In the building Li Shuo Jackdaw Medicine King Sun Baihong and the three great masters came out of the boxes Respectfully bowed his hand and took

It is probably the combination of Xianxia and Changtian. A young man unintentionally opened the Lingtai to know the sea and found a square inch of Lingshan. From this kind of immortal rice nourishing medicine, he opened a cave and opened up a fairyland.
Embark on the road to immortality. It will be dawn when the moon rises and the moon sets.
At this time, Zhouzhuang Water Village is still immersed in the vast morning mist.
Only a hazy outline of the water village can be seen.
On the river bank, everything is quiet and the cold wind is as cold as a knife.
A crow’s nest on the top of a dead tree.
The jackdaws huddled in their nests and occasionally let out a cry. In the night, it was extremely noisy and piercing.
Su Chen stepped on a small bamboo raft, clutching a ten-meter-long bamboo pole with his frozen red hands, swaying in the water and sliding to the river behind him.
On the bamboo raft was a fishing basket made of bamboo strips, a bamboo tube fishing lamp, and a pair of fishing nets. The water splashed lightly on the raft from time to time and wet his straw and rattan shoes.
Su Chen is the child of a poor fisherman’s family in Zhouzhuang.
The fisherman’s life is difficult. The boat tax of the Gusu county government is already very heavy, and the extortion by gangsters from time to time is like two heavy boulders.
The Su family is overwhelmed and breathless.
Parents go to the big lake to fish every day, go out early and return late, which is only enough for a family of five to make ends meet.
One day, he caught some fish and shrimps in the river and sold some copper coins to make up for his family. When the bamboo raft arrived in the river, he plunged a foot-long bamboo pole deep into the mud at the bottom of the river and moored it.
Su Chen rubbed his almost cold hands to warm himself up Rolling up the sleeves of the sackcloth, he took out flint and hay from his pocket and hit it hard for more than ten times before finally igniting a plant of dry grass. He hastily lit the bamboo oil lamp on the raft with the hay and put the bamboo oil lamp on the raft with a small stick. The light of the bamboo tube oil lamp near the water surface is extremely dim, but it is the only bright light in this silent river in the dim night. Fish and shrimp tend to light.
At night, they are easily attracted by open flames. Food as bait naturally attracts more fish and shrimps to come to look for food Lights to lure fish This is a little trick of fishermen fishing at night and it is also Su Chen’s best fishing technique Squatting on a bamboo raft soaked in cold water, holding a pair of fishing nets, patiently waiting for the fish in the river to come to forage The market sells a large fishing basket full of small fish larvae and dried shrimp for only two or three copper coins. It is hardly enough for the fishermen to pay for a busy day’s meals. The most valuable are big fish weighing several catties. The big deep lake is called Dianshan Lake.
The surface of the lake is high and the waves are fast. It is rich in big crucian carp. If you catch a big fish that weighs two catties, you can sell it for five copper coins, but it is something that people in the county and the noble guests of restaurants and inns often eat.
The fishermen in Zhouzhuang salvage it.
Even the big fish are reluctant to eat by themselves. They are usually transported to Gusu County to be sold and exchanged for copper coins to pay the county government’s boat tax. Barely maintaining the livelihood of the whole family. In addition, there are extremely rare silver spine saury, snowflake stone fish, red tail prawn, three rare treasures in the big lake.
Thinking of these three rare fish, Su Chen is heartbroken, a rare fish that only weighs half a catty.
The silverback saury was sold to the Tianying Inn, the largest restaurant in Gusu County, which sold it for an astonishing 500 copper coins, which was almost worth as much as a fisherman salvaged a whole boat. Su Chen often went there with the fishermen. I went to the Tianying Inn in the county town to sell fish, and I met the boy who worked as a handyman at the Tianying Inn, Ah Chou. The two teenagers became good brothers who talked about everything, so they are familiar with the market in the fish market in the county town.
It’s just that these rare fish species are extremely difficult to catch.
Hundreds of fishing boats go down to the lake every day, and one or two may not be able to catch one of the three major treasures. Even veteran fishermen with decades of experience can hardly catch silverback saury in deep-water large lakes with huge fishing nets tens of feet long.
If a fisherman is lucky enough to catch one, he must show it off to all the fishermen in Zhouzhuang. I wish everyone would boast and envy himself.
Unfortunately, only the middle-aged fishermen dare to take a fishing boat to the big lake and cast a big net to catch Su Chen. Or young men are weak and dare not go to the big lake. He can support a small bamboo raft to catch fish in the calm river. Although he is envious of these special and rare fish, he dare not go to many ways. In the small river, he can occasionally catch big crucian carp that swims out of the lake.
It’s just that the waterway from Zhouzhuang to Gusu County is A very busy river, there are at least dozens of fishing boats and even hundreds of large and small merchant ships that come and go during the day. The big fish in the river are easily frightened and will be scared away by the big boats and dive to the bottom of the river.