In the end even if they fully mobilized the cosmic authority in the cosmic scepter and continuously manipulated the explosion of stars they could not

In short, it is all kinds of non-zombie end times. Chapter 1 Drilling System Loopholes According to this newspaper, the temperature in Indian Country has dropped sharply since the end of January.
The current minimum temperature has dropped to minus 52 degrees, breaking through the lowest threshold in history.
Unfortunately, Cui Ming stood up and turned off the TV. He walked to the balcony and pushed open the window.
Outside the window, there was a vast expanse of white snow that was still falling.
Outside the window, the cold wind pierced the bones.
After taking a little breath, he could see the obvious white mist for a long time. Cui Mingcai Close the window, go quietly to the bedside, sit down, and ask the system in my head, this is what you said about the end of the ice age. I remember that my novice reward is to buy things to upgrade to a higher level and 100 energy points.
Earlier, I said to suspend use Now I want to use these two novice rewards together. The novice price of the mechanical database in the early stage of the first-level civilization is 100 energy points. Using the upgrade authority, it should be able to upgrade to a full-smart chip in the early stage of the second-level civilization. The original price of the mechanical database in the early stage of the first-level civilization. One thousand energy points contains all scientific and technological materials since the second industrial revolution. The novice price only needs 100 energy points, while the price of a full-smart chip in the early stage of the second-level civilization is 1 million energy points. By superimposing discounts, you can use 100 energy points. Purchasing 1,000,000 energy points of a full-smart chip at the beginning of the second-level civilization is obviously a very cost-effective thing.
The key is that the full-smart chip at the beginning of the second-level civilization contains all the scientific and technological knowledge at the beginning of the second-level civilization. Chips of this level can basically deal with everything as long as they are used properly.
Doomsday disasters of non-interstellar level can be used, but the purchase of items can only be used once to increase the authority of a first level. Are you sure to use it on the smart chip that upgrades the mechanical database from the early stage of the first level civilization to the early stage of the second level civilization? The system asked again and again to confirm the purchase of Cui Ming confirmed again and clicked Confirm Submit on the system mall.
In fact, he was a little worried now, wondering if the two discounts could be superimposed and used the system for a long time before responding again. The transaction was established and a loophole in the system was found. The first-level authority cannot be used in combination.
Just when Cui Ming thought that his idea was going to be shattered, the system continued to say that after inspection, the transaction was verified before the new rules were added. It was established and shipped immediately. The system voice in his head ended in Cui Ming’s hand. Immediately, there was an extra chip, a translucent crystal chip.
Cui Ming had seen how to use it in the system mall before, so he naturally wouldn’t understand it now. Quickly enter the skin and the brain to become the database of the brain and the external storage disk.
The chip is also very simple. Just issue a command in the brain and it will pop up automatically. Well, the task request from the system has been issued. Your task in this world is to survive and continue human civilization as much as possible.
The original ending of this world is that human civilization completely collapses. After a hundred years, more than ten thousand people are left scattered on the planet, and civilization falls into four directions.
Primitive civilization that drank blood, you only You can get energy points to make the ending better Silence According to the rule system, after the mission is released, it can only appear again after the host submits the mission or the host dies.
The settlement of energy can save human beings and civilization. This task is difficult for me alone.
How many people can I save by myself? Not to mention saving the entire civilization, it seems that we need to seek the cooperation of the government, but there is no rush. Natural disaster-type apocalypse generally has a gradual process. The time can still catch up with Cui Ming. I started adding to the shopping cart crazily. I added tons and tons of clothes, food, and clothes to the shopping cart, but everything that might be needed, even all kinds of seeds, Cui Ming, was directly added to the shopping cart and saved for the final settlement.
Of course In addition to these daily necessities, Cui Ming also put in a lot of various materials that may be needed in the future. Unfortunately, the various materials he wanted to buy were too expensive and only put in less than one-fifth of the expected amount.
The amount needed to empty the shopping cart has already exceeded 5 million, and Cui Ming’s current deposit is only a little over 5 million. Fortunately, he is a researcher-level senior engineer and usually does private work, otherwise I am really a clever woman.
After lowering the account balance, he sighed with emotion, then stood up and took a look at the house he was living in, and finally decided to sell the house as soon as possible Sudden death from overwork is mainly because he bought a house here in Xicheng District and has to pay more than 70,000 monthly mortgages. His monthly salary is only 100,000 yuan, and the mortgage is more than half, plus more than 10,000 car loans and more.
If you don’t make some extra money for relatively large daily expenses, I’m afraid it’s really Yueyue Yueguang who basically can’t save money. This house was bought five years ago and paid off in ten years.
At that time, the down payment was 3 million and the monthly payment was a little over 70,000. If you buy it now, even if you pay 5 million down, you have to pay back 100,000 a month. Although the price has not doubled, it has increased by 70 to 80%. Now if you sell it directly, 15 million may be possible.
It’s a little too much, but 13 to 4 million is absolutely no problem.
After all, the housing price in Xicheng District has risen to 170,000 a square meter. According to the size of the house, the market price is basically more than 20 million.
The end of the world.
It’s coming, how can Cui Ming have the mood to continue to pay the mortgage for the original body, besides, a large number of people will be frozen to death in the future, the house can still be sold, wait until then