Isnt this the old man Said this is my last belief you are here to stop me Wang Gan blinked his eyes and asked why

Underground Nine Springs Netherworld Punishment Wang Gan was unexpectedly reborn in the world of Liaozhai Chapter Chapter Taoist Xiaogan, Jieshou Shunchang A dark-skinned middle-aged man burned paper in front of the mourning hall, kowtowed three heads, got up and knelt by the side, wearing sackcloth and filial piety Wang Qian said that Wang Qian returned the gift, and the corner of his mouth showed a expression of crying or laughing. I know, Uncle Li, thank you for coming here, and then he recovered his dull expression.
Beside Wang Gan, there was a ten-year-old man kneeling on his knees. This is Wang Qian’s younger brother, Wang Kun. He clumsily repeated Wang Qian’s actions without saying a word. Uncle Li looked at Wang Kun, who was full of anxiety and confusion, sighed, turned around and left the mourning hall to help greet the people in the yard. The guest made a crime, Mr. Wang, what a good person, how can he just leave? Poor brother, the Wang family brother is only thirteen years old, how will he live in the future? The younger brother just passed the child birth test a few days ago, and he was still the first. I came here for a drink, I didn’t expect Mr.
Wang to leave just a few days later, what are you talking about in front of the children? A few people drove Wang Qian away, and now he is very confused and doesn’t know what to do next. His mother died of dystocia when Wang Kun was born, and now it’s only a few years later.
In the past, it was all supported by the prince who was a scholar, relying on writing letters to the children in the village for enlightenment, couplets, etc.
, barely getting by The people in the village are afraid that they will not produce a Mi brother for several years.
Wang Kun tightly grasps Wang Gan’s sleeve. Wang Gan glances at his brother and knows what he wants to say.
Well, Wang Kun nodded emphatically, as if he was strengthening his confidence in his brother, and the anxiety on his face eased a little. Wang Gan reached into his arms and touched the book next to his body. He was concerned about his confidence.
This letter was held by his father before he died.
He was an old friend of Father Wang’s classmate. The letter mentioned emphatically that Wang Kun hopes that his old classmate can help his son enter the county school.
Wang Kun and Wang Gan are different from natural readers. Although Wang Qian of material has been a man for two generations, he has no feeling for the classics and Shi Ziyi of this era.
When he was a child, he was praised for being sensible and sensible, and then soon disappeared from everyone. Hey, what are you doing, Taoist, blocking the door There was a commotion at the gate of the courtyard. Wang Gan looked across the crowd and saw a cyan corner of his clothes through the gap. He really wanted to see what happened, but according to the rules, filial sons are not allowed to leave the mourning hall.
It was in the toilet in the next room, but the Wang family moved here later, unaccompanied.
These things were handled by the neighbor, Uncle Li. Not long after, the dispute at the door came to fruition.
The Taoist priest seemed to be driven away.
What happened to Uncle Li? Uncle Li who came over asked if there was anything Daoist Fang talked nonsense and I chased him away.
Uncle Li’s anger still remained on his face. He probably thought he was cheating on food and drink. On the one hand, he firmly believes in the theory of ghosts and gods, on the other hand, he has mixed opinions on Taoist priests and warlocks, but then again, most of these people are liars. It’s almost night time. This is the first and last night of the wake. Normally, it should be held for seven to forty-nine days, but that’s something only big families can do. Ordinary families don’t wait for the king’s father tomorrow for one to three days.
The spirit is going to be buried.
This is the time calculated by the blind fortune-teller at the west end of the village. When it is around Xu time, the guests who came to express their condolences have dispersed one after another.
Only a few nearby houses are left in this messy courtyard. After the noise is gone, the moon is like frost.
Although it is a hot summer day, Wang Gan felt a piercing chill for no reason.
If Xiaogan and Xiaokun are tired, take a break. Those people have all left, and the rest have left, only Uncle Li remains here. Said that Wang Gan just wanted to say something but heard Wang Kun mumbling beside him Dao brother, my knee hurts Wang Gan sighed and didn’t insist on anything anymore Pulled him to stand up helped him rub his knees and said softly Dao En then get up, Uncle Li The firewood room took some thatch and made a simple floor bunk in the mourning hall. You can sleep here for a while. I will tell you that Uncle Li is a little worried.
These two children are here alone to watch the night and decided to stay here to accompany them for the night. Thank you, Li.
Uncle Wanggan is full of gratitude in his heart. Uncle Li has been in charge of everything since the death of the prince’s father, otherwise he really doesn’t know what to do. Thank you for saying that Wang Qian pulled Wang Kun to kneel down and kowtowed heavily at Uncle Li.
Uncle Li hurriedly stepped forward to help the two of them up, half blaming them, asking what are you doing? Quite a few of them asked Wang Kun to go to bed first, and he chatted with Uncle Li there, Xiaogan, what are you guys going to do in the future? Uncle Li nodded at Kunjin County School, En Xiaokun, this child is a Wenqu star in the sky, and after he descends to earth, he will definitely be admitted to be the number one scholar and become a high official, but it can’t delay En Wangqian responded in a low voice, then what about you, Uncle Li changed the subject Asked me, Wang Gan paused for a moment. I don’t know.
I don’t know how to farm. Apart from knowing a few characters, I’m going to sell a few acres of Susukida at home.
I’ll go to the county town with Xiaokun to find a job there, and it’s convenient to take care of Xiaokun nearby. Uncle Kun Li was startled, this is impossible