Isnt it that she trembled all over and couldnt even finish her sentence so you dont hate me She looked at him in addition to

If you still can’t eat it, how can you swallow this breath? There are manuscripts saved every day.
Puppy blood and fake eggs.
In short, a thousand words and a sentence.
I, Hu Hansan, are back again. Willing to play a supporting role Other aunts and nephews Pseudo-egg Lun dog blood Ding kiln Flowers Plum vase Jun kiln Pan official kiln Huakou Pan Longquan kiln Soul vase This is the blue and white ghost valley downhill pot God that is willing to burst into tears This is really poor literature and art Three generations of archaeology Ruin a life! Last month, she sent her a message about a private collection of ceramics in London not long after her retreat.
She willingly curled her lips in disdain. There are at most one or two treasures in her private collection.
Besides, there are not many ceramics that she has never seen. Why bother to travel from Portsmouth to London? Now that the traveling exhibition has arrived at home, she is willing but arrogant. Even a small city like Portsmouth has come to the exhibition, so this exhibition must have nothing good, so she embraced it. Let’s go out for a walk to bask in the sun with an arrogant attitude. Now that I’m out, I’m really regretful. Not to mention Sanguan, even her paper that is about to be completed will be overturned.
Among the 79 pieces of Ru kiln porcelain in the world, except for the domestic ones.
Except forty-four pieces, the rest are in the hands of museums and private collectors in various countries.
If she counted correctly, there are more than twenty pieces here.
She leaned on the wall with one hand and shook it tremblingly.
I had time to take a look at the flyer.
I didn’t expect that this unknown collector who bought all the expensive porcelain scattered all over the world and toured the world was still her compatriot.
She is really a patriotic model with roots. I am willing to be generous in my mind.
He sketched a Chinese character face for him, with crouching silkworm brows, dragon eyes, and tiger eyes. He set up the tripod, twisted off the lens cover, bent his knees to focus, and as soon as her fingertips pressed the shutter, what followed was not a clear click.
It’s the rapid alarm bell, zero zero zero zero zero alarm bell ringing loudly, causing all the exhibitors to look around in panic The black-clothed bodyguard who came out made her realize that archeology and ceramics are really killing people.
He picked up the camera and ran away.
With his shrewd and rigorous style, all safe exits must be impossible.
The only hope is to push the girl away. In the utility room in the bathroom, she stepped on the bucket mopping the floor neatly, pushed open the window, and struggled to squeeze her petite upper body out, and then she heard an all-too-familiar voice.
Gan Ruan immediately froze and raised his head tremblingly to face the handsome face with a sneer. Hey little aunt, the handsome young man greeted her softly. Hey, she licked her dry lips and opened her mouth. Although it was embarrassing, it would be better if she didn’t open her mouth.
It’s embarrassing, what a coincidence, you also came to see the exhibition.
The things in this exhibition are indeed very good. Thank you for your praise.
everything It’s mine. He narrowed his eyes and added a sentence, of course including you. Obviously, the last sentence is very lethal.
She quickly twisted her body and struggled outwards in an attempt to reverse the adversity. I can come out soon. Hey hey hey you Do you think I opened this exhibition just to let you do escape training? Gu Shuangcheng’s smile didn’t change, it became brighter, she immediately stayed away, she knew that she shouldn’t go out to bask in the sun to see her annoyed, with a heartbroken face, he picked it Eyebrows, why are you so reluctant like I want to kidnap you? Isn’t she looking angrily? She only blamed herself for a mistake and hated it for a long time. Now that she’s a prisoner, it’s hard for her to admit that she’s willing.
He seems extraordinarily open-minded. Oh, that’s not okay, you’re my little aunt, how can I force you? He coughed lightly as he said, Li Tezhu, who was standing by the side, patted his hands, and before he waited for a moment, someone carefully took out a Yuan blue and white flower and handed it to him. He frowned slightly in front of him, Li Tezhu hurriedly handed over brand new white gloves, he slowly put on the gloves before taking the things, and shook at someone hanging in midair, little aunt, look, why don’t you come down? If it goes on like this, it’s fair trade, it’s not forced, right? I’m willing to twitch.
He must be joking.
This is Yuan Qinghua.
Looking at her expression, he is slightly suspicious.
He makes a smile and his fingertips loosen.
When she subconsciously closes her eyes and then opens them again.
All I saw was a piece of shards, including her heart, and she couldn’t pick it up. At that time, someone had already taken another Geyao disc and smiled at her affectionately.
When you now, even the shards are gone, the floor is full. I haven’t seen him for two years. Gu Erye’s degree of perversion is only increasing, or is it increasing in a flat manner.
The stubborn little aunt still hasn’t let go.
The perverted second nephew is unhappy, frowning. A Ru kiln round wash was immediately presented. When I came up, my aunt was dumbfounded, my second nephew was so proud of me, I was so confused, how could I forget that these dingy ones are my aunt’s favorite? Isn’t this dingy? She gritted her teeth and squeezed out a sentence.
The light blue round wash in the hands of the circle is pretending to be surprised, isn’t it? I remember that the Ru kiln is made of incense ash, so it seems that I have to knock it open for inspection. A bright halo was reflected on the face, Gu Shuangcheng counted you lengthened the phantom, turned into an alley, and stopped Going in, Huh, I said a long time ago that I couldn’t drive in.
I’m willing to squint him.
Looking at Gu Erye, she felt like a villain, and she rolled down the car window. Gu Shuangcheng glanced out, eyes full of dark brown skin, and frowned.