It finally came out why you are still the same as before you only have your little sister and only your wife in your heart

Living together for half a year, she committed suicide many times without dying. For example, she took ten sleeping pills, cut a shallow knife on her wrist, left a slit in the window, and opened the gas. At first, I didn’t want her to die.
Later, she didn’t want to die. She just got used to threatening me with suicide.
I’m tired of it this time, it’s still the same, but I changed the trick and changed it to hang myself. I looked anxiously at the picture on WeChat.
A red rope was hanging down from the ceiling. She stood beside her and I ignored her. Ten minutes later, she sent another photo, her eyes half-opened, her hands holding the rope, her face pale like paper, the tip of her tongue sticking out, the circles of her eyes and the corners of her mouth had turned gray, and I was a little scared this time she seemed to be If it’s true, I’ll go home immediately, she’s gone, she’s packed everything up, it’s not in line with her character, according to common sense, if I break up with her, if she doesn’t smash all the things in the house, then everyone will know about it It’s not going to stop this time it’s too quiet and people are so cheap I’m supposed to be happy that she’s gone but I couldn’t resist going to her company and inquiring about it The people at the company said she just called and resigned I’m relieved now It’s best to get together and get away.
What I didn’t expect was that a week later, she called me to invite me to her wedding. I couldn’t understand why she was so close to me a few days ago, and she got married so quickly and broke up for a week. There are only two possibilities for her to get married. One is that she fell in love with someone at first sight and played a flash marriage.
The other is that I have already been cheated on. No matter how I analyze it, it looks like the second one.
Inviting me to the wedding is a demonstration to me.
She got married smoothly, and she just agreed with her surname. The other end immediately giggled and sent me a photo of a girl with fair skin, big tits, and very beautiful. She said it was her bridesmaid and introduced it to me to make up for her. The damage done to me and the fucking make up for the damage done to me It’s a solid case She gave me a cuckold I gritted my teeth and agreed I was really blind before She had a Chinese wedding at 8 o’clock in the evening It’s the Yuelai Hotel in the west of the city. According to our custom, the first wedding is at noon and the second wedding is at night. She is looking for a second wedding at eight o’clock.
The Yuelai Hotel in the west of the city made excuses and ran faster than a rabbit. In the end, I could only take the bus and there was a traffic jam. When I arrived at the hotel, it was almost nine o’clock.
I was stunned for a moment. The firecrackers are not set up.
The door is clean.
There is not even a hair. Even if it is a second marriage, the treatment is a little bit worse. Walk in.
There is no one at the front desk, but it is quite bright. The red lanterns are hung. But there is no one. I immediately called her, but she didn’t answer. I knocked on WeChat, but she didn’t reply. I searched twice around the three-story hotel, but I didn’t see anyone.
I immediately understood that she was playing tricks. I, I know, with her personality, this isn’t the end of it. I’m half dead. She’s never going to let it go. Just got home, and the phone rang. She called. Before I could say anything, she just taunted me and said that I didn’t even have the guts to attend my ex-girlfriend’s wedding.
She also said that the bridesmaid had waited for me for two hours and asked me if I was okay. The wedding ended so early and was an hour late, and no one was there.
She got excited again and said that I was cowardly and late on purpose. She also said that the bridesmaids liked me for a long time. If she planned to dedicate herself to me today, the more she said it, the worse it sounded, and she said it was a free gift. You don’t dare to ask me if I’m still a man, blood rushes to my head and she asks her to call the bridesmaids to see if I can get on, she sneers and says something to make me wait, then hangs up the phone, I feel wronged about marriage I didn’t make a fuss, but I was beaten up. I called back the phone again and wanted to break it up.
No, I called three times in a row, and it was like this.
The fourth time, the phone was turned off. At one o’clock, I washed up and lay down.
When I was drowsy, I heard the door slam, and there was a rustling sound of undressing, and then there was another person under the quilt, which was slippery and greasy, especially The pair of plump breasts stuck to my slightly cold lips and kissed my ear while muttering that she is my ex-girlfriend Liu Fei’s bridesmaid and that she has liked me for a long time, I froze all of a sudden I told her not to move, it’s not that I’m pretending to be a gentleman, but she climbed into my bed without seeing her, and how she opened the door.
She kissed me and whispered that the key was given to her by Liu Fei