Is this what a person in his twenties should do You still have two daughters and two sons who want to marry a daughterinlaw and

In the new life, there is no gold finger or invisible space.
She walks forward step by step firmly. Together with her parents, mother and brother, she creates a happy life that belongs to them.
She also has to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery on the four seasons of life.
At the moment when his life is about to disappear, Tan Xiao knows that he is a complete failure in this life and has no chance to change again Dumuqiao finally entered a junior college, where she majored in foreign languages, which she was not good at.
The three years of college life made Tan Xiao more delicate, sensitive, hesitant and slow.
After graduation, he grew up in the imperial capital.
It took four years for the clerk to finally pay off the loan from the university.
He is only 30 years old, but there is no one around him who can trust him for a lifetime.
The secret love has been going on for ten years, and he has seen his children’s nicknames come up.
Several Tan Xiaos finally made up their minds and decisively followed a college male classmate to the Civil Affairs Bureau to take a photo and stamp it, and then marry far away. I thought that although the next days could not be compared with others, a flat and warm life would at least be possible. I just want to follow a simple man in this strange place, don’t talk about love, don’t talk about love, just live a lifetime like this, it’s good, but I can’t imagine that the father was exhausted and died on the construction site. The father and daughter didn’t even say a word until the end, and then the mother had terminal cancer because she couldn’t afford the bottomless pit of treatment fees, and watched her mother die of illness in front of her and her younger brother. It is the root of the saddest. On the way back to my hometown in Northeast China for burial while holding my mother’s ashes in my arms. When the headlights of the oncoming car shook my eyes. When the strong impact made people around me howl in horror. When the pain in my body hit me like a tide. Tan Xiao actually thinks this is a kind of relief, she doesn’t even want to open her eyes again, let alone the desire to survive, mother let me walk with you, come and go like the wind, all fate is dictated by personality, this is my fate I can’t go against it, I can’t change it, brother, I’m going to be with my parents, my sister can’t help you, don’t let the hurt and depression accumulated in your heart defeat your will to live strong, even though I know it’s hard, a burst of heart-pounding pain made Tan Xiao’s consciousness suddenly There was an unconscious cry in Su Xing’s throat, hold on, the child will be fine in a while, a somewhat strange male voice resounded faintly in front of her, accompanied by pain, Tan Xiao’s heart was trembling, and he was completely awake, and subconsciously opened his mouth In front of her eyes, the young man who was holding a handful of cotton and stabbing her soles intently was the only barefoot doctor in Chang’an Village, Cui Decai. Tan Xiao remembered that the bus he took was from Qiqihar City to Baiquan County. Accidents on the highway, before losing consciousness, there are overwhelming shouts in the ears, the redness of the billowing fireworks in front of the eyes, and even the redness of the nose. I can smell the burnt smell. In such a serious car accident, I didn’t die, and I was rescued by Cui Decai.
Tan Xiao didn’t even know what to say. Well, it’s not easy to live, and even death can’t fulfill your wish? People are pushed to the extreme. The anger in his heart was uncontrollable.
Tan Xiao lifted the foot that was being healed and kicked it out. I’m dying, please, can I just go out with one foot? No one I imagined would turn his back on his back in astonishment and accuse the one who was just holding his foot.
The doctor surnamed Cui didn’t even lift his eyelids, but a gentle and anxious voice came from behind, laughing, don’t move Tan Xiao didn’t immediately realize the meaning of this voice to her Why is it because her attention was attracted by other things at this time, she actually found that her legs have become shorter? It’s not just shortened, there’s something wrong with it. Where is it? Tan Xiao took a deep breath and palm I was sweating and forced myself to calm down and think carefully.
Cui Decai is the father of his classmate Cui Dong.
I recognized the wrong person, so where am I now? Tan Xiao suddenly lowered his head and searched for the urn in his arms. Mother’s urn, she remembered that she held it firmly in her arms before she passed out. Why did it disappear? Smile, don’t Disturb Dr.
Cui to give you the medicine? Listen to what Mom said, bear with it and it won’t hurt anymore A woman’s voice sounded behind her again, this time the tone was a little more serious than the last sentence Listen to Mom’s words Mom Tan Xiao stopped almost immediately Put down the movement of the hand, twist the body abruptly, follow the source of the sound and look over, this series of coherent movements is subconscious and faster than her brain can react The lower jaw is even more pointed, without a trace of excess meat, but Tan Xiao still recognized her identity at a glance, the same eyebrows, the same mouth and nose, and even the position of the small black mole in the center of the chin.
If she is not Mama Wang Who could Pei Na be? In a car accident, the mother in the urn appeared alive in front of his eyes, and she was so young and healthy. Tan Xiao felt like the sky was thundering and the stars were moving in front of him. Tan Xiao felt like he had been hacked.
She was at a loss, her mouth was dry, she didn’t dare to say a single word, she didn’t dare to say a word, she didn’t know if she was dreaming, if she spoke, would she wake up in the next second, sister, what’s wrong with you, are you in pain, sister, I was wrong A pair of soft little hands tremblingly caressed Tan Xiao’s arms and successfully blocked her silently looking up at her mother.