Is there such a reason in the world The gangster said excitedly don’t come here or I will The shot was fired Ma Xiaoling looked

The ghost shelter, Lin Jue suddenly sat up straight on the bed, covered in cold sweat, it turned out to be a nightmare, the ghost in the dream was too scary and real, Lin Jue was the only one left in the university dormitory, as for Hao Chao, Wang Mingbo and Lu Mingchen, the three animals It must be because I spent Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend and haven’t come back. I guess I will choose to spend the night in a small love hotel tonight. As the only single dog in the same dormitory, Lin Jue can only turn off the lights and sleep, but when he just entered Mengxiang Had a magical and terrifying dream.
In the dream, he first entered a fantasy space. The light was shining with metal texture. He was standing in a corridor with metal texture, and beside him were two rows of modern buildings.
There are house numbers on a row of houses. When he opened a door, the world in front of him suddenly changed. He saw countless terrifying ghosts wearing clothes of different ages wandering helplessly between the sky and the earth as if aimlessly. One day their ghosts completely disappeared in this world. Among the countless ghosts, there are hanged ghosts sticking out their long bright red tongues, drowned ghosts are covered in wet water stains, and crashed ghosts are covered in blood Linlin has missing arms and legs.
The eyeballs are hanging on the side, and on the cheeks, there are military souls in military uniforms, all of them turned into a hornet’s nest. There are headless ghosts, big-headed ghosts, long-necked ghosts, and the whole world in front of them looks terrifying and chilling.
Was there an auditory hallucination or was someone else in the dormitory suddenly hearing an unexplained sound? Lin Jue was startled involuntarily.
Then he hurriedly turned on the light to brighten the whole dormitory. He knelt on the bed with his legs bent and looked nervously at it. Everywhere around the dormitory seemed to be auditory hallucinations, Lin Jue found no one else in the dormitory, and then comforted himself, because when a person just woke up from a nightmare, even if he turned on the light to make the room bright.
People’s mental state will still be in a very unstable fear for a short period of time, and the ghost shelter system is merging, but then Lin Jue heard the illusory voice again, and this time it was that The voice became clearer.
Gui Linjue’s mind first felt a roar, and then he felt a chill all over his body. The environment around his body seemed to become eerie in an instant, even himself. The few lace skirts hanging outside the windows of the female dormitory opposite the dormitory are also swaying and weird in the wind.
Could it be a ghost? What’s more, the voice that sounded in his head before was really clear, and their dormitory is only a large area, and there is no room for one person to hide. How can there be ghosts in this world? Could it be that someone is hiding under the bed to scare me on purpose? I just hope. Don’t be dirty! Thinking of this, Lin Jue’s whole body feels creepy He got terrified because he suddenly remembered that female ghosts in many ghost movies like to hide under the bed to be scary, no, don’t they really be ghosts? At the moment when he was close to the ground, his whole body felt a shudder-like coolness from the soles of his feet to his heart, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kneeling on the ground, his face was extremely pale, his expression was extremely tense, his eyes didn’t blink, and finally his heart skipped a beat, he suddenly lowered his head towards the bottom of the bed, closed his eyes and looked at it.
Lin Jue, this guy closed his eyes and turned towards him because of fear. I took a quick look under the bed, there was nothing there, it turned out that it was really an auditory hallucination, yes, it must be like this, it is impossible for ghosts to exist in this world, I must have had a nightmare, and suddenly woke up with auditory hallucinations in my ears Lin Jue After confirming that there is no dirty thing in the dormitory, the voice loudly emboldens himself, but in the next moment, the strange voice that almost scared Lin Jue to pee came to his ears again. In fact, there are really ghosts in this world, really ghosts. Ah, Lin Jue’s legs seemed to be equipped with electric motors, and he opened the door and rushed out in one go. Lin Jue was still yelling “Ghost, ghost, ghost” as he ran wildly. It was trembling, but it was a weird thing, one was accompanied by Lin Jue, his shout did not attract anyone’s attention, as if the students in the whole school dormitory building couldn’t hear Lin Jue’s shout, escaped, escaped, Lin Jue bent over and panted Putting his hands on his knees, he raised his head and looked at the corridor entrance of the whole dormitory. Suddenly, Lin Jue’s body trembled because he found that someone had tapped him on his left shoulder. What the hell are you? Looking at me, Lin Jue spoke intermittently with trembling sounds, his legs were swinging back and forth, he almost didn’t kneel down and beg for mercy, and at this moment he didn’t dare to turn his head back, he was afraid that he would suddenly turn his head What I saw was a female ghost with a face as pale as paper sticking out a long bloody tongue, or I saw a scary ghost with no head at all. It’s so late that I’m not sleeping.
What are you doing standing downstairs alone? A woman’s voice My junior Lin Jue suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his head, so it turned out that he hadn’t encountered a ghost. The person who patted his left shoulder was a senior sister. When Lin Jue turned around, he suddenly felt his whole body was stimulated like an electric shock.
It’s breathtakingly beautiful.
Lin Jue can only use this sentence to describe the senior sister in front of him. He suddenly got a little excited.