Instruct me not to mess with anything until I come back keep all personnel as they are and no one is allowed to leave brother

The copyright of the content belongs to the author. The author of Pifu’s counterattack, Xiaoqi School. The uncle and the loli in the rented house of the department. Before the rainstorm, everyone stood at the fork in the evening.
Who is the ally and who is the enemy? Kill at the neck or fight against the Jedi. The black car driver Liu Handong, who has no way out, is facing the final decision No.
1 Volume 1 Chapter 1 Black Car Liu Handong became a black car driver after he retired from the military. He drove a scrap Poussin gearbox manufactured in 1996.
The engine was overhauled several times. And the suspension of the compulsory traffic safety mark is adjusted to a high level, which is convenient for walking on the bad roads in the urban-rural fringe.
The last day of August is also the seventh day that Liu Handong drives a black car. Waiting at the exit to take the initiative to do the work, but Liu Handong’s sports car depends on his mood. At the moment, he is a bit sleepy and unwilling to join in the fun.
Liu Handong was in a daze when he suddenly heard someone knocking on the roof of the car.
When he looked up, he saw a middle-aged man in his forties. Mouth full of smoky yellow teeth lying on the car window and saying to myself Master, can you go where? Liu Handong asked a little displeased. Hot spring town Big yellow teeth smiled and said 100 yuan. The widening project and the overpass project make it difficult to walk. It’s cheaper. Big Yellow Tooth takes out the cigarette case and pops out a forty-five pack of Suyan, which is handed to Liu Handong. This is already the lowest price.
When I exercise the right, I will hand it over to you, my friend. Da Huangya turned his head and waved Liu Handong also turned his head and found a black Highlander parked on the opposite side of the road. On the driver’s seat was a tall and thin man whose face was mostly covered by sunglasses. He could vaguely see it.
The scar on the side face got in and out of the passenger seat.
A stout young man took out a huge red and blue color striped woven bag from the trunk of the Highlander and walked over with both hands.
Liu Handong got out of the car and opened the trunk of Poussin and asked casually. I have a car, why don’t I borrow the car from the leader of the unit, and dare not run on bad roads? Rhubarb explained that the woven bag was put in the trunk of Poussin.
Seat Poussin groaned and groaned for a long time, finally started the big yellow teeth, said with a smile, your car still has four forward gears, maybe it uses a carburetor, right? After falling off the chain to Wenquan Town, there are a few slopes. I can climb up Poussin, but your Highlander may not be able to climb up. Both of them laughed.
Liu Handong glanced at the rearview mirror.
Twenty-seven or eight years old with tattoos on his arms, he smiled absent-mindedly and drove for a while Big Yellow Teeth yawned casually and asked how much money you can make a month by driving a black car Liu Handong didn’t answer because he felt a slight tremor in the trunk It’s not the displacement of the goods due to the bumps, but the living things are twisting and struggling.
Liu Handong puts in neutral and slows down, ready to pull over and ask what kind of goods are you pulling? The thin rope strangled Liu Handong’s neck and twisted it violently. Liu Handong’s eyes protruded from the strangulation. Poussin stopped abruptly. While blocking the dagger, he did not forget to put it in gear. Step on the accelerator and let it go. Poussin, who usually loses the chain and starts slowly, jumped out this time.
The noose on his neck tightened again, but this time Liu Handong tightened. The muscles of the neck leaned forward as far as possible, quickly upshifted and accelerated, and kicked the oil on the floor.
Poussin galloped on the empty night road like an arrow from the string.
Bleeding fingers, multiple cuts on the neck, the noose on the neck is getting tighter and tighter, he is about to die Liu Handong suddenly turned the steering wheel, the car slammed into the side of the road, Poussin hit the cement prefabricated slab used for overpass repairing under the high-speed impact of the co-pilot The big yellow teeth on the seat knocked bloody head and bloody face and passed out.
The dagger dropped out of his hand. The guy in the back seat even flew out and smashed the windshield glass and fell on the pile of cement prefabricated panels. His face was pierced by steel bars and blood flowed on the prefabricated panels.
His feet were cramping. Liu Handong was wearing a seat belt, and he was fine, but he was also shaken to a point. The broken car had no airbags.
The door was deformed, and the seat belt couldn’t be undone. He picked up the dagger, cut the seat belt, and climbed out of the window to get it I got out my phone and wanted to call the police. The Nokia was out of battery.
I went around and went inside to search.
The middle-aged man took out a phone and pressed it. He was so angry that he had to enter the power-on password. It has already been broken into pieces, try that guy’s breath, he is still angry Liu Handong don’t care, he limped to the car and opened the trunk to see that the woven bag was no longer moving The girl is about the age of a junior high school student. There is a lot of dust on her white shirt and jeans. Her mouth is taped, her hands and feet are tied tightly with nylon rope, her long eyelashes are trembling, and her big, terrified eyes are staring at Liu Handong.
The blue blood vessels under her fair skin Liu Handong tore off the adhesive tape and cut open the ropes on the little girl’s hands and feet with a dagger, saying don’t be afraid I’m not a bad guy Suddenly two glaring beams of light shot over and the sound of rumbling motors from far to near was luck The dirt truck Liu Handong hurriedly waved to stop the truck, but he didn’t know that the truck didn’t answer at all.
He clearly saw a car accident and didn’t even step on the brakes, brushing Liu Handong’s body and whizzing by.