In order to take me to see Lieutenant Colonel Dinah the two hurriedly responded one of them made a gesture to tell him to wait

When Luo Kai saw this ad, he just laughed it off and turned over the newspaper, staring at a photo of a half-naked beauty with great interest. The ad was posted for him, he can be sure because although there are thousands of eagles in the world.
Wan Wan, but beside the eagle word, the eagle pattern composed of simple lines but with a lively expression is his unique symbol.
This kind of thing originally aroused Luo Kai’s interest. He likes all kinds of challenges. But things were a little different this time. He had just returned from the United States.
The strange things that happened in the main computer room of the U.S.
Department of Defense Building kept haunting his mind. He and Dinah had discussed them in detail, but they were never sure which one would work. What exactly is a clock? Luo Kai would think of it as an alien. An alien that looks like a digital clock is weird but not impossible.
But if the living clock is an alien.
If so, where is it now? Is it still hiding in the world’s largest computer center, manipulating the computer for ulterior motives, or has it disappeared and left the earth, or is it using another method to create turmoil on the earth? He and Disaster Luo Kai have no answers to these questions, but he is sure that this matter is related to the world’s largest computer and the ghost-like living clock.
It troubled Luo Kai quite a bit. He not only discussed it with Dinah, but also mentioned it to many learned people, hoping to get some opinions from others. It actually solves the problem, but it sounds full of philosophical meaning, which made Luo Kai think about it again and again. After listening to Luo Kai’s narration, the master of philosophy laughed and laughed.
It means that if there is no time, there is no need for a clock, right? But what is time? Some people say that time is an abstract term created by human civilization. No friend.
Time is the master of everything. Time rules all life in the universe, including the life of the planet itself. There is no power against time. The power of time is so great that it controls everything.
Under the rule of time, everything obeys it. So you see a concrete representation of time, a living clock, which is very interesting.
Because in fact, what you see is the master of everything. The words of the great philosophers are sometimes pretending to be abstruse, but those words are very easy to understand.
Nothing can escape the control of time. After trillions of years, the whole The solar system may exist again, but Luo Kai is not a philosopher after all, he would rather have a more realistic hypothesis. He has decided to take a short break and join hands with Dinah to further investigate this matter.
Under such circumstances, although the advertisement has The meaning of challenge naturally also leads to His interest was aroused, he put down the newspaper after reading the newspaper, picked up the phone, dialed a number, and the phone that skipped the number automatically made a slight rattling sound.
Before he heard Dinah’s voice, he remembered discussing it with Dinah again.
Regarding the situation of the clock, in fact, Luo Kai thinks about the clock almost every moment.
This can be said to be the strangest thing he has ever encountered in his life.
He cannot imagine that it is like a nightmare that has always surrounded him and is constantly expanding.
The same Luo Kai’s opinion was not accepted by Dinah.
The conversation between the two is that there must be something wrong with Luo Kai’s clock.
It may be a special form of alien, or it may be the master of the world’s largest computer or the computer itself.
I don’t know how to bring it to life enough to control everything, Dinah, you have too much imagination, I’ve had the engineers do a thorough inspection on your suggestion, it’s just an extremely accurate quartz clock, the most accurate in the world That’s all for the clock, Luo Kai, isn’t it connected to the whole computer? Of course, Dinah has the information about time in the computer, all of which are controlled by this clock, and it also controls the operation of the main part of the computer.
It can be said that it is the whole university.
A vital part of the computer and you told me to tell the Department of Defense to have it dismantled Loosen I still insist the clock it’s alive in a way we don’t know it’s like a ghost it’s a ghost clock Dinah What nonsense are you talking about? Although Dinah’s coquettish and angry demeanor was extremely charming when she said this, Luo Kai actually didn’t have time to appreciate Luo Kai. Don’t forget that a huge organization is commanded by this computer. Dinah is wrong. It’s just that some people have used this computer. It’s been discussed many times, but every time it’s the same. Luo Kai’s opinion is completely different from Dinah’s.
The most important thing is that Luo Kai’s opinion doesn’t have much factual support.
But Luo Kai Kai, however, believed with his intuition that this incident must be just the beginning and never ended.
Sooner or later, all mysteries will be answered.
When he was thinking about it in disorder, Dinah’s voice had already come from far away in the United States. Eagle saw today’s No one in the newspaper wants to give you a gift Lok Kai oh you saw Dinah’s voice sounds a little excited it seems the person who placed the ad is determined to make you see this ad I’ve got a report New York London Berlin There are at least 40 newspapers in big cities in Hong Kong that have the same advertisements published in local languages. Luo Kai stretched himself out and let it go, Dinah, when will you consider my proposal again? It’s nothing to do with anything, it’s between the two of them when Bao’e died