It is said that the fate of the world is like a hustle and bustle coming and going can not be chased Li Yun rolled

The story of self-cultivation tells the story of how a declining sect was revived in the hands of the stinky monkey, the mischievous ghost, the mean ghost Erbaiwu and the little miscellaneous hair. Zhang Zhangqian is ten years old and his stature can’t keep up He buried himself in the fire and cooking these few days. There were guests at home, and his father was busy with the guests, washing vegetables, cooking, cooking fire, chopping firewood, etc.
, all of which fell on Cheng Qian’s head, making him a short-legged spinning top, which could be exhausted anytime, anywhere.
Because Feng was too short, although Cheng Qian was able to get the pot, it was still a little inconvenient to operate the big pot. He found a small stool from the corner of the main room, and stepped on the small stool with four legs of different lengths to go out for a mile. Cheng Qian was six years old.
He learned how to cook on a stool from the very beginning, and after he almost fell into the pot countless times and turned into human broth, he learned how to live peacefully with this uneven footing and maintain a precarious balance.
Today he is standing on a small stool to go When the big pot was filled with water, the elder brother came back. The eldest brother of the Cheng family was already fifteen years old. He walked into the main room silently, smelling of sweat, glanced around, and then put the younger brother on the small stool with one hand. He picked it up and pushed him on the back lightly and softly, and said in a muffled voice, I’ll come and play with you, of course Cheng Qian wouldn’t really go out to play carelessly, he obediently called Big Brother and then squatted silently Cheng Dalang looked down at him and didn’t say anything, but his eyes were a little complicated. The Cheng family has three sons, Cheng Qian Xinger, and before the guest arrived the night before, Cheng Qian was still called Cheng Erlang. Dalang knows now The word Erlang is probably called to the end.
This simple nickname, together with his second brother, is about to change their appearance and travel far away together. Judging from his looks alone, this real person may not have any real skills.
He has a sparse goatee, half-opened and half-closed, and a pair of triangular eyes.
A pair of slender feet are exposed under the long robe.
It’s more like a swindling fortune teller. The real person originally passed by here on his travels to ask for a bowl of water. He didn’t expect to meet Cheng Erlang. Cheng Erlang had just come back from the outside at that time. Teaching books to old boys and students is very sparse.
Only Shuxiu harvests viciously farm bacon, fruit and vegetables. He doesn’t like him at all.
He only accepts real money.
Brother Kong Fang, and the amount is not guaranteed. Every time he squanders it, he reaches out to the students to treat him as a human being. Those who are not worthy of preaching and teaching sages can’t help it. It’s not easy for children in the country to study.
It’s hard to find a second teacher who can teach books in a radius of dozens of miles.
The Cheng family certainly doesn’t have spare money for their sons to read. It seems that those who have bent their teeth naturally have some kind of strangeness towards Cheng Erlang. He can’t be open about the attractiveness, so he has to eavesdrop on the old boy from time to time. He feels that every spittle is the product of his painstaking efforts and refuses to let people listen to it in vain.
I had no choice but to turn into a monkey and hide in the big locust tree at the gate of the old Tongsheng’s house. The strange guest who brought the bowl of water didn’t pick it up. He stretched out a hand that was as thin as a cold branch, didn’t touch the bone, and didn’t use any weird skills, but gently lifted Erlang’s face to imitate this The sour and rotten bookish child looked at each other, I don’t know what the real person can see from this look, anyway, after reading it, he nodded his head in a daze, and said to the Cheng family in a serious manner, “I think this child has good qualifications, or in the future.” Can soar into the sky and dive into the abyss, maybe there is a great fortune, not a thing in the pool, and Da Lang was there when the real person said this. Da Lang followed the shopkeeper’s apprentice outside and met some people who came and went.
I said that you can tell the quality of aptitude at a glance.
Da Lang just wanted to refute this charlatan contemptuously, but before he could open his mouth, he found that his father had already heard the nonsense, and he suddenly understood what was going on in fear. The Cheng family was not rich at all, and his mother gave birth to a younger brother a few years ago.
The younger brother was so difficult that his mother was so weak that she couldn’t get out of bed after giving birth. In this way, the family lost a strong laborer who could work, and added a medicine jar that had to take medicine all day long. I’m not rich, and I’m more stretched for a while.
This year’s situation is not good.
There hasn’t been a drop of rain for a few months.
It looks like a wild harvest. The three brothers probably won’t be able to support them. Dalang knows what his parents think.
He’s an apprentice himself.
It has already been a year and a half and another year and a half will let the family see them back Money is the hope of the Cheng family’s future, and the younger brother is still in his infancy. Naturally, he cannot let go of his mother and father, and there is only Erlang in the middle. It’s purely superfluous, and it’s useless to keep it.
If you can send it to a passing Taoist priest to take it to cultivate immortals, it’s a good place to cultivate.
The grass on the grave of the old Cheng’s family hit the Universiade.
If you can’t repair it, it’s nothing to let him go to the rivers and lakes with others.
Good enough to eat and be able to grow up, even if there is a way out, real Muchun and the short-sighted family members of the Cheng family went back and forth and quickly settled the deal. Erlang has since changed his name to Cheng Qian.
This afternoon, he will cut off his fate and follow his master to set off on the road.