In the past Xun Wenzheng would always put an extra chair in front of his desk for Xun Liangyou but now it’s different let’s not

The men onlookers looked at Zuo Zuo and exclaimed, What a beautiful little girl, she was about to be taken over by someone else, and then looked at her wife, at least she is safe, the women onlookers looked at Xun Liangyou, and exclaimed, What a wonderful man, she actually wanted to Occupied by others and then look at my husband Well at least he is safe Human beings will be safe once they get married This is a perfect match Chapter 1: Marrying waste materials In the bedroom where the light is as bright as day, Xun Liangyou bares his upper body with well-defined texture and his hands are untying his belt, watching Zuo Zuo’s eyes revealing the devouring light.
The man approached her step by step, she couldn’t help crying, her body was grabbed by Zuo Zuo with both hands, crying even more fiercely, her small face was full of tears, her whole body was shaking like chaff, before she could yell out, she was caught by Xun Zuo Liangyou picked it up and threw it on the bed.
His clothes were ripped apart roughly, and his naked body stuck to him.
Zuo Zuo wanted to shrink back, but he couldn’t move because of Xun Liangyou’s pressure. She was very afraid and opened her mouth and wanted to bite her tongue to kill herself.
He pinched Xun Liangyou with one hand and looked closer at Zuo Zuo, almost fascinated, even maddened.
Her nose was red from crying, and her pitiful expression like a little white rabbit brought his bestiality to the point of breaking out. His breathing became more and more rapid, he separated her legs forcefully, and took the beautiful woman as his own, Zuo Zuo lay under him erect and trembling, desperately trying to cry out, but he couldn’t, this uncomfortable feeling tormented her almost Fear of death dragged her step by step into the darkness Zuo Zuo finally shouted out, today is the day when Xun Liangyou married his wife, it is already late at night in the villa, but it is as bright as day The living room on the first floor exudes a festive atmosphere 2 The atmosphere on the building is a bit weird, the surroundings are quiet, only the sound of splashing water can be heard, and I can feel a gaze behind him watching Zuo Zuo, who is standing under the shower head, cautiously turned his head and glanced back and forth across the bathroom, but found nothing. Quietly breathed a sigh of relief, probably because I was too tired today, so I had hallucinations. I felt that Xun Liangyou was peeking at her taking a bath, and the sound of the water stopped abruptly.
Zuo Zuo reached out and took the bathrobe to wrap his body around him. Da Tiao only felt a chill behind her back, her whole body was stiff, what just appeared was not a hallucination, someone was really peeking at her taking a bath, it wasn’t a cat, a big fat cat named Yin Gang was lazily lying on the bed Looking at Zuo Zuo on the ground, Zuo Zuo stretched out his hand, stroked his chest, sighed lightly, and glared at Yin Gang with a stern face. Xun Liangyou is outside, why are you looking for him to come in? Zuo Zuo was not in the mood to pay any attention to this pet who was so spoiled, he pulled a dry towel, lifted his foot, stepped on the dress on the floor, opened the door and strode out, the phone on the bedside table was ringing endlessly, Zuo Zuo He came out of the bathroom while wiping his hair, looked for the sound, and saw Xun Liangyou and his wife Lying on the bed like a dead person, the phone rang so many times and ignored Xun Liangyou, your phone rang, she called indifferently, just in the bathroom, I heard the ringing Zuo Zuo, who had been working all day, really felt annoying to me Knowing that the man lazily responded, he is not deaf, so she reminds you to pick it up, the other party may be busy Xun Liangyou asked instead of answering I heard you were crying in the dressing room today Why is there a wedding photo of the two on the wall beside the bed? He was still wearing a well-fitting suit, except for his cheeks that were slightly flushed from drinking too much at night, he looked very formal in his lying posture and speaking attitude, but he seemed to have thought of something unhappy.
Zuo Zuo didn’t answer. He just frowned slightly, threw away the towel, walked to the dressing table, sat down, heard the whirring sound of the hair dryer, Xun Liangyou opened his eyes, Zuo Zuo was sitting in front of the dressing table, blowing his hair, and from his angle, he could just see it From half of her face, I can see that her skin is as creamy as fat, her face has smooth lines, and further down, there is a white neck, collarbone looming, and a lump protruding from her chest.
Although she is wearing a nightgown, she is still fascinated. Xun Liangyou is so excited at this moment. His eyes were full of bad news, his throat felt unbearable swallowing, he was taken aback by the hand that suddenly reached out to his waist, Zuo Zuo turned off the hair dryer, stared at Xun Liangyou coldly, let go, I’m blowing my hair, why are you so fierce He replied seemingly displeased, and then leaned forward with a playful smile on his deep eyes, my wife, let me blow it up for you. Your phone is still ringing.
No matter what he said, he got up and got out of bed, grabbed the hair dryer in Zuo Zuo’s hand, and turned it on her head.
Zuo Zuo was messing around, but he wanted to follow him and forget it, but he felt that his scalp was getting hotter and hotter, and finally almost jumped up, he quickly reached out and grabbed the hair dryer, turned it off, and covered his scalp with his other hand, facing him in the mirror displeased I yelled, I don’t need your help, does it hurt? I looked at Xun Liangyou and said, I wanted to go forward again, but Zuo Zuo waved her hand away before touching her head, and put down the hair dryer. Zuo Zuo didn’t care if her hair was still dry Just got up and went to bed, Xun Liangyou thick-skinned ignored her blame just now, in his heart he only thought about finally getting down to business, secretly delighted, hurried into the bathroom to take a shower, the sound of splashing water only lasted more than ten minutes, then stopped, Zuo Zuo turned over and just found Good posture, lying down, good body, and the body was pressed, even though I closed my eyes, I knew who it was, and after a while, something soft and cool sealed her lips. She hummed softly, clearly knowing what to do with her body But you can’t relax, your heart is beating so fast, Xun Liangyou almost pressed against her cheek and said, the scorching breath blew on her snow-white skin, causing layers of heat waves Zuo Zuo’s face was flushed, she opened her eyes and looked like you were about to go to the execution ground Hurry up, don’t talk, Xun Liangyou grinned twice