In the end he was deceived by a woman who looked innocent Link Link looked at the woman standing by the door holding the door

Unlucky Link Alice goes to tell Link he should wake up Mom I’m late a fat white girl swallows a sandwich yelling Mama Kosk I’m late too I’m going to school you forgot my school bus than Alice’s was ten minutes earlier.
A tall boy with a lot of pimples said helplessly, “I’m sorry, baby, mother forgot.
” A multi-year-old man with a mustache on his upper lip put down his coffee and said honey, maybe he still needs to calm down.
I think he needs breakfast more.
The woman busy in the kitchen glared at him. Lie up and call upstairs Link Link your mother prepared breakfast for you a young man of yellow race came slowly down the stairs he said yes daddy I heard hey Kosk Alice good morning mom good morning He called a white woman for his mother and the whole family was white except for him He was obviously not related to anyone else for the simple reason that he was adopted and the woman prepared him a glass of fresh milk when he went to get a sandwich Say baby how are you doing today yeah mama I’m all fine except damn looking for a job maybe you can find mr barley middle aged man shouting he’s looking for a breeder link holding him at breakfast Sit down at the dinner table and say daddy I heard the Bally fish farm is going out of business maybe if you go there the middle-aged man shrugs and says he works for the Bally fish farm and he’s the technical director there Of course he knows the state of the Bally fish farm Maybe this year’s rainbow trout The price will be higher I think he’ll go bankrupt when I go Don’t say that the kids are busy in the kitchen and the women say it’s accidents I have to go out and wait for the school bus Daddy bye bye bye bye You’re having a nice day lady just came out with her own breakfast and he came up and said good luck babe lady sat down at the table after seeing off her son and asked Link is he going out looking for a job today maybe you should Consider Jeff’s opinion.
Jeff is the name of a middle-aged man. Link is a child adopted by the Hans couple. His biological parents are Chinese who came to the United States during the wave of Chinese immigration in the last century. They divorced him in the third year of his life. He lived with his biological mother in San Francisco, but when he was five years old, his biological mother died in a car accident while at work, and his biological father is said to have returned to China, so he became an orphan. Hans and his wife were his neighbors at that time. The two families had a good relationship.
They decided to adopt him when he was still a child.
Cox was not born to Mr. and Mrs. Hans until he was seven years old.
It was two years later that Mr.
and Mrs.
Hans’ second child, Alice, was born six years ago.
Moved to live in Amber, St.
Lawrence County, Nevada Jeff worked on a private fish farm and Barbara worked at a fast food restaurant in town Link didn’t get into college and went to Las Vegas at nineteen A restaurant as a waiter salary Although the water is not high, the tip income is not low. He worked in that restaurant for two years and saved some money.
He joined a tour group and went to China.
On the return flight, the front wheels could not be put down when the plane landed, and finally had to make an emergency landing, even though the plane made an emergency landing. No one was killed, but many passengers were injured. He was one of them. His head hit the side wall of the plane and he suffered a severe concussion. When he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that there was a small shadow on the left side of his brain, suspected to be congestion. He took him home to recuperate He’s been back at Hans’s for five months The last time he went to the hospital for a check-up The doctor said the shadow in his brain had disappeared but he’d lost his previous job a long time ago Now he’s twenty-two Of course he can’t Nothing to do but he’s been looking for a job for a month In just one month he’s found eight jobs The longest one only worked for three days And he’s still unemployed So he’s still trying to find a job Yeah Mommy Link Eat a sandwich and say I want to go to Las Vegas where there are more opportunities If you like you go God bless you Although it is not very approving of him going back to Las Vegas but Barbara also noticed this adopted son Not having a good time lately yeah God bless me Link wryly says he should bless me to get a steady job if Jeff puts down the newspaper and says I mean if you can’t find it if you’re in Las Vegas To the right job I suggest you go home and if I’m still so unlucky maybe that’s God’s guide I’m sure I’ll go to work on the barre fishing I think I’ll be back baby God bless you Barbara Than a cross piously Said that Link nodded, but he had his own plans in his heart.
He has been very unlucky recently. He lost eight jobs in just one month. It wasn’t because of his lack of ability, or because he was sneaky. He was robbed and the same happened the next night.
The robber fired a bullet and grazed his arm.
Although he was not shot, he was still injured, so the Hanses asked him to resign.
The second job was to deliver fast food.
One job hit a dog and got slightly injured. The fast food restaurant compensated the dog for medical expenses.
He was also fired from the third job.
He was a waiter in a fast food restaurant.
He stepped on a furry child and threw it on the floor when he delivered the first meal. The small piece of pizza slipped on his feet and the hot pizza in his hand was photographed on the face of the kid’s mother.
The fast food restaurant almost didn’t get into a lawsuit, so he lost his job again. Anyway, every job he encountered was one way or another.
No Recently, he finally understood why he was so unlucky, it was not a coincidence, but because he was possessed by a god from China