In order to solidify the powerful power King Jing cant move for a moment boy what did you do to me let go of me

The woman is busy turning the soil and planting vegetable seeds in the field. I don’t know how long she has been busy.
The woman straightens up, but because of bending over for a long time, her waist can’t straighten up.
The slender palms covered with calluses are clenched into fists and pounded.
The other hand on the lower back wiped the sweat off my forehead, Mom, I’m back.
At this moment, a childish voice echoed in the woman’s ears.
The little girl looked like five or six years old, and she was wearing a white canvas bag across her shoulders. The girl was wearing old-fashioned civilian clothes. There are patches of different sizes on the top, but there is no sense of disobedience when worn on the body Wait a minute, I’ll go back and cook for you soon Spread hay on the ground, put your canvas bag and shoes on it, roll up your trouser legs, walk happily to Wang Lijun’s side, and take the other’s seeds.
It’s okay, mom, I’m not hungry, I’ll plant it for you Yihua took over the melon seeds and the woman said affectionately, Yihua, hurry up and do your homework, mom will be done in a while, you can’t take it in the sun, Yihua shook her head, mom finished her homework when she was in school and it was already ahead of schedule I have checked the work in this field for the teacher. Why can’t Yihua do it? Yihua helps mother finish it early so that mother can go back early with Yihua. After saying that, I put a seed in the loosened soil. Looking at the persistent Yihua woman who didn’t continue to persist, she smiled and quickly finished the farm work in the field with Yihua.
After finishing everything, the two returned to the house with only two bungalows.
The house is small but complete. Although the furniture is dilapidated, it is still tidy.
Mom, I can watch TV for a while.
Back home, Yihua asked Lijun pleadingly. After all, she is only a five or six-year-old child. Wanting to watch TV is only natural. Wang Lijun stretched out her hand and rubbed it dotingly. Rubbing Yihua’s head, let’s go, mother cooks and asks you to get permission Perhaps it is the most expensive asset in the family. When Lijun came to the kitchen, she just raised her head and wanted to take out the tableware in the cupboard, but her head was inexplicably dizzy, her center of gravity was a little unsteady, she staggered back for two steps, and suddenly she stretched out her hand to support the stove. Stabilizing her figure, a stream of clear water flowed out from her straight nose.
Wang Lijun quickly covered her nose with her hand and washed it in the sink.
After washing, she looked at herself through the water.
I don’t remember how many times it was her. Such a situation happened, but she didn’t dare to go to the hospital for treatment. Maybe she already knew that her time was not long. She looked at Li Yihua in the room through the crack of the door with worry, and her face was full of reluctance. She didn’t dare to imagine if she wasn’t there.
Li Yihua is only six years old, how can she live for a while? The meal is ready, although there are only two vegetarian dishes, but it still does not affect the fragrance they emit It’s an uncomfortable thing, so she tried her best to make the food taste better Lijun, a middle-aged woman’s voice came in from outside the door. The person who was about forty years old looked a little bloated, and everyone from all over the world called her fat aunt She is also Wang Lijun’s neighbor. Looking at the orphans and widows, they usually help their family.
Seeing the arrival of the fat aunt, Wang Lijun greeted her.
Fat aunt, have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, you can eat with us. Fat aunt Sitting on a bamboo chair with my buttocks, I have eaten it. This time I came here to tell you a good thing. I heard a good thing about the fat aunt.
A black line appeared on Wang Lijun’s head. This fat aunt not only has a carefree personality, but also has a hobby. You are a matchmaker for single men and women in the village.
Let me tell you about the old man in the east of the village, you know. His son who does business has come back from the city. You are a beautiful girl from all over the world in our village. His son Zhang Dong likes you. After a long time, he won’t dislike you for having a child.
As long as you marry, you can guarantee a good life. Yihua can also feel better.
Wang Lijun glanced at the daughter next to her, shook her head and said softly, fat aunt, thank you for your kindness. I don’t want to remarry yet. I just want to be with Yihua, even if it’s hard, it’s okay to be with Yihua, I just want to be with my mother Yihua agrees and said that the fat aunt who got the reply sighed, are you still waiting for him to come back? How many years has it been? If he wanted to come to you, he would have come to you a long time ago.
Since he doesn’t have you in his heart, why should you stay a widow for her? The fat aunt said he is Li Yihua’s biological father. They are college classmates. The reason is that when Li Yihua was not born, he suddenly disappeared when he went out for research. For so many years, he has been inquiring about him everywhere.
Not long after he disappeared, she also found out that she was pregnant.
She resolutely gave birth despite her family’s opposition. Fat Aunt Li Yihua’s words evoked Wang Lijun’s memories and couldn’t help but become more sad Cough cough cough Wang Lijun kept coughing and her body was about to fall down like a piece of paper Seeing this, the fat aunt hurriedly said Lijun, look at my mouth, fat aunt I just said it casually, don’t take it to heart, you are already weak, if you fall down, what will you do to Yihua, Yihua also hastily fetched a glass of warm water for Lijun and handed it to Lijun, saying with concern that her mother would drink water Coughing, Wang Lijun took the water glass and hugged Li Yihua, and said in a choked voice, it’s okay, mom, it’s okay, ah, the fat aunt let out a long sigh