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Although Ye Jinlong is a hardworking man, his ugly appearance kept him from marrying a wife until he was forty years old. He married a silly girl from a neighboring village and became his wife.
In the seventh year after marriage, Ye Jinlong’s stupid woman’s belly finally bulged up, and Ye Jinlong was very excited to work in other people’s homes on weekdays.
Ye Jinlong’s silly woman who couldn’t close her mouth cheerfully used to be silly, but her temperament has changed a lot since she was pregnant with a child, and she was smiling all the time, and she seemed a little normal when she talked. It’s time for the one-month-old silly woman to give birth. Yejia Village belongs to a remote area. Usually, the childbirth is done by the woman from the neighboring village. Ye Jinlong watched the woman enter the room. Hearing the voice of the child in the room, I couldn’t help but feel a little hairy. The mother-in-law walked out of the room and told Ye Jinlong that the silly woman had a difficult labor. Ye Jinlong made up his mind.
Ye Jinlong, who was dazed for a long time, gritted his teeth and said that the child is okay, and then he must keep his wife first.
Wen turned her head and walked in, but saw a bloody baby lying on the bed, the silly lady was already out of breath, and Ye Jinlong rushed into the room feeling a little out of control, hugging the corpse of the silly lady and crying. The lying baby cried and pulled Ye Jinlong out. This is really strange. I just sniffed the baby’s snort and it didn’t breathe at all. It doesn’t take a day or two to do this job. I still have some understanding of stillbirth. The baby is still alive all of a sudden. Yang somewhat surprised her.
Ye Jinlong just lost his wife, feeling a little sad. Suddenly seeing his child, he felt a little excited.
He didn’t care about the blood stains on the child, and carefully held the child in his arms.
Damn, wake up and look at this. It’s our child who really looks like your silly woman, who is already chilling, how can she wake up and look at her child? It wasn’t until Mrs.
Wen brought hot water that she took the child from Ye Jinlong. Jinlong is a son, you old Ye family After looking forward to it for so many years, Ye Jinlong finally hoped to have a son. The sudden joy made his chest heat up, a mouthful of blood spit out, and the whole person collapsed in an instant.
Seeing Ye Jinlong leaning against the silly woman, she died immediately. I also lost my mind and kept shouting in the yard, attracting all the residents around.
Seeing that both of Ye Jinlong’s family were dead, leaving only one doll waiting to be fed, they couldn’t help feeling pity in their hearts. With the help of Ye Jinlong’s cousins Xia Ye Jinlong and his wife were simply bereaved, but facing the child they left behind, everyone lost their minds.
After everyone was silent for a long time, the second cousin, who has always been honest and dull, spoke. Let my family take care of it for the time being.
Let’s talk about this child. It is also the flesh and blood of our Ye family, and my daughter-in-law has just given birth to a baby. She will be able to feed the rest of her life. I am afraid that this child will not be taken care of.
Of course, I am happy to hear someone volunteering. Boasting that the second cousin has a good heart, everyone scattered and went home.
Ye Jinlong’s second cousin is called Ye Jinbao. There are three children in the family.
They usually live on a few acres of Susukida, and they are not well-off.
Now they have to raise a baby, which makes Ye Jinbao feel uncomfortable.
It’s a strange thing not to go up the mountain to collect some medicinal materials and sell them in the market to supplement the family’s income.
Ever since Ye Jinbao adopted a child from Ye Jinlong’s family, Ye Jinbao’s family has also become uneasy. I also fell from the mountain while collecting herbs and almost lost my life. From then on, Yejia Village began to spread that Ye Jinlong’s son was an ominous person, and a person with a soft life would not be able to support this child. Ye Jinbao originally responded to these comments. He didn’t care, but his mother-in-law couldn’t sit still and kept urging Ye Jinbao to find a family to send the child out. Ye Jinbao ignored the mother-in-law’s request, and then his mother-in-law forced him to die every day, which made Ye Jinbao feel a little anxious Ye Jinbao remembered that when he was picking herbs again, he found an old Taoist priest living in a dilapidated Taoist temple with a kind eyebrow and good intentions. He should have taken in the child, so he came to the Taoist temple with the child in his arms. Jingxiang Ye Jinbao doesn’t know what that old Taoist priest lives on At the gate, it’s good luck for you kid. I met an old Taoist who was wearing a patched Taoist robe. He picked up the child from the ground and poked the child’s nose with his rough fingers.
The child usually doesn’t like to laugh. This time he met the old Taoist tease. He started giggling. At this time, a little girl came out of the Taoist temple and pulled the old man’s sleeve and asked grandpa, who is the younger brother? What’s the name? Let’s call it Bufan. Ye Bufan grew up gradually under the careful care of the old Taoist, and Ye Jinbao also took advantage of the opportunity of going up the mountain to collect herbs from time to time.
Ye Bufan brought some food to the old Taoist. Unknowingly, Ye Bufan is five years old. Other children of this age are still hugging adults’ thighs and acting like a baby, but Ye Bufan is different.
In addition to helping the old man carry firewood up the mountain, he also follows the old man. Of course, there are no enlightened books in Taoist temples for learning to recognize characters. The old Taoist took out a book from the cabinet and placed it on the table.
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