In the cool breeze in the middle of the night Zhong Jian stood next to his post a boy with a flat head leaned over

Tao found out that ever since the cosmetics at home became refined, her life has become a double world of ice and fire.
In addition to being a conscientious little transparent writer, she was also forced to take on an awesome side job. The queen of cosmetics, but the duty of the queen is to study hard. Make up in order to get a higher score to support the group of makeup guys at home.
What to do if the score is not good? Ruan Tao said that one time she missed the pass by one point, and when she went out, passers-by lay on the grass The big guy is going to set fire to death, she is really tired and even more tired is the Shura field, which does not repeat itself every day.
When this group of cosmetics are fighting for the wind, jealous, begging for caress, begging for favor, Ruan Tao just wants to say it’s amazing, my brother, please stop and eat Guide Cosmetics Anthropomorphic Brain Aiming to Su Potian as the Target The anthropomorphic brain hole is bigger than the sky Su Shuang carries Shura Field Chapter 1 On becoming a spirit It is said that all things in the world can become spirits, but Ruan Tao never expected that when she woke up one morning, her cosmetics would grow by themselves After running away, she sat on the sofa in the living room blankly, glanced around at the sudden extra people, and asked herself how could things turn out like this? It must be because of the way she woke up.
Ruan Tao was calm.
Touching the sofa, I calmly stepped over the other end of the sofa, the legs that suddenly protruded and blocked, decided to go back to the room to catch up on sleep, all this was a dream, how could the cosmetics that she just threw into the cabinet and locked up yesterday turned into a human form and came out to greet her Hehe, it seems that we are not welcome by you. Mingming Ruan Tao has crossed the leg that blocked the road, but he couldn’t hold it up long enough, retracted, circled, and outflanked her from the front, and hit her calf with a little force. With Ruan Tao on her stomach, she fell unsteadily on the sofa next to her, but fortunately she was quick to react and supported the soft sofa cushion with her hands in time to avoid the embarrassment of burying her whole face before Ruan Tao raised her head. The big bony hand reached under her eyelids and pinched her jaw. The pressure came from her bones, causing her eyes to involuntarily move up and crash into a deep blue ocean. My lord, you want to abandon your loyal and humble servant.
Where are you going? The hoarse voice is like a cello singing, and the deliberately exaggerated tone is like an aria in an opera. A few strands of waist-length hair approached in front of her eyes, and she couldn’t help blinking with a subtle touch that seemed to be nothing. This man is an elegant and noble prince described by a medieval painter.
It is possible to stay away from the hustle and bustle in a majestic castle, but it should not exist in this world.
Ruan Tao half-kneeled on the sofa with her hands in front of her body, slightly raised her head, and stared at this handsome man for a few seconds.
It was the man who lost the battle first, really, Your Highness, you look at my man with a smile like a deceptive poppy, then raise your hand and slowly cover Ruan Tao’s eyes, it will make me very sad A shadow was cast over the embarrassing vision, Ruan Tao frowned subconsciously, but quickly moved the hand away Givenan was not rude, this time another serious voice sounded, this voice inexplicably reminded Ruan Tao The admonishing tone of the dean in middle school was exactly the same.
The silver-haired man was caught by someone’s hand. He lazily raised his eyelids and glanced at the visitor. His dark blue eyes narrowed, Alinis, this is not yours. There are a lot of monasteries with a lot of precepts, don’t tell me what to say, pay attention to your wording Given, the solemn young man said this, let go of the silver-haired young man named Given. Ruan Tao found that this man really spoke like him.
The same old-fashioned white robe is neatly buttoned up to the top layer, and the slender neck is tightly hidden under the clothes. Givenchy curls his lips and rubs his wrist exaggeratedly, even if there is actually no trace of you on it. This look is not afraid to frighten His Highness, Given suddenly turned his head and looked at Ruan Tao, casually raised his eyebrows, it was a pleasing picture, why didn’t my Highness speak, he turned in the direction of Alanis, and made a malicious guess with his mouth. Oh, I see, it must be this guy’s fault, my lord, as long as you ask, your most loyal servant will be happy to serve you.
Givenan leaned on the back of the sofa and tilted his head to the man in white robes in front of him.
The young man in the white robe made a cutting gesture and didn’t pay attention to Givenan’s fuss. He walked around in front of Ruan Tao, lowered his head and stared at her quietly for a while, then suddenly bent down and stretched out his hand to correct Ruan Tao’s unsightly kneeling posture into a standard one. After finishing this task, the young man straightened up.
His smooth black hair slid down from his shoulders, and his eyes, as deep as night, reflected Ruan Tao’s legs close together and obediently putting his hands on his knees. A flash of satisfaction flashed in his eyes, and then he was crisp He knelt down on one knee, his head bowed, showing extreme respect, Your Highness, his voice was different from Givenchy’s deep voice, and he was willing to do your best for you, but what responded to him was Ruan Tao’s merciless kick, because it was Xia Ruan Tao who was here There is no habit of wearing slippers at home, so when she came out of the bedroom, she was always barefoot.
Her white and tender bare feet stepped hard on the young man’s spotless white robe, and immediately felt the strong muscles under the soles of her feet. Seeing herself as if she had kicked an iron plate Ruan Tao pursed her lips, pressed her lips repeatedly a few times without giving up, and shouted in a low voice, “Go away, Your Highness, did I offend you?” Alainis’ face was filled with pure doubts.
He didn’t understand why the girl in front of him suddenly became angry.