It has to be said that it is a miracle a miracle in the west Ronghai Fortune 100 million years old Born in Xian Shaanxi

Become the focus of the article on wealth, the author of the reading hall, the brief introduction of Zhang Simin’s many years of life can be summed up in simple words.
Unlike many successful people, there is a period of ups and downs before success.
He is pure and not mediocre. Zhang Simin brought Yuan to Shenzhen scrambles for the beach and the tide With a concept of marine life, it raised 10,000 US dollars and founded Shenzhen Neptune.
It was selected as the richest man in China by Forbes magazine in the United States, and its personal assets reached 100 million yuan. The copyright of learning and use belongs to the original author and the publishing house.
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We are professional format e-books because of you. If you want to talk about your experience, Zhang Simin’s many years of life can be summed up in simple words. Unlike many successful people who usually have a period of ups and downs before success, he is not mediocre.
The concept of raising US$10,000 to establish Shenzhen Neptune was selected as the richest man in China by Forbes magazine in the United States. His personal assets reached 100 million yuan. Zhang Simin’s wealth reached 100 million yuan. Zhuci Securities Market in Shenzhen, Guangdong, funded the major industries in Shenzhen in the past few years.
Pursuing risks and taking big risks is a kind of investment.
Starting a business in a big battlefield is a challenge. Zhang Simin faced the big battlefield of high risks and high returns in the early stage As a sign reflecting the value of life, Zhang Simin’s choice has always been to focus on marine life without hesitation to seize high-tech positions. What he is facing is a high-risk and high-yield battlefield.
The danger and greatness are what Zhang Simin deliberately pursues, which is also a reflection of his life.
A sign of value He belongs to the generation that grew up after the great famine in the country. He was born in Changchun, the capital of snow in the north, in an ordinary teacher’s family.
He is the eldest among the four siblings.
Zhang Simin was admitted to Harbin after only one year of high school. The University of Technology, a famous institution known as the cradle of engineers, joined the Communist Party there. He was rated as a three-good student for three consecutive years.
He graduated and was assigned to the Ministry of Aeronautics and Space in Beijing to engage in the development and research of military products. He was transferred to domestic and foreign reputations The headquarter of China International Trust and Investment Corporation, every step of his life is smooth sailing, he is an enviable large unit, if he wants to make contributions and show his skills, his environment and working conditions are enviable, if he wants to seek comfort, CITIC and just now The small family we created has of course interpreted the concept of happiness of ordinary people.
However, Zhang Simin leans against a big tree and does not enjoy the shade.
He wants to walk into the sunshine, and he wants the sun to watch me.
The company proposed it but due to various reasons Because the company failed to agree to this matter, Zhang Simin was greatly touched. He felt that the matching point in life is often difficult to get tired of, and the best joint point is so difficult to find. Zhang Simin’s complete value is only reflected on the surface of being a good person, being loyal, being honest, being solid and willing to work. From his own point of view, this is really a bit of black humor.
After thinking about it over and over again, I went to Shenzhen to go there.
The tide of reform is raging, and it is a place where great ambitions can be realized.
When he told his newly married wife about this serious decision, he got a look of understanding and support. At this time, it was CITIC Corporation. Send staff to Shenzhen to work in the Investment Department Zhang Simin actively signed up and was approved. He left the capital with his wife and the newly built small home with a beautiful dream in his arms. His dream came from ancient mythology. What did this dream give him? Poseidon, the king of the sea, dominates the ocean. With his three-pointed god, he lifts a seamount gently out of the sea.
The seamount turns it into a beautiful island.
Zhang Simin, who dares to think and dare to do it, will also entrust Shenzhen in this reformed ocean. Building a seamount is the Neptune Group he built in his dream.
In his own words, he worked in Shenzhen CITIC Investment Department for half a year to feel the atmosphere of the special zone and adapt to the special zone. One day, one person came to CITIC with a technology project for marine development. The Shenzhen branch claims that ocean development is an emerging field that can make a lot of money with a small investment.
The wealthy CITIC may be busy with bigger deals and have no time. Maybe it thinks the project is too small and not worth the effort, so it refuses. Zhang Simin was secretly worried about people’s requirements. He intuitively felt that this was a promising project. Although marine development was just started in China at that time, it had unlimited potential. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Health care products are also the key products of Neptune Group, and Golden Muling, after much deliberation, decided to leave CITIC and go out on his own. He invited several like-minded friends to join forces with a company in Zhuhai to establish Shenzhu Ocean Nourishing Health Food Industry and Trade Company, and started the business of Golden Muling.
Zhang Simin, who worked in research and development, solemnly submitted his resignation to the CITIC Investment Department. On the same year, the predecessor of his own Shenzhen industry and trade company, Neptune Group, announced its establishment in an ordinary house in a residential building in Shiyun Village, Shekou.
He is the only one The savings of RMB 100,000 were invested, and the first step of business career was taken. His factory is located on a remote barren hill in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and all the employees live in a guest house at the foot of the hill.