In the name of the contractor borrow the magical power of destroying the world from you and burn all the evil in the world let

Wedge the future, a distant era, an unknown era, the earth, human civilization is unprecedentedly developed, all kinds of emerging technologies emerge in endlessly, human living standards are generally improved, the world is connected into an inseparable whole, and each country still exists independently, but is allied with each other to form a huge one. There will be no more wars in the regime chain, everyone’s life is very rich, people’s needs can be easily met, this is the future year, the future year, the earth’s technology level is extremely high, the civilization level is extremely developed, everyone has government subsidies and housing every day Individuals can live a superior and affluent life. Human occupations have become increasingly scarce, and high-tech R&D personnel have become the most needed talents in the country.
Therefore, cultivating new high-tech R&D personnel has become a major event in the world today. Intelligence generally improves, but with the unraveling of the mysteries of the universe, people need to learn more and more knowledge. In view of this situation, the cutting-edge technology laboratory at the forefront of the world’s technology has proposed a plan to create an artificial intelligence chip and convert the chip from They were implanted into human brains in infancy to achieve the purpose of cultivating new high-tech R&D talents. They succeeded and successfully developed a smart chip that stores a lot of knowledge. They also failed because they did not achieve their purpose.
Every time a When newborns appear, the government implants smart chips into them, so that they have a lot of knowledge at birth, but the government soon finds out that this is completely wrong.
No matter how high intelligence and knowledge a newborn has, it still cannot change him.
The fact is that it is a newborn, and the representative word for newborn is immature. The government thought it was just a matter of age, but as the batch of babies grew up, everyone who participated in this experiment pessimistically found that the experimenters had nothing but rigid knowledge. It is impossible to think deeply outside the system.
They have knowledge but cannot use it. They can only memorize it by rote and cannot understand. This is not a high-tech R&D talent, this is a living robot.
Heads of state and representatives of cutting-edge laboratories sat together to discuss this important issue Finally, a plan was reached to rebuild the school system that had disintegrated decades ago, and no longer implanted smart chips in anyone. The militarized and intelligent management college cultivates children’s thinking ability from an early age and creates new scientific and technological research and development talents.
The alliance and promotion of the next huge comprehensive college will be established as a world college, and branches of the world college will be set up in various countries around the world. Intelligent robot countries first cultivate their own talents in the branches of each country.
Every year, a group of outstanding talents are selected from them and sent to the general hospital to study.
Those who have not been able to enter the general hospital will be implanted with smart chips to distribute subsidies and housing after graduation.
Become an ordinary citizen World Academy is completely a comprehensive academy. All kinds of musical instruments and art equipment that were eliminated before are also included in it. Middle school students can choose their own subjects. The World College is composed of the Kindergarten Department, the Primary School Department, the Junior High School Department, the Senior High School Department, the University Department and the Research Department.
There is only one branch in each country, and it occupies an active area. Older children are forced to be admitted to study at the age of 1.
Parents do not need to If you pay any fees, there are only two long holidays per year. During the long holidays, students can leave the college to meet their parents. Of course, if they have excellent academic performance, they can take additional vacations and receive various rewards issued by the college.
Opportunity Of course, students can also choose to continue studying in the branch school. At the same time, students whose scores fail to meet the standard in the annual graduation exam will be asked to implant a smart chip that stores all the knowledge of the semester to continue the next study or Repeat the grade until you pass the exam.
Although it sounds like the World Academy is a very mandatory academy, the complete military management is impersonal, but in fact, the management of the World Academy is relatively loose, and students are relatively free. For those students with good grades, this academy is even better. It’s like heaven, as long as the grades are good enough, the college’s rewards are extremely generous, and there is no shortage of entertainment venues such as stadiums, shopping malls, game centers, and leisure time. The life of the students is also extremely exciting, so this is the end of the introduction to the World College.
The development of science and technology, intelligent robots have replaced most of the occupations, and more and more people have nothing to do at home. In order to fill the poor spiritual world of these people, novels, comics, games, etc. have reached their heyday.
The holographic technology has been applied to animation, movies, online games and other aspects and has achieved great success.
Among them, online games are the most popular among the people, and the most famous game production company in the online game industry is China’s Wuji company Wuji company since its debut Launched the world’s first community-based holographic online game, launched the world’s first myth-themed online game, launched the world’s first dance online game, and in this year, Wuji, after a year of preparation, once again Introduced a heavyweight bomb The world’s first and only fully comprehensive combat holographic online game integrates Eastern and Western fantasy into one, including at least the main professional screen Exquisite music and beautiful characters This is what set off a craze The unique online game Xtreme uses the most advanced new holographic technology. It can be entered in three ways through the game helmet, game cabin and game glasses released by Wuji Company. The game helmet is the cheapest. The number of initial stages is limited to one million. The daily online time is limited to five.