It is no wonder that Sun Xiuwan felt worthless for her daughter for a second then continued to glance back unconsciously and saw Snickers but

On the first day of the first season of the year of injustice, in Xianlin University Town, west of Jinling City, the capital of Jiangnan Province, there is a listed school named Jinling Normal University.
At this moment, a group of students in a room with a signboard of the Law School Student Union hanging on the door of the student activity center is about to participate. The French students in the Freshman Cup Debate Competition are arguing fiercely inside.
The Freshman Cup Debate Competition is a traditional internal competition of Jinling Normal University for many years. Every year at the beginning of the school season, each school will select students with good eloquence from freshman freshmen to form a team.
There is still more than an hour before the intercollegiate competition. The third group match of the law school team is about to start, and the players who are about to play have not rehearsed once in the past few days.
This is obviously a leak in the work communication, and we need to find out.
One person came out to take the blame, and the relevant personnel are in a hurry to shirk responsibility at this moment. You wronged me.
Tian Weng Dechen just notified me to play, but he didn’t tell me to organize a rehearsal for the whole team. The senior at the conference table made an argument, Chairman Wang, you have to believe me, I am just a substitute player, what right do I have to call everyone to prepare for the competition, everyone didn’t listen to my words, this freshman named Feng Jianxiong was a substitute member of the debate team, and he was the judge in the middle The senior named Wang Daoyi is the chairman of the student union in his junior year this year, and there are three students sitting on the other side of Wang Daoyi, who are also members of the freshman debate team.
Their statements happen to be at odds with Feng Jianxiong. The student with a pitiful expression said calmly, Feng, you forgot to organize everyone to rehearse, that’s okay anyway, we’ve already qualified, this competition is not important, but it’s not good for you to shirk responsibility like this, did I inform you the night before yesterday? My classmate Yu Meiqin and I are too busy to get a new journal, so this competition let you and classmate Shi Nike take the place, dare you say that there is no such thing? This student who pretends to be a good person is named Weng Dechen. The captain of the team is also the deputy director of the news department of the student union of the college.
Like Feng Jianxiong, he is also a freshman.
According to the usual practice, even if a freshman is recruited by the student union of the college, he must first be an officer until he is a sophomore. Minister or deputy minister, but this Weng Dechen is an anomaly because his parents are both middle-level cadres of Jinling Normal University, doing political work and party affairs. He directly became the deputy minister in his freshman year.
Even though Weng Dechen’s eloquence is not very good, at least he has a thick skin compared to other shy freshmen who just got out of the sea battle.
Faced with Weng Dechen’s accusations that he seems to be retreating, Feng Jianxiong, who is inexperienced in society, blushes in anxiety.
You, you only said that you wanted me to play that night, and you didn’t let me organize everyone’s rehearsal.
Besides, you didn’t even tell me the topic of the debate. It’s a pity.
Feng Jianxiong didn’t even have a chance to finish his sentence. The other two players, Chen Sicong and Fu Yiming, stood beside Weng Dechen. Testify on the court, Mr. Feng, you are wrong to say that. We all know that Minister Weng specifically explained to you the night before yesterday.
Yesterday morning, we each asked you whether you want to organize a rehearsal. You said no, Feng Jianxiong hurriedly defended himself. Obviously it means that I don’t know that the arrangements are enough. The chairman of the student union, Wang Daoyi, doesn’t want to see this farce of shirking responsibility.
In Wang Daoyi’s heart, this is a big deal, isn’t it just an insignificant group match? Are you ready for the rehearsal? If you make a mistake, admit your mistake. Why bother to shirk responsibility like this? So he categorically concluded that Feng’s mistake is a mistake. I don’t think the three of them will frame you together.
Now there is still an hour before the game starts.
Sharpen your guns before the battle and prepare quickly, but I’m really wronged.
Feng Jianxiong can’t figure out why Chen and Fu helped Minister Weng to frame him. He was innocent and upright since he was a child. He has never seen any filthy struggles.
There was a girl sitting next to Feng Jianxiong who was actually a little dizzy. She was the other substitute player mentioned in Weng Dechen’s words just now. Snicker didn’t know anything about the quarrel between the other students. She just quietly watched her at this moment. Seeing that Feng Jianxiong’s face turned red and then pale, it seemed that he had been wronged greatly, and he was a little dizzy, so he quickly helped the other party, classmate Feng, are you all right? Fu Yiming and Chen Sicong helped Feng Jianxiong to the sofa in the lounge next door, leaving Snicker to take care of Feng Jianxiong.
The two of them left in a hurry.
Weng Dechen was waiting at the door. As soon as Chen Sicong saw him, he walked over to discuss anxiously.
Minister Weng just now, we have followed your instructions, but will this matter be misunderstood? I didn’t expect Feng Jianxiong’s psychological quality to be so poor, and he will be so aggrieved after being wronged once.
Nothing will happen, right? Weng Dechen patted Chen Sicong on the shoulder and said kindly What can Xiao Chen Feng Jianxiong do to contribute to the academy team with such a poor mental quality? This afternoon’s game is doomed to lose.
You and Xiao Fu’s level is in my eyes. If there is no excuse If you don’t perform well, what will the cheerleading girls in the courtyard think of you? Not saying a word is the default. In order to make the Freshman Cup Debate Competition look more formal and prevent the strongest teams from being knocked out at the beginning, the school set up a competition system of group competition and knockout competition. Jinling Normal University has nearly a total of departments.