In order to let you taste the pain of Lingchi Cao Manjiang was trembling with anger and shouted angrily then the general must hold on

I have seen the elegance and warmth of the Song Dynasty with my own eyes.
At first, Tang Yi just wanted to enjoy this era. The shame of Jingkang and the Mongolian cavalry have nothing to do with him.
Anyway, no matter how noisy it is, history has its own track.
After a thousand years, China will still not perish. But when that person When an old man who worried about the country and the people appeared in front of him, his heart changed. He wanted to do something for that old man, and he wanted to do something for this era, so how did he turn the sheep of Da Song into a wolf with capital fangs? Tang Yi’s Only Goal Chapter Chapter Tang Ji’s food shop is all low-grade, only the high-grade scholar Zhao Kuangyin is afraid to follow the old path of the warriors in the late Tang Dynasty and set the foundation of the dynasty that emphasizes literature over military affairs The saddest and loveliest era in history.
Millions of soldiers but weak.
The world is rich, but poverty is hard to get rid of. What a wonderful era.
It is located on the Southwest Road of Beijing. Dengzhou is located in the heart of the Central Plains, far away from border troubles, and there are turbulent rivers, Diaohe River, and Zhaohe Yanling Mausoleum.
Several big rivers, such as the Hehe River, pass through the territory and meet in the southeast at the Baihe River to flow into the Han River. The unique geographical conditions have created Dengzhou’s excellent landform with few mountains and many plains. The agriculture is prosperous and the real estate is quite abundant. The city of Dengzhou is not big, but it is very prosperous. Before the sun rises, the city is full of people. The east and west cities are full of people. There are shops of all kinds standing along the street, and peddlers and pawns go back and forth.
It looks like a flourishing age.
In the early morning, the morning smoke is dim, and the voices of the people are buzzing, except for a few Song people who are running for their livelihood.
In a hurry, most of the people in the city seem to be walking leisurely among the delicious breakfast restaurants everywhere.
As soon as Mrs.
Jia made a pot of cooking cakes, she stood in front of her shop to attract customers and shouted loudly, but although the street was full of people. Ruzhi, but there are very few people who enter the store to take care of the business.
I saw an old woman in a flower jacket passing by shaking a silk handkerchief, hurriedly singing and drinking, Aunt Six got up, but came early enough. We have big white cooking cakes just out of the pan. Picking up a cage to go home, the old woman called Aunt Six cast a disgusted look at the neatly stacked white-faced rice cakes, and she looked quite amused This early in the morning, Mrs. Jia immediately slumped down and glanced at Tang Ji who was not far away with her mouth flattened. They all started to give Tang Dalang wronged money, then Tang Jigui is going to die, and I don’t know if there is anything delicious. The boss is not as good as our cakes.
It’s really jealous of Mrs.
Jia’s words, and the sixth aunt naturally scoffs. It’s a famous delicacy in Dengzhou, and it’s you too.
This cooking cake can be compared, said with a wave of silk handkerchief in his hand, before walking towards the gate of Tang Ji, he still didn’t forget to throw down a tease, or he said that your business can’t be done by Tang Ji, and he also learned from Tang Dalang Seeing that this business is booming, Mrs.
Jia secretly spit on Aunt Six’s back, the old trickster just finished scolding with a sharp mouth, but she felt bored and went back to the store, saying that she was really not afraid to trouble Tang Ji’s team It’s all lined up on the street, and it will take a while to get there. I don’t know what kind of magic trick Tang Dalang used to make people willing to line up. Stupid wait, it’s really not Mrs.
Jia’s mischief, it’s because Tang Ji’s business is so good that people are jealous of the food shops in the entire West Market.
There is not a single shop that is not envious. Other shops have just started serving customers, but Tang Ji is already queuing outside the door. There was a long queue in front of Tangji Food Shop, and the high stove was set up outside the shop. Two flat-bottomed three-foot cauldrons were sitting side by side on the stove, and there was a steaming heat wave. Through the lid of the pot, you could vaguely hear the sound of the pot. There was a burst of noise, and everyone in the line was impatient. The sixth aunt was waiting in the line, and she was very anxious.
She poked her head out of the line and faced the one who was holding the stove, urging me.
Such a gentle old man, hurry up and get out of the pot.
The family is still waiting for food.
Hey, Ma Laosan’s eyes immediately made you anxious, why don’t you take care of other businessmen? Now, Ma Lao San is getting more and more crazy, and even started to drive away customers. Everyone burst into laughter and followed Aunt Six to ridicule this gentle old man.
Before Dalang came out to take care of the business, the old man Wuna would carelessly take care of the customers, all of whom were scared away by him. As soon as he spoke, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy came out of the shop, wearing a green coat and a small jacket, and he was very energetic, holding a carpenter’s knife in his hand.
The boy stood at the door of the store and didn’t step forward, watching the woman run away with a smile on his face, he is not afraid that as long as his aunt and neighbors come to take care of the store, he will not die of hunger, boy, hey, he has a clever mouth.
Qinmi Tang turned his head and ate the taste to Ma Laosan again.
That old man is really a blessing. Tang Dalang, a lucky boy, would be willing to be a servant if he met such a master.
Although Ma Laosan stared at the pot, but The corners of her mouth are grinning to her ears.
Aunt Six, stop praising Tang Dalang standing by the door and then praising the kid, but he will take it seriously. Tang Guanyu, a villain, that rascal would be able to smile at Jiuquan if he knew about it. Tang Dalang went back to the shop amidst the laughter of the crowd, and went back to the counter to watch Uncle Ma outside the shop guarding the pot and Aunt Ma in the shop.
The corners of the mouth curled up in an arc, picked up a two-foot-long wooden strip under the cabinet, and continued to carve it with a knife. The wooden strip was half an arc long, three fingers wide and two feet long, one side was smooth and the other side was smooth. The curved shape is very weird.
At first glance, it looks like a half pole, but there is a flat wooden board the size of a palm attached to one end of the pole. I really can’t tell what it is.
In fact, Song people don’t know what it is, but it’s 90% in modern times. Nine people will recognize this as the headstock of a guitar