It is doomed we all have to die the difference is that you have to die in front of me now Xing Fangs murderous look

Evil Jade Wind and Cloud Author Name Zhuhai Tingfeng Category Horror Suspense Label Tang Wentian Bairu Ren Xiaoyao Xu Zixuan Copywriting The legendary underworld is actually a space parallel to the real world.
There is a passage commonly known as Huangquan Road between these two spaces. After experiencing the impact of powerful energy such as volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, etc., this channel will often be distorted, deformed, or even shattered to form space debris floating in the world. Yin Feiyan, a female teacher from a business school who was talking about ghosts hitting the wall, accidentally crashed into Huangquan Road. Start one after another of the horrifying, strange and spooky stories. Complicated and confusing events create a mysterious atmosphere. The eerie writing style leads you into the bizarre plot. Pedestrians on the road want to lose their souls. The severe winter has passed, the spring breeze is coming, the willows are beginning to bloom, and the peach blossoms are blooming. In the rain, let the rain brush your face and hair. The air is filled with a touch of freshness, which has a unique charm.
Because it is located in the western Sichuan Plain and the transitional zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the unique geographical environment has created unique beautiful mountains and rivers.
The beautiful Qingshui River wears it The city has attracted a lot of tourists throughout the year.
There are many tourists there for leisure and entertainment. In the summer, Yin Feiyan accompanied Ma Shan in the drizzle and lingered at various food stalls. Wanting to buy it for a taste, Yin Feiyan could only secretly shake his head and smile wryly.
In fact, it’s no wonder that Ma Shan is so greedy, but the food at Xichuan Night Market is so attractive. The students and friends who came here as guests in the past could not be so.
The rich products of the Western Sichuan Plain The unique food culture of Xichuan City Every night, when the lights are on, all kinds of exquisite food are displayed from the street to the end of the alley.
Grilled fish, stuffed skin, ice sugar duck, stick chicken, stinky tofu, Shushou Huangpo steak, Lizhuang white meat, various classic dishes There are all kinds of snacks. Of course, there is another reason why Yin Feiyan hangs out with Ma Shan tirelessly.
She knows that although Ma Shan looks carefree and doesn’t care about her appearance, she may be happy or not.
Only she knows that Ma Shan died after graduating from university. Married to a classmate Zeng Yingjun, born tall and handsome, rich and powerful, and also the prince charming in the hearts of all girls, but unfortunately, he is too carefree Even when he was in love with Ma Shan at school, he was promiscuous and even harassed everywhere Yin Feiyan, who used to be a class flower and a best friend of Ma Shan’s boudoir, knew a thing or two about this, but she just turned a blind eye to marrying into a wealthy family, living in a villa and driving a BMW, and Yin Feiyan would not necessarily be happy.
I often think that God is fair to people. I will lose as much as I get.
Township is in a small city like Xichuan, and it may not be a good thing to do a job where you can’t get enough to eat and starve to death.
Before you know it, it’s late at night. Ma Shan, who was still in front of the food stall, Dao Shanshan, it’s almost time, if we haven’t eaten enough, we’ll come back tomorrow night The phone in front of me had to say, well, we will come here tomorrow, but what you said, wait, wait, the delicious stinky tofu twitched its nose while talking, and it looked like it was salivating. The tone and language are full of contradictions, there is no cure, is it fragrant or stinky? Why didn’t I smell it? Looking at Ma Shan’s pitiful and innocent face, I said okay again. I’m afraid of you. The last time I finish eating stinky tofu. I have to go back and follow Ma Shan and turn around two alleys. Sure enough, the smell of stinky tofu came over me.
Yin Feiyan sighed secretly. The deserted street lights also flickered slightly dim. Not far away, under a big umbrella, a solitary stinky tofu stall looked unusually bleak. An old man in a gray suit full of wrinkles stood in front of the stall with his neck curled up and his face blank. Ma Shan excitedly rushed over to the stinky tofu boss. Hearing the excited cry, the old man suddenly raised his head and smiled, saying, “Okay, three skewers will be ready soon.” He quickly picked up three skewers of stinky tofu After entering the oil pan, it immediately made a sizzling sound. Watching the tofu gradually turn from gray to golden yellow, Marsan rubbed his stomach and couldn’t wait.
Yin Feiyan followed slowly at this moment.
Boss, why are you setting up a stall in such a remote place? Can there be business here? The old man raised his head and smiled and said, “No way, I’m too old to run anymore. Besides, the outside is not my territory.
I don’t have that much money to pay fees.” The old man’s smiling face has more wrinkles than his clothes. Yin Feiyan sighed secretly. The tone is also that this old man is at least 70 years old, isn’t he still setting up a stall here in the middle of the night, isn’t it just for living? The old man turned the strings of stinky tofu in the oil pan with iron tongs one by one, picked up the oldest string and put it in the seasoning plate, when Ma Shan was about to brush the red oil, she had already grabbed the bamboo stick and picked it up.
The brush randomly brushed some fried noodles and chili noodles, and said, boss, you should concentrate on squeezing the remaining two skewers, remember to squeeze them dry, biting half of a piece and holding it in your mouth. However, the tofu is too hot and it is difficult to close your mouth