire. A bloody cut is much better than him in Utao. In winter, there will be cracks, but after the cracks, apply Vaseline and it will be fine.
It’s not like Qingtong. It’s always bad to repeat.
The melted transparent vaseline was hot and dripped on the cracked blood, and Utao seemed to hear the sound of sizzling from the wound. Qingtong grinned in pain and lightly hurt to death.
Utao looked at the mother who was sewing under the lamp and finally tried.
I opened my mouth today when I came back from picking up coal nubs and met a person.
Perhaps her opening remarks were too bland. Mom and brother didn’t mean to pick up the quarrel. Utao had no choice but to continue to say that the person brought a camera and said that he would take pictures of us for free.