Is there such a thing The boss suddenly said in a deep voice no Lu Heng said then apply to Beijing University they will definitely

Famous quotes from the credit card star system: Be a star first and then repay the principal and interest after sweeping the football world, then it’s not hard to borrow. Find your dream. The European Champions Cup final system in the British season. During the break, the credit card star system said, and then the situation changed dramatically in the second half. The opponent who was leading by two goals thought the victory was in hand, but Lu Hengchong made two consecutive wonderful assists to equalize the score.
The striker scored a goal again, seeing that there was not much time in the game, the opponent’s coach changed his lineup again and played the bus tactic, leaving only a speedy super forward in the frontcourt as a shit stick, and everyone else was blocked in front of the goal near the penalty area. Time is about to end, when Lu Hengchong’s team is sure to lose, Lu Hengchong loses his temper.
In the first minute of the game, Lu Hengchong passed the two people in the penalty area and shot the ball from a small angle. Depressed by the goal, the opponent’s coach changed his formation again and wanted to fight for Lu Hengchong’s team at the last moment.
As a result, Lu Hengchong took advantage of the opportunity to be invincible twice in a row in the first minute and the last minute of stoppage time. With his speed and explosive power, he completed a quick counterattack and shot successfully to secure the victory. Lu Hengchong created a miracle and helped the team win the European Cup this season. Let us congratulate this talented young player from China.
The commentator shouted excitedly from the stands Countless fans were cheering and cheering wildly, waving flags in their hands, yelling Lu Lu Lu Lu Heng Chong after the game. He collapsed on the turf of the field and didn’t want to move, but he still struggled to raise his left hand.
Touched on my forehead and established a contact system with the credit card star system Don’t be so ruthless, at least give me some strength to walk Lu Hengchong said sorry According to the regulations, this system can choose to collect the principal and interest immediately after the game The system Ronaldo looks like a businessman, Lu Hengchong smiled wryly, this system Luo is simply a usurer, the system Ronaldo seemed to see what Lu Hengchong was thinking in his heart, smiled lightly and said, “You will be satisfied, if it weren’t for you about three years ago.
” Get me, you will become the protagonist in the Champions League final before you are twenty years old Don’t dream Lu Hengchong is too tired to talk nonsense Somewhere in the heart’s softest place was suddenly touched, so he simply lay on the turf and looked up at the sky Cut off At this time, his thoughts could not help but return to about three years ago, when he was accompanied by his father and ignored his mother’s opposition.
He resolutely gave up his studies and went to England for his father and his football dream. In London, my name is Lu Hengchong. Physical fitness, dribbling, off-ball running and shooting are my strengths. In addition, my idol is the alien Ronaldo. Please accept me and let me prove my potential here.
Lu Hengchong introduces himself and says sorry.
Not suitable for us, please try another team Guan looked at Lu Hengchong for a few moments and saw Lu Hengchong’s shabby clothes and thin body.
The corners of his mouth could not help showing a mocking smile, and then he rejected the joke. He dared to say that his physical fitness is an advantage when he looks so thin. The so-called advantage is not worth mentioning. This summer, the Russian financial tycoon Abramovich has made Chelsea the favorite to win the Premier League in the new season.
The addition of countless big-name stars has made its popularity soar.
It is precisely because of this that for Lu Hengchong Players from Zhongye Luzi are simply dismissive.
Please give me a chance to test. I will prove my strength and potential. Hey, you two, send him out.
The director of Chelsea’s youth training proudly said to the two security guards beside me, I can walk by myself. Heng Chong felt that he was not welcome, so he turned his head and walked away. What about my son? The middle-aged man with hair saw Lu Hengchong striding out of the shooting star, and immediately went forward to meet Lu Hengchong and asked Lu Hengchong scratched his head and forced a smile, Dad, let’s go to the next one The relegation teams look down on us.
In my opinion, don’t be angry with these giants.
Maybe your mother was right. It was a wrong choice for you to give up your studies to play football. Thinking about my son’s high school grades in China. The first place has a bright future, but for his dream of being a football star, he persuaded his son to go all the way to the UK to be angry, and suddenly he felt unbearable. And finally bet if I can become a professional football player, my mother will forgive my father, or I will never see you again, shaking my head, Dad, I must succeed in staying in England and staying in the Premier League.
This is his last and only chance to play professional football. In the past, my mother promised him in the past. As long as he studies hard, he can give him a chance to work hard to become a professional football player at the age of 10. But that being said, when he really tried to give up his studies and try professional football at the age of 1, his mother still backtracked and expressed clear and firm opposition this time.
If it weren’t for his father’s unhesitating support, I’m afraid they and his father would never have imagined this trip to England. Father nodded and laughed at himself, yes, if you go back now, your mother will see a joke, but believe me, I will definitely be able to get a formal contract. Lu Hengchong said earnestly with a youthful face, “Okay, let’s try again.” His father nodded helplessly, and the two continued their journey to Liverpool, another giant in the Premier League.
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