Is it too late Is everything too late What happened but he couldnt stop it in time Is his Xiaoyan no longer his From now

Unlucky Time Traveling Chapter 1 Good friends for life Bai Jiayu’s life is so simple that he repeats the two-point and one-line life every day.
From home to the company and home, he repeats it every day.
Even when he was a student, he did the same. From home to school. There hasn’t been a single change at home.
Since when did he become so lonely? He tried to think back.
It’s just that he used to have a family.
Did the orphanage count? That year? The originally happy family lost its happiness because of a sudden accident, and at a young age, he lived alone in this complicated society. The fear and anxiety made him so lifeless and lost the original brimming in the world. The happiness on his face, his parents left, he became an unwanted child, and his relatives pushed him around as if he was a heavy burden, a burden, making it ridiculous that none of his relatives were willing to adopt him, but they divided up the government The compensation for his parents but no one to take care of him made him feel extremely ridiculous.
He stood aside and witnessed the beginning and end of this farce. Those uncles, aunts and aunts argued for nearly a month and decided to put him away. Sending him to the orphanage should be said to be discarded, which can more accurately describe the distaste and ease on the face of the uncle who sent him to the orphanage at that time, because they finally discarded him as a burden, they are also happy and relaxed. Since this incident has passed Let him understand whether he should put on a hypocritical mask so that he will not be discarded.
He must be a good child, an obedient child, and a child who cannot make trouble, so that he will not be discarded anymore.
Now that he has decided, he will implement it. The life of surreptitious living continued until he stepped into the society, and it didn’t change For everyday life, in this society, who doesn’t live with such a mask? After graduating from university, he stepped into the society.
At this time, Bai Jiayu is just a small employee of a state-owned enterprise, just an ordinary white-collar worker who can no longer be ordinary. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, it doesn’t matter if you want to survive in this society, and it’s really hard to climb up. It’s just an idiot’s talking in sleep.
Masks are Bai Jiayu’s only means of survival. Wearing a hypocritical mask to walk in this society, you must flatter the leaders. For other things, it is just to be able to climb up little by little.
To build a good relationship with colleagues, to establish the most friendly relationship with colleagues, the ancients also said that the world that wins the hearts of the people, although he does not need to use the world, he can get the best chance for promotion.
These are good ways for the current Bai Jiayu to be able to do a job with ease, but he has not made any achievements. He has been living with a mask until now.
He has seen through everything, but he can’t see through his own heart, so he can’t tell if sometimes it’s real.
He’s still the man he’s wearing a fake mask and he really wants to be Will he live forever? He is content with the status quo, but he doesn’t want to be content with the reality.
This false life, this dreary air, makes him breathless. Even so, he never wants to die, even if he lingers.
If you want to live, you have to live and commit suicide, that is an evader and even a fool’s behavior. The alarm clock rang and he was relieved. At last it dawned. The calmness on his face hides the turmoil in his heart. For him, sleeping is also a kind of torture. If he wants to escape quickly, he must go through the night after all.
The first thing to do when getting up is to open your eyes, then get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast. When all this is ready, he finally goes out to work and squeezes the bus to live the same life.
He is tired of it, but there is nothing he can do about it. There are many spectators gathered in front of the traffic jam. Ambulances and police cars are parked beside him, it seems that there is some kind of accident. But it doesn’t matter about him, but it’s his business to be late for the first time in a long time, so it’s none of his business.
What does it mean to be late for work? It is stipulated that the full attendance bonus for this quarter will be cancelled, although the amount is not much, for him who urgently needs to save money now, it can be said that he has lost a sum of money and has to live a life of eating instant noodles.
What’s wrong with this world? Isn’t it just that he was late for work by a second? His salary was deducted.
Now everything is going up. If the wages don’t increase, let’s not talk about it, how can he survive as a poor commoner? Complaining and slandering in their hearts, their leaders are simply a bunch of corrupt officials who squeeze money from the poor and the common people.
Xiaobai, can you not pat the table? Xiao Chen, who is sitting by the side, really can’t bear such noise, and even making a sound stops his mood.
It made him even more disturbed, but Bai Jiayu simply refused to let him vent a little bit out of embarrassment, and wouldn’t he be deducted a little salary? You can eat enough for yourself and the whole family is not hungry. I didn’t complain like you about Chen Gu Tong’s dark face.
He was a minute late today and his salary was also deducted. He hasn’t expressed his dissatisfaction.
It seems that’s right.
Listening to the words of the army, I feel much more at ease.
Bai Jiayu stopped patting the table, thinking that there are people worse than him, and his mood is not as angry as it was at the beginning. You heard him say this, Chen Gutong cursed in his heart for putting other people’s pain on himself People who are above happiness will not end well, beware of retribution and become gay