It happened to be you and it happened to be me and then I was taken home by you and settled down on your bedside

People’s thinking and emotions are very subtle.
Sometimes a simple action can reveal the true meaning of your heart.
But in the crowd, there will always be some things that cannot be explained by common sense. There is always a shop in the alley late at night. For those who are lonely, having a cup of coffee here may be the warmest moment with the lights on.
Perhaps at this moment, you are understanding yourself and understanding the world. Countless things will happen in every corner of the world every day, and we are the world.
A repairman, a late-night consultant who travels through the night to decipher unsolvable answers.
Chapter Chapter Press the agreement with the thumbprint. Maybe you think the world we live in has changed. Have you ever thought that this world has never changed, it just allows you to see its original appearance? The darkness of the deep sea becomes the brightest place in the blink of an eye, but when you turn on the light to the brightest, what you see is the darkest But often the darker the creatures, the more they want to possess the warmth and light that they should not have or never had With the sound of pong, the electronic instruments in the room kept playing along with the beating of the heart.
Cheng Yang closed his eyes and lay motionless on the bed.
At this time, what Cheng Yang heard in his mind was the most natural sound from all things in this world, but only Interspersed with unnatural electronic instruments in the middle, Cheng Yang can feel that he is in a small space at this time, and the response of electronic instruments is constantly washing away the surrounding walls, forming a sense of distance. At this moment, Cheng Yang really wants to open it. He looked around but couldn’t open his eyes as if they were filled with lead. Cheng Yang exhausted all his strength, but he was extremely anxious. He could feel that his body was out of control, and he desperately wanted to lie down.
When Cheng Yang was anxious, he suddenly heard the sound of boards being stepped on in the distance, and the sound was getting closer and closer, as if he was approaching his side, and soon the doorknob twitched There was the sound of bearings turning, and then the door squeaked.
At this moment, Cheng Yang heard that there was something wrong with the other party’s footsteps.
From the sound of the footsteps, he could basically tell that the person who came in at this time should be a cripple.
He touched the soles of his feet. The sound to the floor is one light and one heavy, and very regular. This pattern is not like walking out deliberately.
Suddenly, Cheng Yang’s hairs tightened.
He felt that the other party was approaching him, and then Cheng Yang felt that his hand was being picked up.
It seems like a handprint was pressed on something, but Cheng Yang can feel that he can’t hold on at this time, and he hasn’t waited for the person who came in to leave. With his spirit reaching the limit, Cheng Yang fell into a coma again.
I don’t know how long it has passed.
Cheng Yang seemed to hear someone calling him with a weak voice, he seemed to see the light, Cheng Yang slowly opened his eyes, the gentle light shone on Cheng Yang’s eyes, and the surroundings of Cheng Yang’s eyes gradually changed from blurred to clear, the whole room was covered in dark yellow surrounded by lights The curtains on the side were also pulled tightly. After looking around for a week, Cheng Yang did not find a single object to tell the time. What time is it and where is he? Why is he here? These are the things Cheng Yang wants to know the most. Cheng Yang slowly raised his hand, only to find that his body was covered with bandages. He wanted to get off the bed, but found that he couldn’t move at all, and he couldn’t even lift his legs. Cheng Yang was in a panic. Constantly looking around, there was a low growl in the throat, and the eyes gradually began to fill with bloodshot eyes.
Just when Cheng Yang was about to lose control, the door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and there was a burst of hurried footsteps counting quickly.
A doctor came to the room and held down Cheng Yang, then Cheng Yang felt a pain in his arm, and then he disappeared. The mental patient has stabilized.
You contact Professor Feng Chun and he said that the patient has woken up. The doctor at the front said Cheng Yang Yang naturally heard the other party’s speech.
He knew who Feng Chun was, but it might be a problem with the medicine.
Cheng Yang fell asleep again and woke up again. Cheng Yang saw a person sitting on the sofa opposite his bed. This is exactly what the doctor mentioned just now, Feng Chun, don’t talk, your health is very bad. Feng Chun saw Cheng Yang wake up and said, Cheng Yang’s eyes were fixed on Feng Chun, and he hoped that he could learn something else from his mouth. News Feng Chun looked at Cheng Yang, his eyes were silent, he didn’t know how to tell Cheng Yang, looking at the silent Feng Chun, Cheng Yang was more anxious at this moment, Cheng Yang, we have known each other for many years, but this time you may have to have a mentality After finishing speaking, Feng Chun picked up the file bag on the desktop, opened it, walked in front of Cheng Yang, shook the transmission shaft under the bed to make Cheng Yang sit up, then Feng Chun put the photos one by one on the bed, you have already passed out for two It was a week, when you were found lying on the road, you were almost on the verge of dying.
Feng Chun brought the two photos closer to Cheng Yang.
When he saw the photos, Cheng Yang froze for a moment, and then he thought about what he was going to do at that time. Yang originally wanted to meet his friends at the cafe across the street, but when he was crossing the road, he seemed to be hit by someone and then lost consciousness.
Cheng Yang wanted to ask Feng Chun why he fell to the ground, but he found himself There is no way to speak normally in your voice, you can only hear the hoarse and out-of-pitch voice, and you can’t speak for a while, don’t worry, you haven’t spoken for a while, your vocal cords need to recover slowly, but there is a lot Chances are you may need to sit in a wheelchair. Cheng Yang stared wide-eyed at Feng Chun, what is the concept of sitting in a wheelchair? Cheng Yang himself also understands very well that suddenly the door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and a man in a suit and leather shoes walked in. middle-aged man