Instead he left and quickly chased a group of strong men looked at each other and then rushed towards the place where the beam of

Source 80 e-book uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world Time word count A down-and-out young man awakens his blood with the heart of a great emperor in his body For the parting of his beloved, he kisses for the parting of his loved one One halberd suppresses the eight desolations and the six unions dominate the nine heavens and the ten earths are the chapters of the emperor. The youth of Chutang.
In the early morning, the red sun shines on the earth and the rain falls.
In the courtyard of Li’s family, a boy about fifteen years old walked out of the house with a smile on his face and stretched out his arms to the dazzling sun in the sky. A lazy young man with a thin body, fair face, and good-looking appearance, but he was dressed in a very shabby trousers, and there were a few holes on his feet, and he didn’t even have a pair of shoes on his feet, just stepping on the ground with bare feet, I saw him looking around Looking around, I said to myself that this city is different from the wilderness and hills. There are people everywhere. The young man’s name is Chu Tang.
He was originally a man from the mountains. And he often suffers from hunger, but he also lives freely and freely in the mountains and rivers. However, he accidentally rescued a girl floating with the water by the river, and because the girl was injured and poisoned, he escorted the girl to the city of falling rain. Hou Chutang decided to bid farewell to his unruly life before, because after following this girl to the bustling city, he learned that in this world, human beings can practice like gods, not afraid of heat, hunger, tigers, leopards, bears, wolves, and even the sky.
Flying in the sky like an eagle, Chutang, who suffered from the scorching heat, cold, hunger and thirst, immediately ignited a flame in his heart eager to practice. His idea is very simple.
I want to let myself never be shaken by the wind again. I want me My stomach is no longer hungry and aching, no, I cultivated to become stronger to make a lot of money, and then I ate three to five meals a day, not ten meals. Thinking of the pride, Chu Tang couldn’t help touching his stomach, his eyes revealed a look of longing, and he was slightly absent-minded. Seeing you, a shriveled voice suddenly woke up Chu Tang turned his head and saw a maid in servant clothes walking towards him. Although the maid’s clothes were servant’s clothes, they looked much more gorgeous than Chu Tang’s tattered clothes. Thank you, Chu Tang was surprised that Miss Li’s injury seemed serious to him, but she recovered within a day after returning. The Li family was really surprised, but for a moment, he nodded politely at the maid and didn’t care.
The servant girl’s tone was inappropriate, she turned around and walked to the next room.
This is the mansion of the Li family. The Li family has a lot of business. There are also warriors who have embarked on the road of cultivation among foreign clans. They are rescued before Chutang, a second-rate family that can be ranked in Luoyu City. The girl in question is the second young lady of the Li family’s direct lineage, and her name is Li Fei. Chu Tang, who was thinking about this, didn’t realize that the maid just now was looking at his back with disdain, especially when he saw his ripped trousers were bare. A burst of contempt rose in his eyes behind his bare feet, and he muttered in a low voice, “It’s fine to send this kind of wild people away casually.
I don’t know what the lady is thinking, but I still want to see him while walking into the room of Li Fei, the second miss of the Li family. Men Chutang looked up and saw that the jewel color in this room was extraordinarily luxurious, which made him feel as if he had entered another world, which was so novel. Just as he was looking around, a beautiful voice came out, thank you for saving my life, beside you There is a golden ticket on the table worth 10,000 gold coins, which is enough to keep you happy in the village you live in for several years. Take it and go back. Well, Chu Tang was stunned. Ten thousand gold coins. Ten thousand gold coins is really a lot.
I have been full for several years, but what does this woman mean by giving him money to repay him? He didn’t save people for this ten thousand gold coins.
Chu Tang shook his head and said, Miss Li Fei deserves the money, I don’t want you to think it’s too little If you save my life, I will give you another 10,000 gold coins. Li Fei’s voice sounded again, I don’t want Chu Tang decisively rejecting Dao, it’s too little to add another 130,000. Although you saved my life, don’t be greedy for me.
I saved you not because of Qian Chutang frowned and said, I finally felt a little uncomfortable in my heart.
He saved this woman’s life and went all the way to escort her back from afar, but the other party’s attitude of gratitude didn’t seem to be very good. It wasn’t because of Qian and Li Feiqing. He hummed lightly, revealing a hint of disdain, and said, “What do you want?” Chu Tang narrowed his eyes, and he already had a trace of disgust towards Li Fei, who was hiding behind the long curtain in the room, and his voice turned cold, “I want to send me away, just say it’s me.” She didn’t mean to repay her kindness, she said goodbye, stood still, Li Fei’s voice suddenly became louder and shouted, Chu Tang curled her lips and continued to walk without a single pause, at the same time, she thought to herself that such a woman with a bad heart knew that she shouldn’t have saved her in the first place, I told you to stop If you leave like this, what will the world think of me? They will call me an ungrateful woman, they will call me an ungrateful woman, and they will spread revenge to my fiancé. Maybe it will interfere with my marriage contract.
Oh, you are a countryman. Give you 30,000 gold coins. You’re lucky, you don’t appreciate it Li Fei’s sharp voice sounded out, and there was a panicked emotion in his tone Chu Tang’s face immediately became colder. He is indeed a countryman who has never seen anything in the world, but this is not him. The reason for bowing your knees Second Miss, I think you made a mistake, I was the one who saved your life, and I didn’t appreciate it, it was you Chu Tang said in a cold voice, there was a surge of anger in his heart, and there was a sound of bead curtains, a charming and coquettish woman walked out It was Li Fei who saw that Li Fei looked at Chu Tang and saw Chu Tang’s shabby clothes, and couldn’t help but show a gloomy contempt on his face, and said, “Very well, you saved my life after all, and I really want to accept your love, okay?” I heard from the servants that you seem to want to embark on martial arts Chu Tang sneered, so what? Can you help me?