In our city why do you build these factories in the forest Mi Dou was very curious he started his little head and asked again

No, the hourglass that mom put on his desk to keep time has missed more than half of it, and he still hasn’t written a word.
The hourglass is the same color as the yellow signal light of the traffic light. Mom said it’s like the yellow one used as a warning The light can remind Mi Dou to pay attention to the time, but Mi Dou is tired of it, like now it keeps leaking, Mi Dou is getting more and more panicked. There are several times that Mi Dou wants to tell her mother about this feeling, but considering that her mother likes to use it very much This hourglass is used to manage his time. Mi Dou gives up every time a word comes to his lips. He really doesn’t want to spoil his mother’s mood.
This is an hourglass that mother likes, but not Mi Dou’s.
The hourglass is still leaking yellow thin The sand is rustling straight down. If you keep staring at it, it’s like walking into a snowy sky, as if you can hear the sound of snowflakes falling. It takes exactly 20 minutes to complete the hourglass.
Mom didn’t waste these 20 minutes to make a chapter.
I just opened my eyes in the morning. This hourglass is stuck upside down at the head of the bed and starts counting for 20 minutes.
You have to get up, get dressed, go to the toilet and wash, and then another 20 minutes.
After breakfast, you go out and go home after school.
First, you skip rope for 20 minutes, and then you read for 20 minutes. Even doing homework is composed of countless 20 minutes. Mi Dou feels that he is composed of 20 minutes. Sometimes when he can’t beat it, he feels so frustrated.
Seeing that the hourglass is about to leak out, he thinks I want to reach out and turn the hourglass upside down to let it flow back a little. Mom is still busy cleaning up in the kitchen and has no time to watch the time. Mi Dou thinks that this time I can take advantage of the time when the hourglass flows back. Mi Dou’s thoughts drift to tomorrow again As for the activities, he is really looking forward to tomorrow’s activities. This is an old things exchange corner that only occurs once a semester.
It’s all barter. This time, you can use money to trade. Mi Dou is already in the third grade, but he has never spent money on his own.
Although there are hundreds of dollars in his piggy bank, it is the lucky money given by his parents. He has never Never touched Mi Dou, looking at the car-shaped piggy bank on the desk, secretly made up his mind that this time he must earn money and taste the feeling of earning money.
He was looking forward to it. Mi Dou quickly poured the hourglass back and prayed silently in her heart, hoping not to be discovered by her mother. Unexpectedly, it was contrary to her wishes. After washing the dishes, she walked to Mi Dou’s side.
Mom made a surprised sound, why did it leak such a little? I washed all the dishes. Okay, then my mother looked down at Mi Dou’s script and became even more angry.
She only wrote one line, Mi Dou, what’s the matter? Keep your head down Even if the hourglass has a problem, you can’t just write one line! Mom saw Mi Dou’s appearance and didn’t expose him. Instead, she said, “It’s time for me to wash the bowls, you only wrote one line, oh my god, how can this work?” Let’s see if you want to participate tomorrow Add old things to exchange horns, don’t want Mi Dou loudly object to earning yuan, since you don’t want it, what do you say about this? Mom looked at Mi Dou with her hips on her hips and said Mi Dou whispered, I’ll write now, but I have one condition.
Mom is even more angry with you. He also told me that Mi Dou didn’t say a word, he didn’t want to make his mother angry. Mom usually has to go to work, do housework, and help him with his homework. At this time, Mi Dou’s father came home from work and saw their mother and child The two were arguing, so the father who had just put on slippers came over and asked Mi Dou if the homework was finished. It turned out that Mi Dou’s mother and father agreed that when one party is educating Mi Dou, the other party can’t stop it, let alone play against it.
Let me see if my help is needed. Dad said and patted Mi Dou’s head. Walking to the front and looking at the homework book in front of Mi Dou, I immediately understood that Zuo only wrote one sentence. Oh, your good son will go to the second-hand exchange corner tomorrow, so the homework must be completed today, but he took twenty minutes. In the past, Zuo only wrote one sentence, you said how you could help mom, still a little angrily said what happened to Mi Dou, dad said patiently, did you not understand the topic? Mi Dou pointed to the yellow hourglass on the table with eyes and said it was all it made me nervous.
Why is my mother even angrier? You even blame the reason for your dawdling on the hourglass that reminds you to establish the concept of time. Do you want to be more serious? Seeing the mother and son arguing, Mi Dou’s father thought of a way, he said how about this, I have twenty dollars here, and said, father took out a twenty bill, if Mi Dou was in twenty minutes If he can’t get the 20 yuan reward, he won’t be able to participate in tomorrow’s event. You see, mom can say I agree. Mi Dou thought that if he had the 20 yuan He can just use the money as a fund for tomorrow. He can buy some other people’s old things first and then sell them, or it can be used to make change for others. At most, it’s like starting a business to see who is the most successful. Since it’s a start-up, of course we need a start-up fund. Let’s continue to use this hourglass as a referee. How about Dad asking Mi Dou? Mi Dou happily agreed.
one way the hourglass isn’t so annoying um well you get on with it