Is there anyone else Ye Fei looked carefully at the crowd and found that his fatherinlaw was not there so he took out his fatherinlaws

Chapter 1 An old urban village on the outskirts of Jiangcheng.
Ye Fei, whose nose was bruised and swollen by the basketball captain Wang Hao, walked slowly to the fruit shop on the street, playing with an old Nokia in his hands.
My name? It’s unreasonable for you to bring someone to beat me up.
Ye Fei was furious.
He lost his parents since he was a child and only had one older brother to raise him.
Unexpectedly, he died in a car accident seven years ago on his older brother’s wedding day, and now he follows his sister-in-law.
Live together Sister-in-law Wang Qi opened a fruit shop He is now a sophomore in Shangyang Middle School Congratulations on your successful registration After Er’s name was changed to his nickname, Ye Fei couldn’t wait to join Tang Ying’s friend, but unfortunately, the other party’s consent was required. Suddenly, a notification sound came from Ye Fei, and Ye Fei clicked on the prompt box to congratulate you for joining the heroes exchange group.
The group level is Xiaobai Hero Communication Group Ye Fei was stunned when did I apply to join this group? Could it be an advertising group? Ye Fei instinctively wanted to click to quit the group. Suddenly he saw someone in the group speak. Do you need Hundred Flowers Aphrodisiac Powder? It’s good and cheap.
A bottle only costs 50 taels of silver. You’re sure to feel refreshed.
Defeated and a newcomer joins the group, dare to fight the old man Hey, it seems like a noob, the biggest regret in this life is that it is hard to find a match Little Overlord, do you want to try the old man’s homemade delicacy called Beggar Chicken? It’s absolutely delicious. It only costs one hundred taels of silver.
Hong Qigong, the nine-fingered beggar, asks for a deal with you. Do you agree? A prompt box appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. Living in the chat box with Hong Qigong, it exploded. Bah, you’re a fart.
A beggar chicken is also a treasure. If you tasted the giant salamander, king crab, braised bear’s paw, wouldn’t you be able to swallow your tongue? Go to the opposite side and be silent for a long time.
Just when Ye Fei was about to close the chat box and quit the group, the old naughty boy suddenly sent a message.
Little friend Bawang dare to ask you what kind of food you said, the king crab braised bear’s paw, which is better than my beggar’s chicken Nonsense is 10,000 times better than beggar’s chicken Ye Fei rolled his eyes, Bawang boy, can you get some salamander king crab to taste? How much money you want? Hong Qigong sent a message in a hurry, these people really Bored enough, Ye Fei put away his phone and saw that he came to the fruit shop opened by his sister-in-law. He hurriedly adjusted his clothes and walked into the shop with his head down. As soon as he saw Ye Fei, he stepped forward and grabbed his ear angrily.
You fought with someone again. Can you save me some trouble? I’m sorry, Ye Fei lowered his head and dared not speak. Sighing, took out safflower oil from the drawer and wiped it for Ye Fei.
Smell the fragrance of sister-in-law.
Looking at her delicate face, Ye Fei couldn’t help but feel dizzy.
But she didn’t care about Fei but she insisted on adopting Ye Fei under the strange eyes of the neighbors. She raised him by selling fruits.
Rubbing the wound, got up and began to carry the fruit Didi Didi phone rang quickly Ye Fei took out the phone excitedly, thought it was the class flower Tang Ying passed the friend verification, but after a closer look it was Hong Qigong, this guy, little bully, are you bragging about me, Hong Qi I have never eaten anything better than beggar chicken in my life. You must be lying to me.
I am sick, believe it or not. I still sell dragon fruit. Ye Fei sent a message to put the Nokia in his pocket Didi Didi What is pitaya delicious? Do you want to buy a dragon fruit? Ye Fei added Tang Ying’s account again. By the way, he was chatting with a guy nicknamed Nine Fingers God Beggar Hong Qigong. Ding Hong Qigong asked for a deal with you. Instinctively, he pressed the agree button, and suddenly a light shot out from the phone, directly inhaling a dragon fruit in front of Ye Fei, and disappeared without a trace. What’s the situation? At the same time, twelve pieces of silver were scattered all over the ground. Ye Fei stared dumbfounded at the silver on the ground, picked up a piece of silver, bit it, and was overjoyed. Is it really not a dream? After putting away the money, the sister-in-law danced excitedly, after greeting the guests, she gave Ye Fei an annoyed look, then turned around and started to cut pineapples for the guests I bought a gold necklace for my sister-in-law and came back Ye Fei felt secretly happy Didi Didi Didi The phone rang quickly, this time it was more urgent It’s just that it’s a little hard to spit out the seeds. It’s a little hard to spit out the seeds. Ye Fei almost turned over with a smile.
That’s right, since I can trade with Hong Qigong, why don’t I learn martial arts from him? In this way, I won’t be bullied by others and I can protect my sister-in-law Ye Fei With a heartbeat, I began to type quickly, Hong Qigong, you are stupid, you don’t need to spit out the seeds to eat dragon fruit, why didn’t you just say it earlier