In the quiet night the next door suddenly sounded to open the door The sound followed by the familiar footsteps hesitantly stopped in front of

Copywriting The cold raindrops hit the plantains, pattering down, never willing to get close to Xie Qingfu’s silence, and rarely held up an umbrella for her, but the expression on his face was still cold, like frost in the twelfth lunar month. She asked why you came, and he answered.
Let’s see if your ruthlessness is the same as back then when she was calm You don’t remember much He was calm and breezy Just remembered how you made an appointment to elope with me and how you left me behind at the last minute He turned around again Staring at the empty cuff and who is this hand for? Orphaned and sent under the fence with a broken arm, amnesia, loss of love, and blindness. In short, the male lead is really miserable.
He is full of dog blood and does not need to clear mines because it is all mines.
He only has one left. The hand still wants to hug her tightly again. Double content labels. The main character Xie Qingfu is silent. The supporting role is Xie Hongyao Zhou Xun.
She refused to go boating with the son of the Zhou family on a lake tour, and then even rejected the marriage that Xie Zhen personally chose for her. What kind of person is Xie Zhen? Even though Yanliang has already become the richest man in Jingyang City, his eyes always contain contempt for others and perennial resentment.
Such a person cannot tolerate others challenging his dignity. Xie Qingfu challenged once three years ago She ended up in confinement for a year, but now she clearly knew the result, but she still defied him without hesitation, and finally angered him completely. Qingfu was kneeling in front of the hall, her thin clothes were sticking wetly to her body, she looked extremely embarrassed. A well-built domestic servant held a special whip in his hand and slapped her hard on the back. Originally, the pain caused by whipping was beyond normal It’s unbearable, but one of the benefits of the barb is still wrapped around the whip.
When the whip is drawn down, it will hurt severely.
When the whip is retracted last time, it will hurt again.
The person who was whipped last time had to The second benefit of the barb is that it is coated with a miraculous wound medicine. Even if it hurts after a few days, the wound will grow back well. No one can see the trace of being whipped. Thank you.
Qingfu still remembers that when she received the family law three years ago, it was the very soft-hearted old housekeeper who was in charge. While whipping her, he couldn’t stop sighing in a low voice. It is impossible for you to suffer like this, that person would not know what she was thinking at that time, Xie Qingfu has forgotten, but now she understands what she is doing three years ago for him, three years later she does not know herself Why is it so clear that no matter what, she doesn’t want to marry herself to a man who only met once? Xie Zhen’s order was to pump every whip with all his might, Xie Qingfu tightly grabbed the bottom of her clothes with both hands, Biting a large strand of her own hair in her mouth, her complexion was as white as snow, and her thin clothes were soon broken by the servant’s whip.
The barbs on the whip directly slapped her skin in pain. She looked up.
As the rain fell from the sky, there was no moan, only the welts on the back were bleeding, and the rain dripped down the clothes and dripped to the ground. Miss, your servant saw her frowning, but still refused to admit her mistake.
I couldn’t bear it, and was about to say a few words of persuasion, but I heard a few footsteps not far away. Turning my head to look, I saw Xie Zhen standing on the stone steps that couldn’t get out of the rain, and behind him stood two umbrellas to cover him from the rain Maid, do you know that I was wrong Xie Qingfu let go of her teeth, her black and wet braids fell down her shoulders, her lips turned white and she said softly, I don’t even know where I am wrong The water flows along the four corners of the flying eaves and falls at his feet, making the sound of splashing water? Does Xie Qingfu even have the strength to speak? He can only cough a few times in the rain and nod. Xie Zhen still has no expression on his face.
After a long time, he turned his head and said to the maid next to him to help the eldest lady up. When Xie Qingfu coughed and was helped up by the maid, Xie Zhen said indifferently. Maybe next time I wouldn’t dare to say it, then she frowned slightly and walked away with a flick of her sleeve, the servants and other maids also followed.
Xie Qingfu raised her wet hand to wipe the rain on her face just as she was about to fall from her side The maid came with an umbrella in her hand, holding on to the half-green that had been hiding behind the pillar, but had already rushed out with a paper umbrella in one hand and a dry handkerchief in the other, let me come miss you Xie Qingfu was slightly surprised and lowered her head to look at her fingers, and sure enough, she saw a few scratches on the knuckles on the back of her hand, probably the ones she injured by hitting the ground with her hand when she was enduring the pain. The maid brought by Xie Zhen Squeeze away to the side, wipe away tears, and take Xie Qingfu’s hand to carefully wipe off the water and blood on it, miss, you can’t tell me, I’ll run out to stop it, but when I said that, I was about to sob and cry, Xie Qingfu Feeling dizzy, but facing her anxious and worried face, she couldn’t get angry. She just shook her head and said in a hoarse voice, didn’t you get beaten when you came out? Lu promised, wiped away tears and held Xie Qingfu by the side. The icy cold rain still fell on the ground and landed on the stagnant water, making small ripples.
Xie Qingfu walked up with half green The steps finally slumped on the ground and said, Banlu, let’s take a rest, Miss, the pain is unbearable.