Isn’t it just a change of clothes Don’t you think these clothes are very Is it ugly and oldfashioned Tess came closer and asked and

Seria, the system has selected a suitable carrier and is being implanted into Seria, the system, you have obtained the initial profession Blood Queen Blood Altar, and obtained the basic building unit Blood Well, Selea, please wait for the system, you have obtained the second profession Queen of the Undead The Death Altar gets the basic building unit, the Plague Cemetery, Seria said wait a minute, the system dings you get it. In short, this is a girl who has inherited four dark altars casually and was pushed to work in another world by the unscrupulous system. Maybe I was a virgin before, cute, funny, adventurous, hegemony and farming. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bookmark and subscribe. Fan group, if you think Reborn of Another World: The Queen of the Dead is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo.
Chapter 1 Death and Rebirth Rumbling is the sound of an explosion. As the fire lights up, Lin Yun’s eyes turn into pitch black. The scorching flames burn his body, but he doesn’t die immediately, but Lin Yun loses consciousness and still retains some consciousness.
Recalling what happened just now, I was originally a not-so-successful assassin, relying on an heirloom that looked like a black stone, I set up the Tooth Killer Group from scratch, but unexpectedly, I was targeted by a hostile killer organization, and the enemy directly attacked my hiding place.
With an absolute disadvantage in terms of strength, Lin Yun knew that he would not be able to escape this time.
With the belief that he would rather smash the jade than a tile, in order to prevent the enemy from getting that black stone, Lin Yun chose to detonate the base and die with the enemy, so he just started his life Lin Yun at the peak just died like this, but it seems that even God felt that Lin Yun’s death was too aggrieved, so at the last moment of his life, the black stone in Lin Yun’s hand lit up, and then it disappeared together with Lin Yun’s body. In the chaos, Lin Yun lost all consciousness, but even so, his mind is still functioning. Is this the soul? After losing the shackles of the body, I feel a lot more relaxed. Lin Yun thought this way, although he can’t see, hear, or hear It feels tactile, but such a relaxed state is really good, away from the intrigues of the world, it seems that it is a good choice to continue like this, and just when Lin Yun thought so, a vicissitudes of life sounded, praising death, the ruler of all darkness, you will get a new life It was a very mysterious voice, which sounded far away but seemed to be in his ears. The obscure language was not familiar to him, but he could understand what the Lord of Darkness was.
Lin Yun was a little at a loss, but the voice did not. To answer his doubts, an electronically synthesized sound effect appeared in his brain.
The system is checking the state of the altar. Please wait a moment. The altar of souls is closed.
The altar of blood is opened. The summoning is testing the body of the host, please wait for the best three items to be the blood queen blood altar fit Lich Lord death altar fit evil god believers abyss altar fit automatically select the best first job Karma is selected as the blood altar. The blood queen uses the ability of the blood altar to gain an effect bonus. Note that the first bloodline will not affect the host’s ability to use other altars, nor will it affect the host’s ability to obtain other altars.
The job matching is successful and the job is completed. Looking for a suitable reincarnation for the host.
Please wait for a series of information to appear in Lin Yun’s mind later, because the amount of information is too large, he didn’t react for a while.
It was as disgusting as pushing her head into the toilet and frantically pressing the water button. Lin Yun felt dizzy for a while.
After the dizziness passed, she slowly opened her eyes and looked blankly around her, only to see four big men in tattered cloth armor. Surrounding herself with a sword in her hand, she seemed to be lying on the ground from this perspective, so Lin Yun subconsciously wanted to stand up, but she felt a sense of pain and powerlessness, so Lin Yun had to give up. Just when she was feeling confused, one of the leaders of the four big men spoke up. Damn, I was so tired, this little girl didn’t say a word, is she dead? He asked, and Lin Yun just Feeling her throat burning, she coughed a few times and heard that the other person next to the leading man spoke up, Boss, did you listen to her? I heard the leading man reply impatiently.
She was beaten to death, but now it looks like she should be fine Huh, she suffered a lot, and then called me to cut off your tongue.
The big guy in the lead threatened like this, but Lin Yun was still in a daze, so he didn’t reply, Boss, she was scared stupid by you The other man nodded quickly, then he took out a silver ring and handed it to the big man in the lead, then he took the ring to the girl, waved it in front of the girl He smiled lewdly and said, see, this is a mind control ring made by the Great Magician of the Empire. Once you put it on, you have to be obedient.
The man said, grabbing the girl’s slender palm to put the ring on her, and the one on the side But the man stretched out his hand to stop the boss. If it’s not right, don’t wear it first! If you put it on for her, wouldn’t she be a fool? Hearing what the younger brother said, the leading man replied impatiently, I don’t think she is stupid, you should be stupid first.
The task is to make her stupid and let her listen to us understand? Hey, of course I know, but boss, if you make her stupid, wouldn’t it be boring to play? Hearing this, the leader was stunned and then laughed.
It makes sense, right? You’re fucking right. Let’s play for a while and then make her foolish, okay, boss?