it is definitely a luxury to use wood for home decoration

The Happiness of Rebirth When Xu Shaodong woke up, the sky was already bright.
Looking at the soft light of the morning sun entering the room through the gaps in the curtains, he was startled.
His body immediately Sitting up on the bed, I put my hands on my chest, wondering if I was shot, why there is no scar at all, and this bedroom is so strange, where is the whole room decorated exquisitely and luxuriously, even the furniture is also, but those styles are like It is an antique.
In this era, it is definitely a luxury to use wood for home decoration. Due to pollution, there are not many suitable places for planting on the earth, so wood is very precious. On the contrary, the entire space and every planet has minerals and metals. It’s cheap, but when he inadvertently glanced at the wall opposite the bed, there was an electronic calendar hanging in a landscape painting frame, which clearly marked the time, year, month, day, year. Xu Shaodong didn’t even hold back for a moment and rushed to the window.
The scenery that was absolutely invisible in that era, the large green landscape in front of him is beautiful, and the buildings that do not belong to that era at all. He actually returned to the year from more than 200 years ago.
I thought that this time I would die, but I never thought that God gave him a new life.
In his era, he was a superstar. Not only did he have a trembling voice, but he also had genius acting skills. But he did not expect that when he accepted the invitation of the President of the Federation to sing in the air theater, a ghost bullet attacked him. Using his soul to develop a nine-level strong bullet is useless to him, but the ghost bullet is the newly developed invisible bullet, and it is impossible to defend against when fired, not to mention that he was in high spirits at a concert at the time. At that moment, a bullet hit his chest, he was still alive, but he was living in another era, level 9 ghost realm, and now there were only three floors left, and there were some memories in his mind, which didn’t belong to him.
When he was in the mirror in the bathroom When I saw myself, I realized that I was just a possessor. The person in front of me was not my original self at all, and this body was a bit weaker.
Although he was slender at 1.85 meters, he looked a little pale because he was too thin, but he was quite handsome. There was a clear but cautious knock on the door, and a figure of a woman flashed in his mind immediately.
This is the magical effect of the realm of the soul.
If he is Xu Shaodong, this woman should be his mother. The woman in front of her eyes is exactly the same as the figure in her mind. She is very delicate and elegant, but the kindness and pity on her face make people feel the deep warmth.
Although he is a superstar with infinite glory on stage, he is An orphan has never met his parents, let alone such gentle eyes. The woman squeezed in carefully with a plate of food in her hand, then slowly closed the door with her legs still on her legs, and said with a smile, Shaodong no Blame your dad, that old man’s temper My son, he dare not bring you to eat, are you hungry? Hearing the woman’s words, more pictures slowly appeared in Xu Shaodong’s mind. That belongs to Xu Shaodong’s memory. The Xu family is a red family with a very deep background, let alone the capital family His old man Xu Fengyuan is the commander of the Southeast Military Region, so Xu Shaodong is an out-and-out dude who always does whatever he wants. When he saw Yu Qingfei, who is known as the military flower of the Southeast Military Region, he was deeply attracted, but it’s a pity. Yu Qingfei has no interest in him at all and can’t stand his countless pestering Yu Qingfei gave me a chance I like listening to Feiyue’s songs the most You don’t always say you are the prince of love songs If you can become a star beyond Feiyue then I will I will give you a chance to pursue it, or this is an excuse to refuse, but Xu Shaodong took it seriously.
Just a few days ago, he ignored dissuasion to realize this wish. He really participated in the Good Boy Singing Contest organized by Shanghai Dingsheng Entertainment Group and Pearl TV Station, but he didn’t. Thinking that in the third round of the selection of the finals, because of an accidental loss of voice, he was sent to the standby area, which became the laughing stock of all the contestants in the competition. The loss of voice in such a crucial game is an unforgivable mistake.
Already eliminated from the competition, I was in a bad mood when I came back and was scolded by the old man, and I was even more depressed, so I took a few more sleeping pills, but I didn’t expect it, but it made him a person who had no hope of surviving.
Now he is Xu Shaodong, Mama, thank you for this I have thought about calling him thousands of times in my dreams.
He was an orphan in the previous life. At this moment, I finally had the opportunity to call him out. Xu Shaodong felt a special joy in his heart, but the woman was stunned for a moment.
The hand holding the lean meat porridge trembled, and she turned her head and looked away. It’s been several years since the child had a dispute with his family, and he hasn’t called mom so affectionately, let alone thank you, Shaodong is so good, come and fill your stomach first, and then do what you like, mom for you You are the only one who supports me, my precious son. Happy mom is a very common sentence, but Xu Shaodong is a little moved and wants to cry. He took the thin porridge and poured it into his mouth to cover up the emotion on his face. Good porridge used to be a nutritious meal.
Occasionally it was okay to eat it a few times, but after years of eating it became difficult to swallow. But the woman smiled happily when she heard it. The son likes to eat the food he made.
For a mother Even though Li Wanfen doesn’t quite agree with her son’s choice for the future, what kind of family is the Xu family? This precious son wants to be a singer, but she is a mother’s desire for her child.
She will only selflessly support her, even if the choice is wrong.
Protecting him so that he would be less hurt seeing his son’s dedication

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