It hurt so much Bai He lowered his head and rescued his tongue from the popsicle then looked up Qin Zhizhong was hugging Zhen Xi

Chapter 1 In the room filled with fragrance under the dim light of white stalks, two people on the big bed are entangled with the floor lamp around the corner. That bed is enough to lie on.
The round and small joints are painted with pink nail polish, and the glistening nails curl up with the body of the owner.
The ten well-behaved fingers grasp the bedsheets downwards, exerting a slight force on the instep, as if they are bearing some inexplicable force. A pair of slender white tender legs kicked out from under the gray sheet that reached up to the thighs, just like the toes I saw just now, white and slippery with a slightly sweaty pink color that makes people think endlessly His face is extraordinary. Through the man’s broad back, a side face is slightly exposed. The exquisite and perfect jaw is extremely constricted.
The pupils are black and the eyes are sobbing. She frowns and rejects his enthusiasm. The camera cuts to Outside the window of their bedroom, the night is panting silently, waiting eagerly for the arrival of dawn.
Xiangjiang sinks in this night, like poppies blooming, fragrant and deadly, white stalks pull up the sheets to cover their bodies, and kick their husband’s confinement on their backs. He fell asleep with exhaustion, the man beside him fell asleep faster than him, and was kicked away by her without any struggle, lying on his back, breathing heavily, with his head heavy and eyes closed, she felt that she had fallen asleep, but this feeling itself was a strange thing How could she decide for herself in the process of sleep? The body gradually relaxed, like a cloud absorbed by the blue sky, gradually rising up. In a dimly lit room, a thin woman with her back facing her spread out.
He has long hair and brushes it down with a peach wood comb.
If this is a scene from a movie, then this person must be black and shiny, and his movements are graceful, but not the woman sitting there.
Her hair is withered and yellow like burnt lamp oil, and her arms are thin. Like a malnourished crowd, Bai He looked down at herself.
She was standing not far away, still wearing tonight’s white nightgown.
She couldn’t feel the wind and couldn’t touch the cabinet next to her. Her chaotic thoughts suddenly woke up. If this was a dream, she would It is impossible to have such a feeling. There are time-travel scenes in both novels and movies. Could it be that the door was opened? She crouched down into a black shadow reflexively.
After the medicine was taken, the servant held a black cup of medicine and placed it in front of her dressing table. Bai He stood upright, holding his breath, and walked over step by step. With her back to them, she twisted the strands of hair that fell off the comb and asked in a low voice. Is he still there? Is there a stream of cold sweat dripping from Bai He’s back? Isn’t that her voice? One day, you are the wife of the Yang family, you are the wife of Mr.
Ming Media, who is currently marrying, her teeth are gritted, and she wants to touch that woman’s shoulder to see if it is her. If she is, then she is in her dream It’s too suffocating. The woman who has been sitting like she wished stood up. She turned around slowly and raised the breath in her throat.
Her high cheekbones and sallow complexion can even glimpse the beauty when she is full.
But this majestic face is still enough to scare a three- to five-year-old child into tears. Bai Qu sat on the ground with his hands behind his back and looked up at the woman in front of him. She stretched out her hands and slowly touched her face.
Married to him for ten years I’m getting more and more beautiful, but I’m like a flower, but it’s time to wither. Bai He pinches the collar and she can’t breathe.
If he loves to go to that woman, let’s go.
They are the wife of the family. My son is without her. There was a harsh sneer, her withered face was as calm as stagnant water, silent and white, she touched her face reflexively, it was definitely not her kind of skinny and skinny, she turned her hands to see that her ten fingers were painted with red nail polish, and there were sticks on them Dazzling and beautiful, she got up from the ground and reached out to touch the opposite face.
She felt nothing through the void. She didn’t touch any decayed grass. Even the horizontal direction. The evening sun, half the city, the willow color, and the flute sounded in vain.
The green wax was made into red jade, and the clothes were full of no memory of time. Going back to the slanted screen and half leaning on it, the light and shadow are heavy, the vermilion paint is mottled, and the painting is mottled.
A farce of paper drunkenness and gold.
Dressed in clothes stained with red dust.
After singing, who in the west chamber can hope for this life? Like the sound of a record player, the person next to him pushed Pushing her, she suddenly woke up and sat on the big bed, looking at the messy clothes scattered all over the floor, she stretched out her hands and trembled slightly as if she had just stepped out of a dream, she was relieved when she saw the still slender and beautiful appearance, and the phone kept ringing She got up and went to the bathroom to pick up her daughter. When will you come back? Over there is the mother’s gentle voice, and the tense nerves are relaxed. She married Hong Kong two years ago, and she and her parents and brothers in the city have completely separated.
The occasional greetings seem rusty as time goes on, and I deliberately lost the intimacy of the boudoir period. Bai Qu felt very sorry.
She went shopping all day and picked cards, but she forgot that the Chinese New Year was coming.
She promised her parents that she would go back this year. Next week, I’ll be back next week. You remember to come back, don’t keep your promises, mother reminded with a smile, okay, okay, don’t worry, hang up the phone, she stood in the bathroom, turned around abruptly, and looked in the mirror, there are dark circles under her eyes, she didn’t sleep well, the dream from last night was in the end What’s the matter? Bai He scratched his hair and couldn’t figure it out. Wife, I came in. Yang Zheng shouted outside, then twisted the handle, why are you still locked? Bai He looked at the door handle, she never locked it, why just now The conditioned reflex locked it, and quickly opened the door, she forced a smile, you can use it first, she turned and walked outside, Yang Zheng grabbed her, looked at the blue color under her eyes and asked if she didn’t sleep well last night, Yang Zheng stretched out his hand to hold it her face