In the shadows evil spirits spy on the dark night before the candlelight ghosts and monsters ghosts dig graves ghosts foxes night companions no matter

The first chapter is from the rebirth of the era of spiritual recovery.
The broken tombstones on the desolate mass graves have collapsed on the ground. The surrounding weeds are growing wildly. Under the moonlight, on this desolate land, you can occasionally see a few simple and heavy coffin boards, the material of which is very poor. Along with the coffin boards, there are countless dry jackdaws flying from the nearby branches.
The cold wind is blowing.
The night is full of stars, and under such an environment, it seems that no one will set foot here. The deserted, desolate, miserable and peaceful atmosphere echoes on this barren hill, and the faint blue will-o’-the-wisp blazes across the barren hill.
Suddenly stretched out a slightly pale hand. The soil was ripped open from the inside. A pair of hands struggled to climb out of the deep soil layer. No one knew how the owner of this hand crawled from the bottom of the soil. There were bursts of whirring and heavy breathing.
Li Jing woke up from the grave. He sat up and looked around in a daze. The dirt around him frowned slightly and couldn’t help cursing in a low voice, who filled my pit? Li Jing stood up from the coffin cursingly and looked around, and her own memories also began to slow down.
Li Jing took out his mobile phone from his trousers pocket, but Li Jing only needed to watch it for a while. On August 12th, Li Jing murmured about this date, and all the cells in his body couldn’t help but cheer. In the last two days, the recovery of spiritual energy is about to begin. His name is Li Jing.
He is an ordinary reborn person. The world after the recovery of spiritual energy will undergo great changes in two days. Human beings will also gain the ancient cultivation method and get unparalleled power. The emergence of superhumans has completely changed the world.
Superhumans with supernatural abilities began to fight each other in order to improve their abilities. The winner is king and the loser is bandit. And some people are also reduced to losers and become bones under the feet of the strong.
Li Jing is also considered one of the strong men of the era, but he can’t be regarded as the top. In 2010, Li Jing got a copy of ghost skills by chance and became a transcendent. In Li Jing’s career as a transcendent, although he practiced evil kung fu diligently, he never did anything like absorbing souls, transforming corpses, and reviving bones. Of course. Fear of being hunted down by strong men of the righteous way is also part of the reason.
After decades of practice, Li Jing barely made it into the team of strong men. However, before he became famous, he opened his eyes and appeared in the community he bought near the school. He was still the one who had just taken a nap and was about to go to class.
At that time, Li Jing thought who had given him the illusion and fought wits with the air for a long time before realizing that he was really reborn.
Li Jing was not depressed but really genuine. the excitement of his The starting point was a whole year later than the others, but now there is enough time to prepare for Li Jing’s rebirth.
One year before the recovery of spiritual energy, Li Jing had a whole year to prepare, so Li Jing dropped out of school without saying a word. He sold all his wealth and sold a few properties. Li Jing also has no immediate family members.
Naturally, he doesn’t need to think about his family. After earning millions, he went to Neon and opened a milk tea shop in Yingdu to hide his eyes. In his life, he sold while selling.
Milk tea kept a low profile while secretly going to the cemetery every night to absorb the yin energy from the cemetery.
The main reason why I came to Neon was because the aura revived and exploded. The Neon country also broke out directly. For practitioners, Hyakki Night Walk is undoubtedly the most suitable time for them.
If they are lucky, they can even steal a shikigami to go back.
Two months ago, Li Jing went directly to a certain cemetery in the countryside of Neon to practice in seclusion for two months in order to break through the realm.
I’m only now out of the customs.
In this life, I’ll be the Emperor of Heaven to suppress all enemies in the world. The night wind gently brushes over Li Jing’s hair. The world is invincible, the so-called top of the devil is proud of the world. If there is me, Li Jing, there will be a day. Li Jing’s current mood can only be described in these words. At this moment, the soil beside Li Jing also began to tremble rapidly. It seems that there is something like Li Jing. Jing is usually buried in the ground.
Seeing this, Li Jing frowned, making a gesture in his hand, shouting in a low voice, and then the loose soil stopped shaking, as if nothing had happened. After everything was done, Li Jing just let out a sigh of relief. I didn’t find anything wrong with it. There is a corpse-level zombie buried here. It was originally just a piece of the lowest-level indestructible bone. Because Li Jing practiced here every night, he was promoted to the corpse-level zombie.
The corpse has been subdued by Li Jing. Li Jing intends to use this corpse to snatch some of the benefits of the Hundred Ghosts Night Walk. There are still two days to prepare.
Li Jing muttered to himself, then patted the dirt on his body to clean it He took a look at his belongings, picked up the big hat from the side, put it on his head, pulled up the coffin board, and walked with a bang.
He remembered that there was a small village nearby. Of course, the neon village is not called a village, but a town.
This town is slightly weird and has a lot of resentment, which is why Li Jing chose to go to that town.
At this time, it is night, dawn, and heat, and the dawn is gradually breaking. There was a gloomy and terrifying atmosphere everywhere, but Li Jing, who crawled out of the soil, was not afraid to see a white belly floating in the eastern sky.