It knocked over a canopy bed quilts and pillows buried a whole body of thieves so daring Guan Yu felt ashamed of Xiao Xiao now

My name is Qinshou, although it’s already the end of September, the summer in Ping’an City is still clinging on and refuses to leave. The arrogant sun hangs high in the sky without a trace of cloud, emitting scorching light, covering the whole city in a scorching atmosphere. Thanks to the hot weather, the girls in this city are still cool and smartly dressed.
Their white thighs are enough to make up for the men’s dissatisfaction with the hot weather. Standing proudly with turbulent twin peaks, twisting the seductive water snake waist, like a proud adolescent pony, trampling the Hermès high-heeled shoes on the soles of its feet, enjoying the glory and pleasure that attracts the eyes of half a block of men This female benefactor, please stay and I can see that you have a hexagram today.
The female layman is old and sees that you have a full sky, a square, a circle, eyes, a nose, and flesh. You are an extremely wealthy Wangfu. Beauty, look at the palmistry Allow me to pay you ten yuan A series of voices with different voices sounded behind the modern girl, but the modern girl just clicked her tongue, clutched the Chanel bag tightly in her hand, and walked forward without looking away, because she is now in The location is right at the gate of Babaoting Park in Ping’an City. This historic garden building complex is one of the few tourist attractions in this small city.
There are always a group of fortune tellers wandering here on weekdays.
Needless to say, just now The voice is that some old liar is soliciting customers, Miss, please stay.
I can see that your complexion is not right. You are sick.
In a blink of an eye, a figure has already rushed to the side of the modern girl.
Although I am not satisfied with the ancient and modern meaning of the word Miss.
The appellation is very different, but the unique sentence of “You are sick” finally taught her to squint and look at the source of the voice.
What surprised the modern girl was that the person who rushed to her side was actually a young man mixed in.
Among the group of middle-aged and elderly fortune-tellers, the young man’s face is very fair.
Although he can’t be called a handsome guy, he can even be said to be a bit ordinary, but his sunny smile is pleasing to the eye. In the hot weather, he wished to take off his clothes.
He was wrapped tightly in a half-worn high-necked sportswear, which made people feel hot all over.
The sneakers with the Puma Leopard and Adidas hook logos at the same time make him look like a peddler of fake sneakers. What’s more, it’s like fortune tellers who always hold a sign that says Zhouyi Fengshui. This one doesn’t even have a fake beard attached. The big boy also held a piece of cardboard the size of a license plate in his hand, on which were written four flamboyant brush characters Healthy advice You say who is sick, I see you as the only one who is crazy. He sped up a little more for fear of being entangled by some charlatan, and the young man didn’t reply, but he had already blocked the path of the modern girl inadvertently. He stared straight at her pretty face, but it didn’t look like Ordinary men are so lustful.
On the contrary, he restrained his smile and was full of seriousness. There was a cold feeling in his slightly narrowed eyes, which made her feel a little hairy.
Miss, the so-called doctor’s parents’ heart, I am this person, see someone. If you are sick, you can’t let it go, especially the young man who is seriously ill and doesn’t know it I smack you, the modern girl stomped her feet in anger, raised her hand like a meteor hammer, and waved her Chanel bag, but after thinking about it, she seemed reluctant to pull out her mobile phone and pretend to dial. I warned you that if you make trouble again, I will call someone. Miss is right Doctors and parents, how can you doubt a good man who has pure paternal love for you? The young man even put on a look of hating iron and steel, and even waved the cardboard with health advice written on it in front of him Shocking and frightening, the modern girl thought that the young man would not succeed in defrauding her and ruined her face. After a commotion, the passers-by who were watching the excitement all took out their mobile phones, not knowing that they were helping to call the police.
Still slapping the girl’s thighs, which made the modern girl lose her temper 1, 2, 3, 4, my man is from the south of the city.
Hey, I told you that you don’t know Miss. You are vicious and poisonous. The young man glanced at the bustling crowd and answered in a low voice.
Your long-term sleep time is too short, your eating habits are irregular, and you drink too much alcohol and have sex too often, which leads to serious endocrine imbalance. The young man gritted his teeth and said a lot of words, which almost made it clear that girls go to nightclubs all day to date men. The crowd suddenly burst into laughter. The laughter suppressed the young man’s next sentence that I can adjust. How do you know? Facing the wretched expressions around her pointing fingers, the face of the modern girl was first stunned, then embarrassed, and finally turned into Incomparably angry, she suddenly hated the young man in front of her who exposed her shortcomings in public, and even ignored why he could see through her health status so accurately. The medicine for clearing away poison and reducing fire will show the appearance of premature aging at the age of 40. Oh, how did you hit someone? The young man seems to have not noticed the angry face of the other party and is still dedicated to persuading the other party. Unexpectedly, the modern girl has become angry from embarrassment.
That pair The beautiful legs in sexy stockings have turned into two fierce dragons, kicking three inches below the navel