It is actually difficult to match under the prestigious name Elder Kun in the sky was also a little stunned for a moment as if

Fang Yi is perverted enough, but what is even more perverted is that he can learn the opponent’s spells and supernatural powers at a glance There are shops, restaurants and teahouses, and there is an endless stream of pedestrians coming and going.
There are many items for sale in the stalls.
There are also many kinds of common daily necessities, as well as medicinal herbs, various weapons and weapons, and even some taken from fierce beasts. It would be great if there was moxa moxa for the pointed leather armor and the like.
The only thing missing in the formula of the medicine is Fang Yi. It’s no wonder the harvest is after all, this mugwort is rare, and the price is not so easy to buy. Su Yi, although he has saved some money, doesn’t know if it’s enough. As a very ordinary member of the Fang family, Fang Yi Now it can be said that it has been given up. The treatment in all aspects is very different from the talented children that the family spends a lot of resources on cultivating. The language is easy to practice and is now a ninth-level magician. The general cultivation talent in the family Those in the middle and upper levels have also broken through as magicians and have become magicians. Although I am not the bottom of the family, I also have no future. When the family selection ends in the near future, I am very likely to be sent out of the family to do some work in other industries of the family. It’s like a drudgery and miner’s job, and then it’s like this for the rest of my life. In order to have some extra income and more or less a way out, Fang Yi became a guard in this Yanyang City, but now I’m not the same as before.
This time The family competition must be um, if there is no Aiyangcao, is there any other way? I think Fang Yi frowned slightly and was about to concentrate on thinking.
Suddenly, he heard a rush of footsteps, and before he had time to raise his head, a wisp of fragrance was gone.
The bone-eating fragrance that rushed into his nose and mouth instantly made Fang Yi feel his body go limp, but then a softer body crashed into Fang Yi’s arms, the soft and moist breath immediately Fang Yi raised his head and saw that the person bumping into him was a woman, or rather a beautiful woman, although the clothes were a little bit Messy, but there seems to be a faintly unusual temperament deeply hidden in it. This woman has a stunning appearance.
She has a slender and enchanting figure, but she still has a plump and slender waist. There are abnormal protrusions on her waist, which seem to want someone to catch her white.
The delicate skin is like snow and green onions, making people feel like they can’t help but grab a handful and squeeze out the water. Because they are hugging the stunning woman, the other’s uneven body seems to be integrated with Fang Yi, and there is no gap in the fit.
The general feeling immediately spread throughout the whole body, and the stimulation was not enough Just when I was about to open my mouth to ask a few words, a playful and obscene voice came over.
Oh, what are you doing, the beauty is running so fast? We don’t know how to eat it. You see, it’s your first time here. Why don’t you come and talk with us, get close, right? It’s your blessing that our young master can see you.
Don’t toast, don’t eat and eat fine wine.
When you look around, you can see a young man slowly wandering over, followed by two or three people who look like subordinates. Chen Yuanfang, of the Chen family, obviously had a malicious smile on his face, but he knew this young man as the second son of the Chen family.
He was usually ignorant and incompetent, causing trouble everywhere, but the Chen family can be said to be the top ranked in Yanyang City.
No one dares to do anything to Chen Yuan because of the big family! Isn’t this Fang Yi who fell off the cliff some time ago and survived? After a moment of unbearable expression, he looked Fang Yi up and down, then snorted and smiled jokingly, how could it be that he broke his brain and wanted to come to a hero to save the beauty, haha, a few mocking and contemptuous laughter suddenly came from The people behind Chen Yuan heard that they didn’t believe that Fang Yi really dared to do this. Behind Chen Yuan, the powerful Chen family, even Fang Yi’s Fang family, would not easily offend Chen Yuan, let alone this little Fang Yi. They didn’t put Fang Yi in their eyes at all, he was just an ordinary disciple of the Fang family, nothing more. The woman didn’t panic when she saw Chen Yuan, she just sighed slightly and didn’t speak, but the stunning beauty Chen Jia The appearance of these two factors, Second Young Master, attracted a lot of people to stop and watch, and there were quite a few people coming and going here. Seeing this scene, they couldn’t help but whispered in low voices, and looked back and forth at Chen Yuan and the woman. Occasionally, Fang Yi is brought along by the way, isn’t this the second son of the Chen family? Well, it seems that he is harming another woman again.
This time, that woman is unlucky, yes. I heard that the eldest son of the Chen family went out to practice. Walking away from Chen Yuan, he immediately became the baby of the Chen family, relaxed and pampered in everything, I don’t want to talk about it, this guard seems to be that Fang Yi, he fell off the cliff and survived a catastrophe. Wandering around, yes, if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t know him very well, I usually only pay attention to the talented children who are ranked in front of each family, who is this girl? I haven’t seen it before, why is she so beautiful, and many people have seen the beauty of this girl. They all wanted justice, but they were afraid that the powerful Chen family behind Chen Yuan would dare to be angry, dare not speak up, and dare not do anything, otherwise they would even hurt their own family.