It hurts the slap just reached the place where the skin fell off the knee the fat man immediately grinned his teeth hee hee the

The fat man wiped the crystal clear beads of sweat on his forehead, and his eyes fell on the sister-in-law across the way.
He couldn’t help but feel contemptuous. He took the child out and sold it.
He was really dedicated. One woman and four men are definitely strong enough, and the last sentence is very good.
Pulling back the fat man’s strided leg in time, as if knowing that he is more patriotic, seeing the fat guy’s distracted eyes quickly focus on the considerate sister-in-law, hastily pulled out a CD and handed it over, sweating and juggling! At that time, the fat man’s small eyes, which were more focused on the light, also doubled in size, and his waist was full of CDs.
He was a little embarrassed to sell CDs, so he glanced around. Sweaty CD eyes glanced at it, and I decided to put the CD in my pocket, not because of another hot day.
Is it easy to fight a guerrilla war with the city management while holding a child? Sponsoring ten yuan, I wasted a whole day of energy and energy in the talent market The sweaty fat man dragged his already heavy thighs back to the place where he stayed.
A bed took up more than half of the room.
The fat man threw his 200-jin body on top of the wooden bed and let out a lewd moan, which sounded extremely ecstasy Huang Liangfang Fei’s groans finally attracted the landlady’s aunt’s account today, and she’ll hand it in tomorrow.
I searched them all together and put them together, exactly 240 yuan, just 10 yuan less is enough to pay half a month’s rent. Although the fat man has always been open-minded and easy-going, of course, in the eyes of the landlord, he has no ambitions, but this time he also knows that he is finally desperate and has no job. With no car, no house, no wife, the youth without a car, no house, and no wife in the new era had a look of grief and indignation in their eyes. He bent down resolutely and pulled out a box from under the bed. He took out the only three bags of instant noodles and filled his stomach sweating profusely. Huang Liang was satisfied. Fatty burped, it was easier to be satisfied, and then he took out a woman and four men from his pocket, the old saying is full of warm thoughts, started the grandpa’s computer, put the disc into the CD-ROM drive, put on the headset, and started to enjoy blockbuster movies It’s really Mandarin, the fat man let out a low growl, his spirits are even more uplifting Sun Wukong, you stole the moonlight treasure box from Fairy Zixia, looking at the white-clothed Avalokitesvara in the picture, Fatty’s head was a little short-circuited Why did he look so familiar until the jittery Tang monk appeared Fatty It finally dawned on me and Sun Wukong, who was played by Xing Ye in the screen, made a big talk about Journey to the West.
I bought a pirated copy of Moonlight Box for ten yuan. The fat man was silent for two tears.
What to do, even if you can’t hit the kids, it’s not good to hit those flowers and plants.
He can’t figure out how to talk about Westward Journey with one woman and four men.
Go to the moonlight box and go to hell When the fire was put out, the fat man’s hand suddenly sank. A rectangular wooden box appeared in front of him.
The box was one foot long and half a foot wide, a bit like an old-fashioned toolbox.
There were four simple seal characters on it, shining in the moonlight treasure box.
The real and fake fat man turned over and over again After researching the box for a long time, I finally identified a problem. Even if the monitor is smashed, it will never be able to hide this thing.
The Moonlight Box can travel through time and space freely. Fatty usually reads novels.
He firmly believes that all this is true. His bleak life will soon be rewritten. The legendary story will soon be staged. The fat man keeps turning in circles. He has made up his mind to try it.
It is not risky. No matter what era he travels to, it will probably not be worse than it is now.
The smiling face of the moon, the fat man slipped out of the room with the wooden box between his hands like a thief, and found a secluded place. The fat man knelt on the ground devoutly. The quiet moonlight shone on the wooden box.
Everything looked so real.
The fat man opened the wooden box resolutely. Roaring pineapple pineapple, mother, I want to eat jackfruit, a sweet child’s voice came over, the fat man sweated secretly, he mispronounced a spell, and was mistaken for a stall by the children, trying to recall the fat man’s solemn and deep voice, Prajna, Prajna, and the surrounding moonlight suddenly The fat man who has been ordinary for twenty-eight years has become incomparably holy at this moment.
At the moment when the white light disappears, a tender little hand grabs the fat man’s arm. Uncle, I want to buy jackfruit, and then a big one One or two figures were swept away by the white light and completely disappeared. Fatty ignored the stinging pain from his buttocks and excitedly got up from the grass.
He succeeded because he couldn’t see any high-rise buildings around him.
Throwing the fat man to the ground again, looking at the little girl wearing a princess dress with a bow tie in his arms under the bright moonlight, the fat man was dumbfounded, this is my little angel, the little girl turned her big black bean-like eyes around twice Pointing at the fat man’s mouth with his white and tender fingers, he grinned and cried, blaming his uncle, the fat man was sweating wildly.
He vaguely recalled that when he was chanting the mantra, it seemed that a child wanted to buy pineapple. Could it be that they traveled through time and space together? Because he is fat, the fat man keeps comparing There is a child who can often get a good person card from a child. Pointing his nose and being called a strange uncle like today is really the first time he has worked so hard to fill his face with kind little sisters. I am not a strange uncle, but the vigilance of this child is obviously beyond that of a fat man.
Predictably, dexterously jump up from the fat man and run away I want to go home Kiki looking for mother Fat man dare not neglect to climb up and chase after Hei in the middle of the night I don’t know where it is