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Chapter 1 House Prices The spring rain is disturbing and sharpening the glass windows of the balcony, saying that spring rain is as expensive as oil, but at the moment Mu Dong doesn’t feel happy at all. He stands on the balcony staring at the glass window in a daze. A little bit of slipping finally fell off the window sill and rushed downstairs to the ground where the sewage was flowing.
There was a faint quarrel downstairs, which seemed to be because of a dispute over the parking space. This is a messy neighborhood.
I scratched my messy hair with my right hand. The house price is really unaffordable. Mu Dong is 30 years old, as the saying goes, but the 30-year-old Mu Dong always feels that he has not stood up at all. The problem of housing has been tortured for a long time.
Mu Dong’s plan to buy a house started in 2009.
At that time, Mu Dong had just graduated from the Accounting Department of Ludong University of Finance and Economics. His ambitious plan was to work hard, save a down payment, and support the elderly at home. With a dream of his own, Mu Dong applied for a mobile phone sales company.
In order to make more money, he gave up a stable and decent financial job and chose a sales position. Two years later, Mu Dong saved ten thousand yuan from food and clothing.
His girlfriend Xiao Xiao took out 10,000 yuan and took the 10,000 yuan. Mu Dong and his girlfriend Xiao Xiao started their first house inspection trip. At that time, the average house price in Quancheng, the provincial capital, was about 10,000 yuan per square meter. It’s almost enough to solve it, but it’s not enough. Relatives and friends can borrow a little more to see the house. I went to Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao to see some ways. Affected by the international financial crisis, the domestic real estate industry is also in mourning.
Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao decided not to buy a house for the time being.
The nonsense immediately lowered the price of many properties. At this time, buying a house is looking for money. A few months later, the country The 4 trillion bailout plan saved the Chinese economy and saved many real estate developers who were about to jump off the building. The house price rose like a rocket, per square meter per square meter per square meter.
Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao were completely dumbfounded.
From that year on, they saved money. The speed has never caught up with the rate of rising house prices.
Girlfriend Xiao Xiao’s full name is Li Xiaoxiao and Mu Dong. They are the same age, but their birthdays are a month later than Mu Dong’s.
The fate of the nod, the two of them took the college entrance examination for the first time and both failed the rankings, and then both of them went to the same college entrance examination cram school and were assigned to the same class. They became classmates again and began a period of tutoring life called senior senior until the first half of senior senior During the semester, the two of them didn’t see each other. The huge pressure of taking the college entrance examination for the second time in the second semester of senior high school gradually hit. Faced with the pressure, all kinds of inexplicable pressure methods became popular in the class. After facing the classroom with a table tennis racket during the limited break time every day The sound of ping-pong balls rapidly bouncing on the wall in front of me upsets other self-study students.
The most popular way to decompress is the most popular way of decompression, which is widely popular and that is falling in love.
A few couples are inseparable, Qingqing, me, my sweet teacher also pretends not to see, occasionally sees it and hides away, the teachers are also upset, and there are a few seemingly normal psychopaths in the class who are on the verge of breaking out. Ah, if the students can be in love with each other, maybe it will become a good story in a few years. It’s not a good idea to block it, but it’s not a good idea to just pretend not to see Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao. Fate is such a wonderful thing.
A man and a woman who have been together for almost four years suddenly realized that there are so many beautiful life experiences besides studying. What a surprise! Yes, it was a surprise.
Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao were surprised. It became the good story that the teacher was looking forward to. The bursting flames of love did not let the two people’s grades decline, but instead made them support each other and were admitted to the university together. Although Ludong Normal University’s Chinese education major is not in the same university, but fortunately it’s not far away. The bus is only seven or eight stops away.
We have time to spend time together every week. Four years of university is naturally more relaxed and comfortable than four years of high school life. They came from an ordinary family in the countryside and their financial situation is similar. In addition to the same college entrance examination experience, the two have no problems in communication.
Although there are always some small frictions between couples, the flaws are not concealed.
The two supported each other and successfully graduated. And Xiao Xiao accidentally chose a job to support teaching in a village-level elementary school in the suburbs of Quancheng for two years. The advantage is that after two years, he can be transferred back to the urban primary school. I really like my job, which is stable and decent.
There are winter and summer vacations every year. This job is very suitable for women. At the beginning of the year, Mu Dong and Xiao Xiao discussed it. It is difficult to realize the dream of buying a house just by working part-time.
In the middle of the month, he quit his job and rented in Digital City. A booth recruited a clerk to start a business selling mobile phones and digital products. The rent was purchased, and the 10,000 yuan originally planned to buy a house was running out.
If you succeed in the rear, I will follow you to enjoy the blessings If you lose, I will support you Traditional stores are declining