It doesnt matter what you doodle and write The most important thing is to vent the emotions on the paper Finally I know I cant

The first chapter opens the dungeon, the system charging character panel has been opened, Bai Qi heard this system prompt, and was almost moved to tears Now that the system is awakened, let’s confirm it quickly.
Bai Qi opens the system page, his personal panel, and his name is mapped on the retina. This person’s panel is too simple, right? No talent, pets, warehouses, shopping malls, etc. have not yet been opened.
A month later, he still couldn’t escape his fate. The best result would be torn apart by monsters.
Just when he was wondering, the system prompt popped up whether to randomly generate a copy.
Sure enough, the system didn’t let him down. This copy should be The main function of the system, Bai Qi did not hesitate to directly select OK, and then the loading bar appeared on the system page, the loading was completed, a copy was generated, Ghoul Attack was running, and during the Ghoul Attack, Bai Qi felt that there was a flash in front of him before he had time to react.
He was pulled up by a strange force and plunged into the colorful vortex. After a dizzy spin, Bai Qi finally came back to his senses.
He was surprised to find that he was no longer on the bed, and now he was standing not far from the middle of a path. It’s a dilapidated village. I don’t know when the civilian clothes on his body have been replaced with leather armor that suits his body type. The system is really effective. Bai Qi is overjoyed and finally has hope for what will happen in a month’s time, but the most urgent thing is to make sure of himself.
Where is it? If I didn’t guess wrong, I should be somewhere similar to a dungeon. What should I do now? As soon as I had these thoughts in my mind, the system prompted a dungeon ghoul attack.
Get lost in a small wild village by mistake, kill ghouls and try to protect the villagers as much as possible to reward a training point.
After seeing this system description, the knowledge that Bai Qi has read in the classics slowly emerges. Ghouls have a dangerous level and are the lowest level of existence. The number of gregarious attributes is generally around to the left and right.
They are used to crawling on the ground and smell bad. If you get too close, you may even have difficulty breathing.
But how can a single ghoul endanger the villagers? A few ordinary people can gather together and hold weapons. It’s easy to expel this monster or even kill it. Don’t think about these ghouls. I should be able to take them down easily. Now enter the weapon selection link.
As the system sound sounds again, countless phantoms of weapons appear around Bai Qi’s body. It’s convenient for him to choose.
He turns slowly and counts carefully.
There are dozens of different weapons, but it’s useless to have so many. This is the only thing he has learned over the years With a bang, the phantom of the weapon turned into a solid body and fell into Bai Qi’s hands.
The ghoul attack began with the system’s order.
Bai Qi felt that a strange atmosphere around him was broken, as if time had begun to flow, and there was a breeze blowing on the path. A few screams came from the direction of the village.
The mission started. Bai Qi raised his half-sword in his hand and hurried towards the village to the dungeon, asking himself to protect the villagers, and now the monster might be killing people. It’s easy to rush to the village, Bai Qi is out of breath, his physique is already poor, the weight of this half-handed sword is heavier than he expected Looking at the woman fleeing in the village, this ghoul is blood-red and has a hideous and ugly face. It is thin and thin, like a corpse that has just died and resurrected. It is supported by four limbs, and it moves on the ground at an unreasonable speed. Seeing that he was about to catch up with the villagers, he burst into heart-piercing screams, subconsciously, Bai Qi rushed forward before he could adjust his breath and raised his sword.
Thinking about which thing is more delicious, the next moment it gave up on the chasing peasant woman and rushed towards Bai Qi.
Bai Qi clenched the hilt of the sword in his hand and said that it is impossible to say that he is not nervous.
This can be said to be the first time he has confronted a monster head-on. Usually, because of various problems, the instructor never let him practice against monsters, but the mere ghouls should be careful to deal with it, so it should be fine. With this in mind, Bai Qi made a counter attack posture. The ghouls are already approaching, and Bai Qi’s nose has already felt faint He subconsciously held his breath because of the stench, and now Bai Qi stepped forward suddenly and slashed out at the ghoul with the long sword in his hand.
The sound sounded like hitting rotten wood. His sword split the ghoul from the shoulder to the stomach. The ghoul roared fiercely, obviously the injury was serious, but Bai Qi was even more nervous and missed.
The sword had split it from the shoulder to the abdomen, and only a few pieces of meat were connected to the skin.
If it was a human, it would have been dead.
Can’t die anymore, but the ghoul is still alive and kicking.
Although the sword has seriously injured it, it is obviously far away from death.
Bai Qi clearly remembers that the heart and brain of the ghoul are vital.
The wound can also slowly recover on its own. The moment he just shot, he was too anxious to forget this knowledge point he had learned a long time ago. Bai Qi wanted to draw out the long sword and attack the ghoul to completely wipe it out, but before his body became weak for a while.
The running and flustering disrupted his breathing and made him lose his strength for a while.
The sword was cut deep enough and he couldn’t pull it out after pulling it out.
Instead, the ghoul rushed towards him.
The ghoul was seriously injured and fierce. Sex is more