Isn’t that petite old man not far away is my mother Huang Lianying didnt know whether to call or not she was seen by Grandma

I bought everything.
Tell me about what you have after being married for so many years.
You have given everything to others. There were quarrels again. For a family in the early 1900s, this kind of quarrel seems normal The progress is still money, rice, oil, salt, and a bowl of minced meat powder. It seems to be very good in the era, but there are many unrealistic ideas in these so-called good things, such as taking the current salary to go back to the era. Consumption and the like Jiang Zheng is the fourth generation in this family, of course it is the fourth generation in the existing genealogy of the family, as there is no record in the previous genealogy, and even no one in the younger generation knows why Jiang Zheng is still young and lying on the bed The children who looked at the children for a few months with their eyes raised were just curious. When the parents were over there because of the money, Jiang Zheng was gesticulating, but Jiang Zheng laughed and thought it seemed interesting.
During the quarrel, Jiang Zheng fell asleep and woke up. The time has come. In the strange environment, there is a dark smell around. It is no longer the bright house.
There is no mother around. The house is a single-room big house divided into upper and lower floors.
On the roof of the single room on the lower floor, there is a layer of corn cores, that is, the remaining part of the corn cobs after removing the corn kernels, and the upper part is the main beam and some beams to build the house. This is a large tile-faced house that is common in rural Guizhou. Both the Han and Miao people use this structure to build their houses. If you look down from the top of the mountain, you will see blue and black tiles and some courtyard walls that cross the chest, which have an ancient charm.
Jiang’s hut is not in the village.
It’s not a big yard, but outside the yard is a vegetable field of a fraction of the square meter. There are two solitary graves beside the garden, one is on the left, in a narrow bamboo grove, and the other is on the upper left of the house.
The plum behind the pigsty is a small, round fruit with green skin and a crispy texture when it’s ripe. Under the tree, you spend a day looking for footprints.
You don’t care about what’s in the house.
You think you can get a little retirement salary a month and you’ll be fine. Have a good time, right? It’s not an old lady’s hands and feet. An old woman’s voice was talking outside the house, but no one answered, but footsteps came into the house. Wake up, where are your parents? There was a sound next to Zheng’s ear, the little guy rolled his eyes and looked at a face with a short white beard, and it seemed that he also knew that this person stretched out his little hands, screamed and kicked his legs, watching the little guy deny his life The old man was also very happy to pick up Jiang Zheng. He woke up and didn’t make trouble alone.
He shook his forehead against his little head and heard a happy laugh.
He came out with Jiang Zheng in his arms. I said you are an old dog.
As soon as I came in, I hid in the house. The old lady was a little dissatisfied. What kind of children would you bring? As she said that, she reached out and wanted to take the old man away, but she had no choice but to pass it over.
Running away one by one, no good old woman People said that they turned their hands and looked at the diaper.
It looked clean, so I was satisfied. I closed it and cooked.
I went to see his father. When I got home, I went there again to find the dead man’s ball.
After eating, I hugged Jiang Zheng while drinking. The old man who left the house was Jiang Zheng’s grandfather, an old veteran who joined the army in the year when the People’s Republic of China was founded. He has been serving in Yunnan for more than a year. After retiring from the army, he arranged to work in the city until he retired.
Head to the kitchen to light the fire and cook, but there was no kitchen at that time, so I like to call the old lady in the kitchen to go out with the baby in her arms, and then go along the small road to the entrance of the village to see the main road, pass by the door of several houses, and there is nowhere to hide Your father is the kind of old lady who doesn’t know how to ask about life and death after going out for a few years, and it’s the same when your father grows up.
The old lady who has no family cares came to the village intersection, Mrs. Hu, Mrs. Hu. People’s voices can be heard from the house. The small courtyard is not big, but the courtyard wall built with bluestone looks more delicate.
Next to the courtyard is a huge pear tree. At this moment, when the pears are bearing fruit, there are only pears hanging on the tree. The size of Xiao Jiang Zheng’s fist, I said, is the woman who came to play in the house.
She is a little short and slightly higher than the courtyard wall. The round face indicates that the young life is going well.
I’m here to ask, you see. My son and daughter-in-law didn’t come back when no one came back. The baby was left on the head of the house and no one saw me.
I just came back from the ground.
Oh, I didn’t notice. I’ve been panning for gold beans on the head of the house. Jokingly said, the eldest son’s family looks like his mother, the old woman replied, I went to the pond and river to see, and when I got home, I didn’t have a house, it looked like my mother, my baby was blessed, Madam Hu said you go, I’ll go After cleaning the golden beans, I rushed to the market the day after and got some to sell. After finishing talking, I went back to the house. The old woman carried the child and walked along the road to the pond and river.
On the left side of the road are some paddy fields, and inside are some green rice. On the right side are some scattered households, mixed with some vegetable gardens.
The road is not far away, only a few hundred meters away.
The road is a bit difficult to walk. The road made of yellow mud mixed with stones and some stones protrude from the ground. Small cloth shoes Walking on the road, you will still feel the soles of your feet. If you don’t pay attention, you will fall in danger. Therefore, people walking on this road will always turn around on the road or take different steps. In fact, they don’t want to step on stones, ponds and rivers. In fact, it is not a river, but Guizhou has a lot of water and shallow water. Only places that are too narrow will be called ditches.
Others with a width of more than one meter will be called rivers. This pond.
The river is water blocked by manpower with stones and cement fences.
The single name of the pond is a pond or a ditch, which is a bit ugly, so the word “river” is added.