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What is the needle of a hornet in Qingshekou more cruel than a heart? A sword crossing in a heart is ruthless than the deepest love. Section Lianhu sings softly.
In the early morning, the light mist like a light veil slowly gathers and separates on the surface of Jumo Lake, which is clear and waveless.
From far and near, there is the sound of enamel. A leaf light boat sails across the emerald-like lake, leaving behind undulating ripples, passing through the swaying lotus leaves. This piece of green color spans tens of miles.
The surface of the water is in the northern border of the Great Wu Dynasty, known as the Emerald of the Northern Territory.
It is close to the natural barrier of the Empire and the Demon Realm and Fengxuan Kingdom. The Kunlun Demon Realm and the Gobi Desert where the big monsters are haunted and bandits are rampant. The lotus leaves are green and the lotus stems are long. Picking a branch of white lotus root and her lover The little girl sitting in the bow of the boat picks a pink lotus flower with her hand, and pokes her white and tender hands like lotus root segments into the cool water of the lake outside the boat. The lotus flowers with crystal dewdrops reflect each other. She looks at the lotus leaves that seem to be connected to the sky.
She sings softly with a tender and melodious voice, like a young phoenix. Girls are able to hang out the folk tunes with lovers on their lips, so it is easy to think of a girl who is not pregnant, not to mention that on this foggy lake, there are naturally no old godmother girls who like gossip. The song is like a bird, the lotus flower and the lotus leaf are briskly shuttled back and forth Behind him is little Lolita’s father, that iron-tower-like black man who is shaking the oars, and will tell those unruly apprentices what it means to be able to see from a distance with his fist the size of a sand bowl Don’t play with young men, or even maliciously conjecture.
Ailian said that Zhou Dada, who wrote this famous story through the ages, may have had to change from a job with no technical content as a flower picker to expressing food in words under the education of such a hero. Not talking about grapes, talking about sour grapes, Ouba created a line of Confucianism, the famous Zhu Zi, an old ashes, carried it forward until a certain master named Wang Yangming no longer concealed it, and openly stated that the heart is not as good as the action. The unity of knowledge and action Confucianism Only then did I officially click on the coveted girl-stalking skills, Jin Ping Mei, an oil seller, monopolizing the oiran, flirting with Jia Mu, a girl, a dream of Red Mansions, goblin fights, and other professional terms came into being Come here, the voiceless body is soft and easy to overthrow. Uh, cough, the young man Xiaobai felt inexplicably that the style of painting had changed suddenly. What the hell is Xiaobai? Of course the young man will not explain that Xiaobai is the exclusive term for a little dog raised by a brat who likes to show his butt The scene was upgraded to Lotus.
In her opinion, the title of brother is naturally better than Brother Xiaobai got closer to the young man, his expression became weird for a moment, and it was so embarrassing to be given flowers by a girl The young man’s shameful plagiarism and falsification came from behind him. A hearty laugh came from behind. The terrifying lung capacity shook the boat slightly. That muscular black man didn’t seem to mind his daughter’s relationship with Xi Something happened to Xiaolang of the Li family, a big family in Yanzhen. The young man’s compliments and father’s laughter made the little loli Yinger seem to realize what had happened, her cheeks flushed and she lowered her head shyly. Which girl wouldn’t be pregnant? The young man’s laughter fell into the ears of the young man, full of malice like a big bad wolf staring at a little white rabbit, secretly rejoicing in his heart. Fortunately, he is not a casual person, otherwise he must be with the people in the lake right now. Fish and shrimp compete for the Olympic swimming gold medal together.
Just rely on your own bum. The probability of swimming to the shore is lower than the probability of buying a big bull stock. Xiaolang, how could you run to the bottom of Kunlun Mountain, where monsters are infested? Even if you are the most daring hunter He didn’t dare to go there.
Boss Bai borrowed a word to cover up his daughter’s embarrassment at the beginning of love. He really is a witty father.
These two days, the house slaves and farmers of the Li family, the most powerful family in the town, are running around like headless chickens. Even the usually lazy detectives followed the county lieutenant to search around with an iron ruler in one hand, an iron chain in one hand, and red eyes. It seemed that no one seemed like a good person.
The entire Xiyan Town and the dozen or so Zhuangzi in the vicinity were tossing around, especially the bonus for finding a child from Li Jiaxuan, which made many people involuntarily excited and took action. Boss Bai, who had no interest in participating in it before, accidentally found out that the neighbors The boat of Wang Laoliu’s family disappeared, so he guessed that it might have been rowed out by the Li family’s young man, and immediately took his daughter to drive his own boat to search along the lake.
In the future, a good family will no longer have to fish hard on Jumo Lake with me.
Fortunately, at sunset, the father and daughter found a small boat on the other side of Jumo Lake.
Wang Laoliu’s lost fishing boat, but I don’t know what kind of terrible experience he has encountered.
The hull is almost torn apart, and there is no way to carry people to support it to the shore. Thank God to see the boat like this. Lang has already encountered an accident. It is not surprising to know that on the other side of Jumo Lake is at the foot of Kunlun Mountain. There are man-eating monsters infested.
He was thinking of cleaning up the corpses for Xiaolang of the Li family.
Boss Bai held a torch