Is it because he has been at ease for too long Little by little green things like water plants floated up from the water surface

The skeleton felt something very heavy on his chest, making him almost unable to breathe. His sister must be the gangsters in the dormitory who put all the quilt on me.
When I get up, I can’t spare you. Song Rui cursed viciously.
His consciousness is a little unclear, he only knows that he must get out of this thick quilt mountain quickly, or he will be in great trouble if he dies of suffocation, but this quilt mountain seems to be endless.
The thick and dense feeling of being squeezed made him feel more and more irritable.
It was so dark that he couldn’t see clearly. He was too tired to move for a long time.
He vaguely thought that those guys brought all the quilts from the dormitory. Let’s go to sleep first, maybe those bastards will dig me out if they find out. The delirious he didn’t remember that the people in his dormitory were gone long ago. They encountered a mudslide during a visit.
Dorm six The people were all buried, and the later search team couldn’t even find their bodies.
When Song Rui woke up again, he found that he was still in the quilt mountain. Shan hoped he didn’t suffocate before digging it out.
His mind was still chaotic and he felt like he was buried under the quilt.
He didn’t even notice that he didn’t need to breathe.
He just felt very irritable and eager to get out of the darkness, and there was a burst of vigor in his heart, his eyes were red, he was digging, digging, poofing, accompanied by a soft sound, Song Rui felt his right hand sink into a relaxed softness, and his heart was ecstatic. Finally came out, labor and management finally saw the sun again, he shouted excitedly, his body rushed out from the continuous oppression like an epileptic seizure, and he jumped around for a long time. He had never felt that the air, sunshine, flowers, plants and trees were so beautiful, etc.
Air, sunshine, flowers, plants, trees, he looked around, he was stunned at the moment, where he was now, on a small soil slope, there was no quilt around, the place where he rushed out just now was a meadow, that piece of meadow was pulled so hard It can be clearly seen that a hole that crawled out is covered with paw prints. Wait for this hand print and this footprint. He squatted down and reached out to touch those paw prints, but suddenly saw a piece of white forearm bone stretching out from the white bone’s claw. When he got in front of him, he was frightened and ran to the tree next to him for a while. He turned his head and found that there were some bone claws around the pit except for some messy paw prints.
He came down from the tree cautiously, but suddenly stopped because He found that he was making a caracal sound when he was moving. He felt that he might have to work hard to drive some bad thoughts out of his mind.
Song Rui lowered his head slowly, and looked away with a yelp as if his eyes were scalded. Then unwillingly, he lowered his head and groaned, and then looked away from him who was a little unclear in his mind.
After going back and forth like this for half an hour, he finally accepted the fact that Song Rui, a top student at a prestigious university, turned into a skeleton, a living skeleton.
Although this sentence seems very contradictory, the fact lies in it That’s right, it’s not a bad word. In all fairness, this skeleton shelf looks quite beautiful. The whole shelf, Song Rui, please don’t use the word shelf anymore. It’s really like a shimmer, white as jade, crystal clear and round, it looks like an exquisite piece of clothing. A work of art, but no matter how perfect it is, it is a skeleton frame, Song Rui, you are enough, okay, let’s not talk about this frame, Song Rui’s stare, let’s not talk about Song Rui’s body, let’s talk about the current situation, that piece of dirt looks like it The place Song Rui climbed out of is not the quilt mountain he thought, but deep in the soil. It is true that it is a dirt mountain, but obviously Song Rui prefers to be a quilt mountain, although this is impossible. Those paw prints that he thinks are strange are actually His own footprints and handprints, and when he checked his own footprints, he almost peed on his own paws. This is a sad story.
Song Rui felt that it was difficult for him to accept this fact, so he kept facing the wall and squatted facing the big tree.
Maybe God sees his pity and shows him a kind heart to make him return to normal. No matter how bad it is, it’s acceptable to wear something.
Of course, it must be richer than himself. Of course, he doesn’t want to be more handsome than himself, but he thinks it’s impossible for anyone to be more handsome than him.
I am more handsome and can be half of myself, that is acceptable.
Of course, the most important thing is to have a girlfriend who is white, beautiful, delicate and soft. Ten thousand words are omitted here. He squatted for two hours and his feet became numb. Out of the fact that God had given up on his baby, he stood up helplessly and complained angrily why a skeleton could still feel numbness in his feet, as if he had made a mistake, and complained angrily for another ten minutes before Song Rui remembered to observe the surrounding environment. He is now in a small The environment on the slope is not bad. How do you say it? There must be a blue sky, clouds, flowers, and trees.
In short, there are gentle slopes all around, like a winding ribbon, and you can see some on the other side. From time to time, the shadowy buildings have a sparkling swimming pool like a small lake.
What kind of villa group is this? Those buildings are full of arrogant and corrupt atmosphere from a distance. Song Rui thought to himself, he guessed right here. It is a group of villas, but the environment is man-made, including the rolling hills and the vegetation on it, small rivers and lakes. The scenery is like a natural landscape. The scenery is from the hands of a designer. private resort