Isn’t this the characteristic of haunted houses Di Shaoxuan looked indifferent You dont care you can see clearly except for the red mark just now

It’s so cold, little brother, come and stay with me, please don’t go, little brother, look at me, in this dark and gloomy corridor, a young man appeared there alone, and from time to time, a miserable voice came out from his ear, deep and deep The corridor seems to have no end, and the darkness enveloped his surroundings.
Except for the miserable sound, there is only the beating of the boy’s heartbeat, and the ethereal and miserable voice comes from all directions and angles intermittently, making people confused. His legs were trembling and he wished he would faint to death immediately, rather than suffering here, but the more he feared, the more he became sober, and he could only stand there in a dilemma, hee hee, little brother, are you afraid? From Rong Ye’s point of view, this seemed to be a death talisman.
From time to time in the silent corridor, the woman’s shrill and intermittent voice could be heard, which made Rong Ye, a staunch materialist, feel a burst of collapse. At this moment, Rong Ye suddenly felt himself The shoulder was patted heavily, and the next moment Rong Ye suddenly opened his eyes. The crystal lamp on the ceiling emitted a bright light.
Although the light is dazzling, in Rong Ye’s eyes, it is obviously a life-saving straw.
Rong Ye, take it easy. It took a long time to finally wake up and see everything around him before he could react.
Now he is in a famous haunted villa with his little brother Di Shaoxuan.
If you say why the two of them appear in this haunted villa, the reason is Because there was a publicity that it was a sunny and sunny day, Di Shaoxuan excitedly took a leaflet and mysteriously pulled Rong Ye to a corner where no one was around, just when Rong Ye thought that he was going to reveal some secret when he was young He suddenly showed himself his new discovery, Yunze Villa. Isn’t this the most famous haunted place in Yundu? Annoying me, I don’t believe these Rong Ye impatiently waved his hands and turned his head, wanting to leave brother Rong, look down, wait, look down, Di Shaoxuan has quick eyes and hands, quickly grabs Rong Ye’s sleeve and pulls Rong hard Ye looked down, Rong Ye glanced at the leaflet, his eyes widened instantly, it said that if anyone can survive one night in Yunze Villa, they can get a bounty of 330,000, brother Rong Di Shaoxuan is exaggerating He stretched out his hand in front of Rong Ye and compared a three. What a great opportunity! Rong Ye also suddenly became interested. Isn’t the haunted house just a rumor? Where do ghosts come from in this world? As a staunch atheist, Rong Ye naturally chose this challenge to Di Shaoxuan, I believe you are a ghost, it is clearly because of the 30,000 yuan, okay? This is why Rong Ye and Di Shaoxuan appeared in this villa The reason is Brother Rong, you are having a nightmare. Di Shaoxuan looked at Rong Ye suspiciously.
Rong Ye wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.
He felt a little cold for no reason.
He shivered and asked Xuanzi, do you think this villa It seems that something is really wrong, it is very wrong Jiner Di Shaoxuan looked at Rong Ye with a serious face, Rong Ye’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, looking forward to Di Shaoxuan’s next words, this villa is too luxurious, right? Di Shaoxuan then said that no one has come here for so many years. It’s still so rich, it’s not too good, Rong Ye, don’t you think it’s strange? For so many years, no one would put so much food here. Rong Ye didn’t give up, and then reminded, of course, it’s the initiator of the mission. Di Shaoxuan rolled his eyes and it’s only natural.
It seems that there is no problem with Rong Ye saying that.
Wait, Brother Rong, are you afraid? Di Shaoxuan looked at Rong Ye with a puzzled face. The suspicion in Rong Ye’s eyes made Rong Ye feel a little uncomfortable.
How could you, Brother Rong, be afraid? Rong Ye tried to refute that I am a firm atheist. Believe in materialism. Don’t be casual! Brother Di Shaoxuan who Ye sent away with a loud voice, are you really okay? In the dark, Di Shaoxuan weakly asked, “No, it’s okay.” From Di Shaoxuan’s direction, Rong Ye, who was frightened again, what the hell? When Di Shaoxuan was waving the flashlight, Rong Ye saw a woman in white in a trance.
She had long hair, and her unkempt hair was flying wildly in the air.
She was wearing a white dress.
It’s stained with something, there’s a big shadow, it’s probably blood, right? Rong Ye thinks of Rong Ye, it’s so exciting, what’s the matter? Di Shaoxuan looked at Rong Ye in bewilderment, wondering why his brother was so abnormal all of a sudden.
Rong Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked helplessly at the woman in white who suddenly appeared.
She lowered her head and Rong Ye couldn’t see her face clearly.
At this moment, the woman suddenly raised her head slowly, as if trying to hide her face all the time.
The face under the hair is exposed, it’s getting closer, it’s getting closer, you can see it soon, just at this critical moment, Di Shaoxuan suddenly removed the flashlight, Rong Ye did a good job, when Di Shaoxuan got close to Rong Ye Rong Ye suddenly snatched the flashlight in his hand with lightning speed. Di Shaoxuan Rong Ye quickly took a picture of the place just now, but found that there was nothing there.
Why did Brother Rong shut up strangely all night? Rong Ye suddenly broke out. He rudely pulled Di Shaoxuan and walked towards the gate of the villa impatiently. Goodbye, brother, this is 30,000 yuan