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Chapter 1 Destiny begins, rushing, rushing, piercing sound, when Lu Xiaoou becomes conscious, his mind is empty, cleaner than gluttonous licking, and the blank world slowly appears a little black and begins to spread, a little black at first, and then It’s red, slowly it’s green, and after a while, a colorful world came into being.
Lu Xiaoou finally remembered what happened. The man who has never held the hand of a beautiful woman is a magician who is a typical example of love failure.
He is really too successful. He was originally hiding in the toilet and brushing a round of pesticide rankings. It just exploded suddenly My mobile phone is not Bangzi Guo Samsung This is the last thought in Lu Xiaoou’s mind, but before the thought is finished, his mind goes blank Lu Xiaoou was brought back to consciousness by a piercing pain. Now he is not in a daze to remember. He opened his eyes. Lu Xiaoou was startled by everything in front of him.
His big grinning mouth couldn’t even close the green water plants. The small fish, the dark blue liquid, and everything explained to Lu Xiaoou that it is in the water, and it is very likely in the sea. He wouldn’t choke on the water when he opened his mouth, and a sharp pain forced Lu Xiaoou to lower his head, only to find that a few burr-covered claws deeply pierced him into the flesh around the thorns.
Lu Xiaoou subconsciously began to struggle, but it’s a pity Apart from being tighter, it doesn’t have any effect.
What kind of animal is such a big claw? A sea creature with a length of several meters, and Lu Xiaoou was held tightly by the claws on the belly of this sea creature, as if hugging the sea creature with claws.
With limited ocean knowledge, Lu Xiaoou felt that this kind of fish was too weird, suddenly strange.
The fish tail swiped and swam quickly, then struggled violently, stirred up the water, and rolled up a waterspout, the bottom of the river was filled with earth-shaking claws, and the road was opened. Xiaoou was almost thrown out.
Through the muddy waterway, Xiaoou vaguely saw a tree. If something like a silver fishing line is thrown to the bottom of the river, even with his half-baked swimming ability, he won’t be able to swim up. Lu Xiaoou gritted his teeth and refused to do anything.
Going in the direction of the line pulling, the strange fish’s rapid ascent speed made Lu Xiaoou unable to open his eyes and endured it until the moment he felt the water break through, he was slightly relieved. There was a loud bang. The moment he opened his eyes, his eyes were full of entanglement, the huge roots and the green color fell to the ground with a sound. Along with the sound, Lu Xiaoou saw a green body all over his body.
Lu Xiaoou didn’t have time to sort out the current situation, feeling the burr pierced deeper into the flesh, and subconsciously struggled, but it was useless. Hey, someone only heard a crisp voice with some doubts.
There was a sound, and then there were a few clicks.
Lu Xiaoou felt his whole body loosen and rolled to the side involuntarily. He didn’t feel anything wrong. The first thing Lu Xiaoou saw was a mouthful of extremely sharp teeth, which were much stronger than shark teeth. Fortunately, I just got caught but didn’t get bitten to save face.
Lu Xiaoou muttered to himself, who are you and why were you caught with the kingfish? Did you go directly into the sea to catch the kingfish? It sounded in his ears again.
Lu Xiaoou raised his eyes and saw a 12-year-old boy looking at him curiously with a pair of golden eyes, with admiration on his face.
Get up and look at this boy who is comparable to Wukong in Dragon Ball, completely confused The teenager always has a bad premonition in his heart. He is dressed in green, including his boots.
His hairstyle looks familiar, but the more familiar he looks, the stronger the bad premonition.
You are Lu Xiaoou.
He speaks fluent Japanese.
It’s so scary. Hello, I’m Xiaojie.
Did your aunt tell you to catch the kingfish before you can take the hunter test? But why haven’t I seen you in Whale Island? Checked each other’s height and asked Road Xiaoou heard that Xiaojie Whale Island has no love in life, and the words of the hunter exam are completely the last straw that overwhelms the camel. The hunter with a very high death rate really can’t see a little light at all Lu Xiaoou’s heart is boiling, knowing that the emotions of time travel and other emotions are mixed in his mind, it is completely mixed, looking at the enthusiastic Xiaojie Lu Xiaoou really should or shouldn’t It’s not that what makes Lu Xiaoou give up is that Xiaojie’s gesture of height just now has already been seen by him. It’s unbelievable that he is actually a little shorter than Xiaojie. It seems that he is wearing a soul, not a physical body. It’s unscientific to wear it but shorter than Xiaojie. Doesn’t that mean he’s as tall as Shorty Ya? It’s clearly Xiaojie’s hairstyle soaring into the sky.
Xiaojie glanced at Lu Xiaoou and then at the kingfish on the ground. He has already identified Lu Xiaoou It’s going down the river to catch fish, so the question of the kingfish’s ownership is obvious, but it’s already the sixth day of the agreement, Xiaojie is a little hesitant and doesn’t know what to say