Inexplicably angry Tang Lie looked at the little princess affectionately the little princess avoided Tang Lie a little uneasy and suddenly laughed like a spring

Tang Lie opened his sleepy eyes and saw a strange and beautiful face.
Curly maroon hair was scattered on the snow-white pillowcase, and the long black eyelashes were curly and upturned. Tang Lie still had a terrible headache and finally remembered last night.
Fragmented pieces, this girl seems to have met in a bar. They talked a lot and drank a lot. Then things happened naturally.
When I looked up, I found that the wall clock on the wall had pointed to ten o’clock in the morning. He was late, and he couldn’t bear to wake up the sweet dreams of those around him.
He gently lifted the quilt and quietly left the room. Accompanied by a deafening engine roar, a black Lamborghini ghost sports car rushed into the parking lot of Chunhui Pet Hospital with a blast.
With a beautiful drift, it parked in the center of the specially marked yellow parking space.
The originally peaceful air in the surrounding area immediately became turbulent because of the arrival of this sudden visitor.
The resulting gust of wind rolled up the long skirt of the girl beside her, scaring her into a panic. Cover the front of the long skirt with both hands, this can’t stop the skirt from floating up like a lily, the scissors door slowly rises Tang Lie smiled and watched the girl whistle loudly Tang Lie, you bastard girl I don’t know if it’s because of anger Still shy and pretty face flushed red Tang Li laughed loudly, he strode off the sports car, did Sophie talk to the boss like this? Be careful, I’ll fire you. I know what time it is now, the patients are lined up in the hospital, you, the attending doctor, don’t know where to go, are you willing to do it because you plan to ruin Uncle Tang’s family business? Mom, then you can call me Mommy from now on, Mommy, I want to eat milk Tang Lie brazenly made a gesture to hug Sophie Sophie hid aside in fright, I don’t know when there was an extra tube of chili powder, be careful of me Spraying you, Tang Lie, just pretending to scare her, reaching out to take the white coat from her hand, putting it on, and walking towards the outpatient clinic.
His strides are so big that Sophie has to trot all the way to keep up.
Why is she not wearing a nurse? Serving Tang Lie while walking and asking you forgot I am resting today If the hospital hadn’t been a mess, I wouldn’t have come to help you You really love me, have you considered being my girlfriend Sophie stared at Tang Lie viciously Lie, I already have a boyfriend Tang Lie deliberately sighed, what a pity, what a pity we have worked together for so long, don’t you feel anything about me? An extremely attractive man with a height of 1.82 cm and a healthy build. His skin is healthy and bronze.
He has already become a doctor of veterinary medicine at the age of 24. He enjoys a high prestige both domestically and internationally. It makes Sophie feel dangerous. She is a traditional woman, and she hopes to find a partner who is best to treat her wholeheartedly. Unlike Tang Li, his blood is full of restlessness and wildness. He not only loves racing cars, but also tirelessly pursues women.
palm If you can’t control it, keep it at a respectful distance. This is Sophie’s decision after careful consideration.
Tang Lie tidied up his collar, put on his badge, and walked into the clinic hall. He has already fully entered the role of a doctor, regardless of Tang Lie’s personal living habits. He is a rare and good doctor.
He has obtained a double master’s degree in Western medicine and Chinese medicine.
Later, after his parents died in a plane crash, he changed to veterinary medicine and soon got a doctor’s degree.
With his ability and level, he should have entered a national related department.
A research institute or teaching at a university, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in that kind of environment, insisting on staying here to run the pet clinic that his father left him I have been waiting for you for two full hours.
Tang Lie nodded impatiently.
Mrs. Liu has something to go to my consulting room to discuss, but Tang Lie strode towards the back door of the consulting room.
Sophie hurriedly stopped Mrs.
Liu. Mrs. Liu came with me.
Tang Lie will be arranged for you to walk into the consulting room, take a sip of the coffee that has been brewed on the table, stretch your arms, and the door opens. Sophie and the nurse on duty, Lu Li, walk in together and look at the thick hair on their hands. A pile of medical records. Tang Lie laughed so much. It seems that business is going well today.
Sophie helped Tang Lie tidy up the consultation table. Can we start? The name of the owner, Lin Jiaxin, wait a minute, my dog ​​is pooping.
Lu Li looked at the clinic helplessly.
Tang Lie threw the medical records to Sophie.
I never wait for the patient to come back tomorrow. The medical records were handed out.
2 is Mrs.
Liu who stopped Tang Lie just now.
She was holding a fox dog and looked at Tang Lie affectionately. Sophie and Lu Li couldn’t help laughing.
So I want to come here to patronize her Spitz. There is nothing wrong with her fox dog, but it is just an excuse to get close to Tang Lie.
Why is it so bad that she can’t sleep well? Mrs.
Liu replied coquettishly, did she often call Mrs.
Liu at night as if she forgot? He changed his role and replied with a blushing face, saying that he occasionally called out a few times, but not very loudly. Tang Lie felt uncomfortable being looked at by Mrs.
Liu’s infatuated gaze, and hurriedly prescribed two doses of medicine.
You and the nurse went to get the medicine.
Doctor Tang, I couldn’t sleep either.
Good Tang Lie secretly cursed and raised the prescription. I prescribed two payments, one for you and one for the dog.
It must be effective for you. He prescribed only ordinary sleeping pills.
For this kind of frequent self-indulgence, use him to think The target female, Tang Lie, doesn’t have much options. Mrs.
Liu asks Sophie to come over to rescue Tang Lie. If she doesn’t give orders to chase away customers, Mrs. Liu will definitely delay for a while.
Liu stands up reluctantly, Doctor Tang.
I still have a Chow Chow at home Next person