Isnt this expecting him to die A mouthful of anger instantly came from above he tremblingly pointed at Queen Xie and the others and shouted

In the research institute’s room with the smell of alcohol and disinfectant, Zhao Xu was lying quietly on the operating table.
After confirming that he was unemployed at the beginning of the year, he set up a street stall and delivered food to make a living.
Half a year ago, he found a new job, but on the day he entered the job, a car crashed out of control.
When he woke up from the hospital, the doctor told him that he was a high paraplegia, only his head was left to move, and he agreed with his old girlfriend who only visited him once after hearing the news.
Just then he got an offer from the biochip research team to take part in their experiment with the possibility of regaining his health and gaining additional benefits at the cost of a very high failure rate and the result of failure is death for such crap He naturally didn’t believe it, but he agreed. After all, the rest of his life was boring. The operation began to push in the anesthetic, implanted the chip, the chip was implanted, successfully connected to the brain nerve, and the data transmission reported overload warning. Can’t you bear the knowledge of this biochip? Dasong Yanzhou Yan County Yancheng Mao Shi even beat the servants and maidservants in Yanwang’s mansion to get busy Last night Yanwang went crazy again and said a lot of crazy things A maidservant under the willow tree sees four No one secretly gossips with a servant, Ding stretched his neck, what kind of crazy talk? My legs can move, and my hands can move too.
Am I dreaming? Is it wrong? I have time-traveled. Who am I now? Crazy talk, even he forgot who he was, didn’t he even forget Feng’er and Luan’er Thinking of them, I just feel sorry for Feng’er and Luan’er, who are like flowers.
Their bodies are given to such a crazy and stupid prince.
The housekeeper holds the maid’s hand in a guilty conscience, and you are the only one in my heart. The maid snorted, but she was vicious because of jealousy. Blame their bad luck.
Zhang Wangfu went to the backyard alone just now. I don’t know if he can succeed this time.
The beastman Ding spat in the bedroom in the backyard of the Wangfu. Zhao Xu sat on the bed.
When he just woke up, he suspected that he was in a dream, but after being smoked in the middle of the night, he merged with the memory of this body. He finally confirmed that he had passed through with the same name as him. The owner of this body is also called Zhao Xu, but his identity is Da Song. In my memory, the ninth prince was often bullied by other princes in the capital There were rumors in the palace that the Ninth Prince was an ominous person.
The emperor’s dragon body was in trouble because he committed an offense against the Emperor Star.
The way to get rid of the bad luck was to expel him from the capital and send him to the north. Emperor Zhao Heng had many heirs. The foolish prince rumored that although he half-believed, he finally fell in love, so he completely disliked him and just named him Yan according to the imperial ancestral system. The king drew the most dilapidated fiefdom in Yanzhou, gave him some random officials from the palace, and ordered a man named Zhang Han to serve as the prince of the palace to assist him when he left Beijing to go to the fief.
This Zhang Han is just a street rogue.
Seeing that Zhao Xu was crazy and stupid, his mother had a low status in the palace and couldn’t support him. This Zhang Han’s nature was exposed. After arriving in Yan County, he locked Zhao Xu up, under the pretense of preventing the King of Yan from going crazy and hurting others.
The power of Yan County was even more interested in his personal maid, but because Feng’er had a strong temper, every time he fought against Zhang Han with death, he was afraid of causing death, so he had to give up, but Zhang Han often coaxed the two of them to make them submit. These are Feng’er When I secretly came to see Zhao Xu, what Zhao Heng said was crazy and stupid, of course I couldn’t understand these Feng’er and Luan’er could only weep sadly, but these scenes were inherited by him. The sound of footsteps broke Zhao Xu’s memories every day.
The servant of the palace who delivered the breakfast arrived at the door and held the inkstone on the table in his hand. He dodged and hid behind the door.
In his memory, the door of the dormitory would only be opened when delivering the meal. Every time Zhao Xu ran out, he would be caught by the servant arranged by Zhang Han. Going back, now he is still a prince after transmigrating, how can he be locked up like a lunatic until he dies? The door creaked open, and a servant in Tsing Yi came in.
Where did the idiot go? The servant’s obscene smile froze on his face, he straightened up and raised the inkstone in his hand, Zhao Xu spat from today onwards, I’m the king of Yan, suddenly remembered what the servant said, he said inwardly, little maids Feng’er and Luan’er seem to have dangerous memories at the moment Li Feng’er and Luan’er were in charge of serving Zhao Xu since they were young Zhao Xu was crazy and stupid, the two of them didn’t take care of them like other palace people Zhao Xu still took good care of them, but Zhang Han isolated them from him after they came to the fief It’s the opposite of the sky, Zhao Xu was furious and quickly walked out of the dormitory, he went straight to the wing where Feng’er and Luan’er lived, it was less than 30 meters diagonally opposite the dormitory, at this moment he heard Zhang Han’s voice, Feng’er and Luan’er, don’t you guys? I really want to guard myself like a jade for this crazy king. Zhang Han’s words are rampant and tell you that today, this king will not leave, even if you use force, you will be the people of this king. You bastard, how dare you be so frivolous? Commander Chang Pingping Li Fenger scolded angrily Do you think you are going out? I advise you to obey me obediently, otherwise you will be sold to the brothel.
How dare you sister Fenger’s voice is trembling Luaner is almost crying Luaner who knows current affairs For Junjie