Is it true Are outdoor live broadcasts so big now It’s a live broadcast crossing ten thousand realms an outdoor live broadcast followed by nothing

Live broadcast to save the dragon girl, what did I see? Don’t look for it. Look at the big tree in front of you. The anchor actually found it. Is it true? Are outdoor live broadcasts so big now? It’s a live broadcast, crossing ten thousand realms, an outdoor live broadcast, followed by nothing, don’t make any noise, the host, let’s see the little dragon girl, finally the wait is worth it I’ve been squatting in the live broadcast room for two days, Mo Feng, who is vigilantly scanning the surroundings, found the barrage There were a lot of hints, so with a thought, he projected the barrage in the live broadcast room and glanced at it, which made his eyes widen instantly, and then he quickly looked at the big tree in front of the left, what the fuck is there a man next to him doing? Ahhh, it can’t be that scene, no, you bastard, get rid of your dirty hands, Zhen Zhibing, you bastard, get rid of your dirty hands, then turn your head and look in the direction indicated by the bullet screen, and Mo Feng saw it The barrage that made his eyes widen suddenly, isn’t it? Do you want to be so tricked? It’s because of Qiyu that he has obtained a live broadcast system of Ten Thousand Realms, which can travel through ten thousand realms, and when the live broadcast system is turned on, the popularity of the live broadcast room will be converted into points for him Buying things in the mall or strengthening yourself, but he has only started broadcasting for two days now, and the number of viewers is only two to three hundred people. There are almost no popularity, rewards, etc.
Even the clothes that belong to this era are given by the system. He takes them Why save the little dragon girl, let alone save the little dragon girl. As an ordinary person, he can only vaguely see a white figure lying under the tree. If it weren’t for the audience in the live broadcast room, God can see it clearly at night.
He probably missed it, but he came here to find Xiaolongnv to gain some popularity, so although he was a little panicked, he still went there and walked five or six meters forward, with the help of the moonlight, he could roughly see what was going on under the tree.
After that, Mo Feng stopped suddenly because there was a woman in a white dress lying under the big tree, and beside the woman a man in Taoist robe was tremblingly using a piece of cloth to cover the woman’s eyes. I found it, but is it such a coincidence? Mo Feng has been looking for the little dragon girl since he came here and knew that this is the world of divine carvings, and he was at the foot of Zhongnan Mountain.
He wanted to use Xiaolongnv to attract a wave of attention and enthusiasm, but unfortunately he was not lucky.
He searched for two days and couldn’t find it.
Tonight, he plans to search for the last night.
If he can’t find him, he will find one. Walking around the town can also earn some popularity, but sometimes fate is hard to explain, and he was ready to give up.
Unexpectedly, when he looked back, the little dragon girl was actually under the big tree and had acupuncture points, which made Mo Feng feel a little numb. Zhen Zhibing has already arrived.
If he rushed out now and ruined Zhen Zhibing’s good deeds, he might be stabbed to death with a sword, but that was the little dragon girl.
When I saw this scene, I felt uncomfortable for a long time. After running away like this, not to mention the audience in the live broadcast room, he himself looks down on him.
Thinking of this, Mo Feng said in a low voice, brothers, although Zhen Zhibing is better, but he is only good for people like Xiaolongnv, I am now It’s just an ordinary person, or if I call out, I’ll run away. The anchor, you’re the one who dares not kill you.
The most you’ll get beaten up is the anchor. What if I get stabbed with a sword when I go up? Although I think so in my heart, I can’t say it like this.
I want to go up and do it. But this is not capital. If you give me one or two thousand yuan to go to the mall Buy one or two life-saving talismans and I promise to rush up without saying a word.
Don’t be cowardly.
Go up and save the little dragon girl first.
I promise to reward you with a super rocket. The boss is confused, I want the anchor to come up, I want to watch the little dragon girl looking at the super rocket Mo Feng is so excited that his hands are shaking slightly, that is two thousand yuan plus two thousand system points, it is not in vain to waste him in this wilderness After wandering in the wild for two days, how could our passionate youths watch young women, bad animals, insult brothers? The tree branch that was over one meter away walked forward with a tragic face. He first yelled to strengthen himself, Mo Feng then shouted loudly, the beast, let go of the girl, let the girl almost say what was in his heart, Mo, who almost said what was in his heart Feng yelled, quickly lowered his voice, and strode towards the tree where Xiaolongnu and the others were. Zhen Zhibing, who had already stretched his hand above Xiaolongnu’s belt, was startled by Mo Feng’s sudden voice, trembling all over his body. I stood up, my face, which had turned red due to capillary congestion due to excitement, suddenly turned pale.
Zhen Zhibing, who was so ashamed and angry, glanced at Mo Feng, who was striding towards their direction, and found that he was not I know him and he doesn’t seem to know martial arts, but he has no face to stay here, and he is even more worried about being recognized. With embarrassment and anger, he suddenly waved his sleeves to cover his face, and directly performed qinggong and ran away.
Mo Feng didn’t expect that his mind would turn The words he yelled out actually had such a big effect.
Zhen Zhibing almost peed in fright and ran away, which surprised him, but he was worried that Zhen Zhibing, who was on the brain of a certain bug, would go and come back, and immediately opened the system mall at the speed of light. Then, with the momentum of thunder and jingle bells, he used the more than 2,000 points he had just received as a reward to exchange for two random hundred-mile teleportation symbols, and held it in his hand. Zhen Zhibing is too good, he was scared away Anyone who is yelled at this time will be frightened.
I guess there is a psychological shadow to understand the anger. The anchor shouted just now, I seemed to see a person, and I was the same. Hahaha, there is a picture.
Mo Feng just glanced at the bullet screen Ignore this group of sand sculpture netizens vigilantly pinching the teleportation talisman and scanning the surroundings