It is considered to be her left behind Xiaojiao knelt beside her for a long time and said softly I will not treat you like

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Content Labels Supernatural Gods Fairy Hero Cultivation Legendary Protagonist Long Qiye Supporting Role Qian Jiang Xiaojiao Zhu Rong Suanni Chapter One month on the willow tip A date after dusk is a good time to have an affair The red lotus is in full bloom, and the water is a good place to have an affair. However, Li Yaozu, who did not have an affair, could not help but curse in his heart. Such a favorable time and place, there is no one and if there is a flowery and beautiful family to accompany him to spend this beautiful time, the beauty is really beautiful. Is it because of pleasure? Li Yaozu is a frequent visitor to the famous dandy fireworks field in Gusu City. This time, he came to the Red Lotus Temple to offer incense.
Or is it because of his wife Lin’s frequent disturbances that he came to accompany him. During the day, he can still put on a show.
Shang Shangxiang really couldn’t stay in the night, came out and wandered around, he was bored, suddenly climbed up from the edge of the pool, a pair of hands followed by white and tender arms Li Yaozu was afraid, but he was attracted by the vivid fragrance and couldn’t move for a moment A charming woman crawled out of the middle, her skin white as snow, and the wet red gauze stuck to her body, her slim figure can be seen clearly under the moonlight He glanced at him like Hengbo, You You Dao, why is Mr.
Lord still here so late? Looking at his body instead, Li Yaozu managed to calm down and asked, are you a human or a ghost? The woman stretched her lotus arms and turned around lightly in front of him.
The body is enchanting and plump, have you seen my shadow? You say I am a human or a ghost, but I am here to take a shower, and you bumped into me, not to mention falsely accusing me of being a ghost. It’s Xiaosheng. I don’t know what a girl calls a woman. She puts her hands on her chest and smiles tenderly. “Young Lord, call your servant Qianqian. The beauty’s smile makes Li Yaozu’s heart flutter. I can’t help but embrace her like a hungry tiger.
He hugged her like a hungry tiger and made countless pledges of eternal love. Gently caressing her body Qianqian, my good man Qianqian leaned in his arms weakly and embracing Li Yaozu’s back with a voice calling out to Mr.
Lang and the two of them rubbing each other’s ears and temples to have a good time while Li Yaozu was anxiously pulling on the beauty’s clothes Suddenly, a sigh came from nowhere, sounded young, and the voice was very immature, he suddenly frightened the three souls and stuttered, saying that it must be something unclean? On the face of the little thing, she didn’t show that she hugged her husband even tighter and smiled coquettishly.
Didn’t Li Lang hear that peony flowers make ghosts even if they die? But it’s just what kind of flirt Qianqian wants? The corner of Qianqian’s mouth slowly curled into a sneer, naturally it’s a ghostly flirt, Li Yaozu opened his mouth wide open and wanted to shout, but couldn’t make a sound, but saw Qianqian’s ten fingers poking into his chest slenderly.
Without any effort, in a short while, there was a steaming heart in his hand, and his heart-broken body fell heavily to the ground.
Li Yaozu’s soul was three feet away from the ground, watching Qianqian holding his heart, walking to the edge of the pond and raising his eyebrows, little koi Don’t you like to peek? Now that you’ve seen enough, do you want to share it with you? A golden koi jumped out of the lotus pond and fell to the ground and became a pretty girl.
She was very angry and gritted her teeth and said, How dare you kill? This is in the Red Lotus Temple.
Qianqian moved her heart to her face, the little koi was caught off guard, her face was smeared with blood, and she was even more anxious. Waiting for Master Honglian to come back, I must tell him that you, a bad fairy, heard footsteps from near to far.
Qianqian just smiled and watched.
Do you have the ability? She raised her hand and threw her heart at the girl’s feet.
She stepped into the lotus pond and turned into a red lotus.
It turned out to be a flower monster. If you like it, let’s stay, let’s stay, Xiaojiao sees Qianqian holding Li Yaozu’s soul in the lotus pond, glaring at her, saying that killing someone doesn’t count, but keep his soul, this is the red lotus trembling man who will never be reborn Jun, would you like to stay and stay with Qianqian for a long time? What is good about being a human being? You have a limited number of lives. Is it okay for you to be with Qianqian for a long time like now? The woman rushed to Li Yaozu’s side and saw that he was dead. There was a big hole in his chest.
She was shocked and afraid of monsters. This woman is Li Yaozu’s wife, Mrs.
Lin. The little koi is full The face is bloody, there is a person next to the feet, blood dripping, so frightened that the maid brought by Mrs.
Lin did not dare to approach her, but only dared to surround her from a distance, screaming and screaming, come, help, I am not a monster.
I didn’t kill the little koi and tried to explain, but no one paid attention to her.
The monks in Honglian Temple heard the sound and came to see this scene, and they didn’t know what to do, so they went to appease everyone in the Lin family and let the reporters see the little koi.
The girl calmed down and the monk asked her, who are you? Why is the little koi breathed a sigh of relief here? Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly turned back to the koi. The fish body was weak and fell to the ground. The golden scales were covered with blood.
It turned out that it was Qianqian in the water.
Every time she seduces a man and comes back, the dead fish either scares the man away or calls Master Honglian to come.
It is extremely abominable. Now Master Honglian is practicing outside, just asking her to avenge the brave monk who took the bamboo.
The basket put the little koi upside down on the ground, Mrs. Lin caressed the corpse and cried, looked at the little koi viciously, and said, “I want to skin the fish essence and convulse to avenge my husband. The little koi was so anxious that he slapped his tail on the bamboo basket, trying to escape but It’s just in vain She looked through the gap in the bamboo basket