It is a bit bitter to speak and I don’t want to be like him but If he wants to get better you can give

There is a well-known legend in Neon. Old things are abandoned for a long time, or after accumulating resentment, becoming a monster, or sensing spirituality, becoming a god Fusangshen is such an existence. In Neon, a place where three gods live on a grain of rice. The legend about the creation of utensils is extremely rare, but even Gojo Satoru himself didn’t expect such a legend to happen at home? Have you heard of the movement in the collection room in the backyard at night like flames jumping, but the servants rushed to put out the fire? Is it a monster or a wraith? Gojo Satoru didn’t take it seriously when he first heard about it. It’s not because he believed in science and didn’t engage in superstition.
As a conjurer, he greeted so many curse spirits, and of course he also knew the ghosts rumored by the people. Most of them are related to curse spirits. Although the status of the Gojo family is high, not all servants can use conjurers. Ordinary people spread some rumors without knowing it, which is understandable. If the Wujo family, one of the three imperial families, said that the peace of the family was disturbed by a cursed spirit who accidentally bumped into it, it would be the biggest joke, so Gojo Satoru only took what he heard as the servants chatting about nothing. It’s just a small story, and when I heard the news again, it was obviously not a rumor. Compared with the stories that were only passed down by ordinary people in the outer courtyard, it developed to Wutiao’s family.
A first-level conjurer was thrown out of the collection room.
At that time, Wutiao Gojo just came home from school and didn’t want to face the old man’s nagging, so he dozed off on the tree in the yard Hearing the news from his mouth, he couldn’t sleep well, leaned on the tree trunk, stretched his waist, and ran to the curse spirit of Wutiao’s house, why don’t he go and see that Wutiao’s family has a large population, but other than our own family, we are entitled to live in the inner courtyard of our family and receive the strictest protection. Some of the more respected branches outside can only live in the outer courtyard.
Although they are also named Wujo, basically he can’t recognize those relatives.
Anyway, if they don’t know each other, there is no need to maintain face respect. By the time we reach the legendary haunted collection room, there are already a lot of people around, and there will be disputes in crowded places. In this regard, conjurers are also outside relying on the reputation of the Wujo family, even if they are at the same level of conjuration.
The magicians who also receive preferential treatment are no longer as arrogant as before, but they are arguing over who goes first The eyes under the long sunglasses didn’t fluctuate at all. If you don’t go in, can you open up a little? The farce has attracted the young master of our family.
They didn’t expect it.
Although they didn’t respond, someone has already let Gojo Satoru put his hands in his pockets loosely.
Going forward, Young Master Wuwu, someone boldly said that the curse spirit inside might be very powerful, so Gojo Satoru stopped at the door but didn’t turn around to speak, the man who was nominally the uncle of the sloppy boy in front of him, but at this moment he was trembling to ask for it.
Don’t wait for the owner to come and make a decision Heh, because I didn’t see the expression, the sneer, everyone didn’t hear it clearly, but they heard the last sentence clearly, but I just wanted to go in now, what should I do? There is also such a thing as priority. At this time, the boy lazily leaning on the door is definitely the first priority, because he inherited the no-lower-limit spell and Liuyan, and has been regarded as the most important existence by the Gojo family since birth.
Whether it is against the boy or Let the young man go in, they dare not choose the two choices, but the silence can’t convince Gojo Satoru, who can do whatever he wants Most of the cultural relics used for collection need to be protected from light, but a little light problem will not affect Gojo Satoru at all.
Looking for this target, the six eyes can help him observe the environment in all directions, but this time it is not the credit of the six eyes.
Many precious collections are preserved in special glass covers, but most of them are randomly placed on the middle shelf, passing through the wooden shelves stacked on top of each other, and at the other end of the room sits a man with black and red long hair kneeling For some unknown reason, he had his eyes closed with a sword lying across his knees. The eyes under the sunglasses were slightly widened, and the curse spirits seemed to be human beings, or they were so powerful that even six eyes could not see through them.
The man in front of him was bundled.
The black hair with a high ponytail reveals some overly gorgeous red earrings, and the earrings painted with sun patterns hang on the earrings.
The crimson spots on the left forehead are more like burning flames than flowers.
Are you kidding the mantra like the sun? The mantra comes from dark emotions just like the magic power of the conjurer.
Since it is unknown, we have to figure it out.
Gojo Satoru has always been arrogant.
Or rather, there is nothing worthy of his serious attention. He hasn’t reached his peak yet, but even so, he has surpassed everyone. The man took a step or two, and the curse spirit in front of him didn’t move. You can clearly see the pattern of the man’s earrings, stop and look at a pair of emotionless eyes Gojo Satoru froze for a moment, peeking at being caught or something will naturally not affect him, but when he meets such a pair of eyes, he is a little subtle I care about this condescending posture, although it may feel a little oppressive to the bottom, but because of the distance problem, it is really inappropriate I’m sorry, even if there is another conspiracy, I can’t help it.
I will exterminate you or try to kill me if you can.