Is it because hes trying to solve a narrative problem and the outcome is unpredictable so that including this conflict or struggle between opposing forces

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In the long river to restore the past, who can build an immortal legend between the real and the unreal? He pushed open the mottled iron door, stained with rust on his hands. The content of the chapter begins. Elementary Skills: Mentalist, Magic Thinking Skill, Upgrade Condition Unknown Elemental Attack Power, Spiritualist Skill, Mental Power Consumption Reduced, Recovery of Spiritual Power per second, Strength, Divine Power, Attack Power, Physical Strength, Strength, Defense Power Those with a little physical fitness and agility have mental coercion, which is a non-upgradeable skill.
Use powerful mental power to impact the enemy, directly forming the most terrifying picture in the enemy’s mind, causing the enemy’s state to drop, including not limited to attack, defense, movement speed, attack speed, critical strike rate, etc. Probability to make the enemy dizzy, violent, sluggish, etc.
The probability is very small to cause the enemy to die suddenly. The effect of the mental power is lower than your own. It is said that after using the nemesis of all long-range attack skills, the surrounding area is filled with black mist. The hit rate of all long-range attacks is reduced.
Consumes mental power points.
Mental coercion impacts the enemy with powerful mental power and directly forms the most terrifying picture in the enemy’s mind, causing the enemy’s state to decline. Including not limited to attack, defense, movement speed, attack speed, crit rate, etc.
, and there is a probability of causing the enemy to be dizzy, violent, sluggish, and other states. There is a very small probability of causing the enemy’s sudden death.
There is a certain probability of ineffectiveness beyond the point, causing you to be dizzy Soul-devouring arrow instant skill The evil power will take away your life and defile your soul Skill attack power points attached to the stun effect will simultaneously burn the enemy’s mental power and consume mental power of Evil is often tenacious and strong, and the caster’s defense is increased.
Each attack absorbs a point of damage and consumes a point of spiritual power. Dark spirituality consumes a large amount of spiritual power to make it materialize.
Consumes spiritual power points per second.
When the spiritual power reaches the point It can be used in the real world to manipulate objects with weight around you.
The smaller the mass of the object, the greater the speed, and it has a dark attribute.
The manipulated object will carry a certain amount of corrosion.
The object itself will also be corroded and corroded. The defense power will be reduced by one point per second. Dragon raises its head and Tianpeng absorbs.
Swallowing the sun and the moon dragon raises its head to carry the mountains and forests.
Instant skill cooling time is 1 minute. Skill attack power also has a knock-up effect. Knocking away the enemy in front of him for five meters. When you have a hideous face in mid-air It is also my happiest time when the skill range is one meter close to the enemy’s throat, the strength is lower than my point, the success rate of locking the throat is within five points of my own, the success rate is higher than five points, the success rate is higher than ten points, and it must fail. The choked person enters a stiff state and is lifted and dropped heavily.
The skill attack power pose reference. The mourner in the pose reference consumes physical energy and rolls sideways to dodge. The skill activation time is seconds and the cooldown time is seconds. You can also roll backwards and dodge an attack that lasts no more than 1 second. The rolling distance consumes stamina in meters. The sound of the world is not happy because of silk and bamboo, but it is not a curse. The damage that can be reduced by sonic attacks is immune to sonic attacks.
Negative effects of Nifan Xiangchen are not happy because of the fragrance, not angry because of the stench Defensive power increase point consumes stamina points per second Second rapid acceleration Second rapid acceleration Instant skill cooldown time 30 seconds After activation, the speed suddenly increases by 30% Duration 1 second Hold breath Attack skill launch time second Cooldown time minute Close the stomata, the respiratory tract does not excrete gas, the human body undergoes complex biochemical reactions, such as the accumulation of carbon dioxide rises, and before facing a faint, it stimulates its powerful potential. After using the attack power of a blow, it enters a three-minute weak state. Two bison, okay, you’re dead.
After the skill is activated, the speed increases sharply.
Aim at a target and rush over.
The defense power increases, and the attack power can’t be turned. The longest locking distance is meters.
The flame power can imitate the nirvana hot movement imitation is to imitate the accumulated energy. The skill can be launched when the energy is sufficient. After the attack is activated, the skill attack power is instant Receive fixed fire damage per minute False blazing sun flames receive a point of fire damage per minute. The world is shaking in your eyes. It’s not dementia, but your head will be broken into pieces.
The cooldown time of the skill is 10 minutes.
The attack power of the skill cannot be interrupted by physical attacks and cause the enemy to be dizzy for two seconds, consuming physical energy, continuous uppercut, instant skill cooldown time of 1 minute, if you are hit, it will be regarded as you have taken a large dose of ecstasy, anyway, you just shake your head and fist with both hands Activation is a skill that specifically hits the enemy’s head